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Missing Time/UFO Experience Near Little Fort British Columbia

Date:  Spring of 1988

Hi Brian, I had an experience many years ago, a period of missing time. Do you have any recommendation as to who would be appropriate to perform a hypnotic regression? I live in Kamloops.

Here are the details of my experience: It was the Spring of 1988 and I was alone finishing the insides of a large log house. My wife and child were away in a middle of a 6 week visit to parents.

I had guaranteed my employer that I would put in 40 hours of work per week and since I kept somewhat irregular hours I used a log book to keep my word.

My work was finish carpentry/cabinetry and I had been some time (previous to this job) collecting tools for setting up a cabinet shop.

Since this was my first project, I spent a lot of time setting up and buying further tools on the weekends. The location was near Little Fort, British Columbia with the house being in a (semi) remote setting.

The previous weekend I had traveled to Kamloops Friday evening in order to buy tools and groceries and returned on Sunday evening. The house had wood heat, so on my return Sunday night I unloaded my purchases and packed some wood out of the wood-shed onto the porch (enough for the night and the following morning).

Monday morning I stoked the fire as at this time (mid February) there was about a foot of snow on the ground with temperatures of above freezing during the day with freezing temperatures during the night (+ 3 to - 5 temperature range thereabouts).

After breakfast I went to my shop and started running a series of boards for the room I was trimming. On a log house there is a great variety in the trim dimensions for each room so it made no sense to get too far ahead.

I recall working to just after noon Monday and it was a bright overcast day. The very next thing I remember was standing in the house and it was a dim overcast early morning. It seemed I had just materialized out of a fog. I did not recall getting up that morning, I was just there.

My brain felt completely frazzled as if I had something like an electroshock treatment (I imagine not ever having had any). I looked around the room at it was dusty and seemed un-lived in, like coming home after a holiday.

Looking down at my clothes I realized that I had the same work clothes on as Monday noon. I knew it was not Monday, but did not know what day it was. I turned on the radio, it was Friday morning.

I was now completely confused, how could it be? My mind was a complete blank from Monday noon. I started to check out the house. The wood I had piled up Sunday night was still outside the door in the porch, yet there would have only been enough wood for Monday daytime and not enough to stock up the stove for Monday night. The stove was stone cold, yet the house was not freezing (nor had the pipes froze).

The house seemed to be in a stasis, not hot, not cold as if something was keeping it stable, yet not really heating it. I looked at my truck outside and could see that it had not moved since the previous Sunday, there had been an intervening snowfall and I could see from the tracks in the snow that I had not driven out, nor anyone driven in.

I checked the fridge and there was all the food I had brought back for the week uneaten. I thought about my present condition, I was not hungry or thirsty and there was no way I had gone days without eating, in fact I was not hungry, only somewhat fuzzy in my brain.

I looked at my clothes again, I was dry and warm and had not been out in the elements. So no wood burnt, no food eaten, no work done, everything was as it should have been if it was Monday afternoon yet it was Friday morning (about 8:30).

I checked my log book and (curiously) it was open to Friday. I turned back through the pages and they were all blank to the previous Friday. I had never in the past 2 months of working there, failed to fill in my log book for an absence of greater than 2 days.

I started to rack my brain, thinking that I should be able to remember some small even insignificant detail of the past almost 4 days, yet there was absolutely nothing. The complete space of time is like a section of white noise in my memory.

A thought kept running through my head "I must have been here working, I must have been here working" on and on like a post-hypnotic suggestion.

Even though I absolutely positively knew I was not there working. I immediately filled in the missing pages with imaginary work, work that had not been done. This normally would have bothered me severely that I was cheating my employer.

I knew no work had been done, as the pile of boards I was milling Monday afternoon were exactly as I had left them. The room I was trimming was the same. Today if I owed you $10 it would bother me, yet this did not bother me and oddly it still does not.

I relegated this to the back of my mind and explained it away it as "Being bushed", although nothing like this had happened before or since.

Life went on, my wife returned, I continued working, a sense of normalcy came back to my life.

Then 3 months later, I had the "dream" and I remember it as if I just had it. I was back in my shop and it was the Monday just after noon. I immediately knew it was that day and it was more like a sharp memory than a dream.

My shop was beside the house and close to overlooking a lake. In the midst of running a board through my thickness planer a thought popped into my head, "I should walk to the lake (50' away). This was more of an command. I immediately shut off the machine, walked out of my shop and over to the edge of the hill overlooking the lake.

I looked up at the bright overcast sky. There seemed to be a saucer shaped hole in the clouds at a 45 degree angle! It did not look like a craft, more like a hole into the heavens, as if I could see into an incredibly defined starlit sky through this "hole".

The hole was jet black, disc-ed shaped and the "stars" were bright and twinkling. I was not afraid, more perplexed as to what I was seeing. I then realized that I was seeing a UFO and I got very excited as I had always wanted to see one.

As soon as I realized I was seeing a UFO, an electric shock went through me from my head to my toes and I was instantly awake sitting up in bed. The (UFO) realization, the electric shock and sitting up in bed were all the same instant. I immediately said to myself, "So that's what happened with the missing time" and there was no doubt in my mind. It finally made sense.

Since this time I have willed myself to have more "dreams" with limited success. I have never been able to go back to that time, yet have had other more symbolic dreams of seeing landed UFOs with human-like people (men and women) yet nothing I would say like a memory-dream.

If anyone has witnessed the object, please send me an email with details of what you saw. Please remember to include the date and time and location. (Town/City – State or Province) and as much detail as possible.

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