Wednesday, May 18, 2011

On Flood Alert Here In Houston British Columbia

Just a quick note, I haven’t done much at all on the sighting reports over the last while. Actually I have not been on the computer since May 6, 2011 when I posted a notice about the death of John Tosti.

Seeing we have had a very cool Spring here, the snow pack had not really started to melt. But in the last couple of days we have been hit with a nasty storm which held heavy rain and we even received about 3 inches of snow.

Again the weather people are calling for more heavy rain today as the storm moves away from us. This rain and snow, plus the large snow pack has brought the Bulkley River to flood stage either today, or tomorrow. Also the Buck Creek is at the same flood stage the Bulkley River is at.

With the storm moving out later today, this is making way for warm temperatures. Again the last thing we need.

I am sorry I haven’t replied to everyone’s sighting reports, but I will certainly get there as soon as I am able to.


British Columbia Government Warnings and Advisories Currently in Effect:

Below Left Picture: Here is a photo of how it looks in Brian Vike’s back yard.

Picture Left: This was taken today, May 27, 2011 and Houston is now under a Flood Warning.

Picture Left: The heavy equipment is trying to grab onto the tree/logs that are coming down the river as they do not want to take out the bridges in town

Picture Left: The CN railroad bridge is now having water slamming against the bridge as well as trees and logs.

Take care
Brian Vike

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