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The Roswell Briefing - From A LT. COL USAFR (Ret)

Date: 1976

Vike Factor - Brian Vike Note: This story below, I received some years back and this is a repost of the event. I have a reason for posting this again, as I received something of interest that just might go hand in hand with this if it pans out.

Brian Vike of The Vike Factor has been speaking to a gentleman, who was a LT. COL, USAFR (Ret). (He was a F-111 pilot with the 27th Tactical Fighter Wing stationed at Cannon AFB near Clovis, New Mexico from 1973 to August 1977).

His initial email to me was over a post/report I sent out which I entitled, "Cannon, AFB - UFOs, Burned Circles and Cow Found Mutilated". Also in the fellows letter to me, the man mentioned that he was one of approximately 48 officers who received the "Roswell Briefing" in June of 1976 at the base.

I wrote back to him asking if he might be kind enough to provide me with what was said at the briefing, so below is what the fellow sent to me.

The "Roswell Briefing" is in one of the two jpg images in which he sent along, both are of text information.

The Vike Factor is of course interested in any further information that anyone might be able to provide from military personal who may have been at this briefing back in 1976, or any information from anyone who has knowledge of the goings on over the Roswell Crash.

You can reach me at or or by visiting my blog which is provided in this report. I also can be contacted at (my phone number is removed).

Please know that everyone's personal information is kept strictly private and is not given out to anyone. The information someone might be able to provide can be extremely important, not only to myself, but to the ones who have investigated the Roswell Crash for years.

Thank you, Brian Vike - The Vike Factor.

Brian, I have included pages 1 and 3 of my "The Roswell Briefing" which I penned in the mid 1990s.

The briefing may, in fact, have been less than 5 minutes in duration.? Most of the information has been well documented in volumes of Roswell lore buy the likes of Randle, Schmitt, Friedman, etc.

Below Image: Page 1 - ("The Roswell Briefing")

The lone exception perhaps is that the briefing officer mentioned the probable cause of the craft's demise as determined by the USAF accident investigation team ?

If there is anything significant about all this, it's simply that a USAF intelligence officer, briefing from an official government documents, disclosed to a group of military aircrew members details of an event which officially never happened.

The F-111s have long gone from the base ? The squadron was de-activated and the young intelligence officer left active duty reportedly to accept a position with an intelligence agency at a higher level.

Below Image - Page 3 - ("The Roswell Briefing")

The Roswell Briefing was conducted in June 1976.? It was a full 20 years before I jotted down my recollections.? Senator Goldwater subsequently confirmed on a morning talk show that he did try to gain access to the now famous Hanger 18.?

As far as I'm concerned, that alone was enough for me to dispel any doubt about the authenticity of the briefing officer's material.? Sure would like to have seen the letterhead on his document, however.

Warmest Regards.

I would like to thank the fellow for sending along the information, it is much appreciated.

If you were at this briefing, or have information on the briefing, or information about the Roswell UFO crash, please write with the details over this incident.

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