Monday, October 13, 2014

Three Orange Spheres/Lights In The Sky Over London Ontario

Date:  October 11, 2014
Time:  Evening.

I saw three of these orange spheres in the sky last night over the school grounds near our house. My son and I just got out of the car and they were very clear to see and all hovered near each other.

As I was calling my husband to come and see them, one of them just disappeared and by the time he got there all of them just vanished.

My son thought it was something on fire, but they were too uniform and also if you concentrated on them you could see the lights through the orange glow.

This is the third time in the past year I’ve seen them, its really creepy.

If anyone has witnessed the lights/objects, please send me an email with details of what you saw. Please remember to include the date and time and location. (Town/City – State or Province) and as much detail as possible.

If you care to report directly to a UFO investigator in Ontario, please contact Sue Demeter - St Clair at her email address or fill out her reporting form here:

Brian Vike.
Box 1091
Houston, British Columbia, Canada.

Email: or
The Vike Factor -  Houston, British Columbia Centre For UFO Research. Canadian UFO Investigator Brian Vike.

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