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Excellent UFO Footage Taken From Dickinson, North Dakota

Brian Vike's Note: There is some excellent footage taken of this event.

Brian, to help to understand the film it is very important to view the film I have following the event in night shot. I did that right after I lost those lights and could not find them again.

It's important to see this because in night shot you can see all the trees and layout of the approximate place I was filming! The trees are a key factor in which the lights disappear from time to time when I move to the right or left or up and down.

I did not even realize that at the time because I did not see all the trees in the dark and was just focusing on the moon.

I hope that will clear up some of the questions when the skeptics do there thing! Now I will try to explain the whole situation of that night.

First off hand I don't remember the exact month we had the blue moon but I'm sure it was August or September and this filming took place on the second night I am pretty sure because what I do remember is forgetting about the blue moon and I remember being happy I saw it on the second night.

I believe I went to pick up my wife from work and noticed the moon coming up really big and orange, so when I got home I grabbed my camera and went into the back yard to get a good picture.

I always am interested in full moons just because of there beauty and also one can look at a full moon with binoculars and get a pretty good view.

Also I have taken some pictures in the past that have turned out quite well.

I set my camera on the sunset and moon mode in the auto position which allows you to maintain atmosphere when you are recording sunsets, general night views, firework displays and neon signs.

In this mode the camcorder is set to focus only on distant objects! You may be able to set the exposure manually but in this case that was not done as I haven't learned how to do that yet.

As I started filming the first thing I wanted to do is find the right distance with the zoom and the right mode and lighting settings! I already had it set at 20x so I left it there and began filming and experimenting.

I wasn't expecting to have these lights show up so I was not trying to be very professional. In the dark it is hard to find the settings for brightness so it was necessary to basically quit filming to find the settings so I lose the moon momentarily and then when I refocus I began to zoom out and I notice two lights that are dim and have come to the conclusion that they are just two lights in someone's yard that are lined up with each other and are lower and through a opening in the fence.

I am pretty sure this is not a part of the phenomena.

As I zoom back in I notice a flash out there in the view finder. Even though this flash was a little different than all my other experiences it still alarmed me right away because at this time I was convinced or I convinced myself that since I did the praying for the UFO phenomena to go completely away I suddenly felt that maybe UFO's were not completely out of my life, so at this time I immediately recalled the black box like object that came zooming in directly from the east and stopped on a dime and hovered for about two seconds right above my house with me lined up with it at 90 degrees.

So it was exactly straight in front of me just above the treetops and then took off at the same bullet speed straight west!

That is when I came running into the house very upset and started praying.

Also I quit going outside to observe. Didn't mean to get off the subject but just thought it might be helpful to know what was going through my mind at that moment.

So as the camera is still shaking with me struggling with the settings it begins to pick up these lights with two and then three in the form of a triangle which immediately made me suspicious because of all the little coincidences that have involved three's and triangles.

At that moment I realized that by taking my eyes off the view finder and just trying to see them with my own eyes I could not see even one light.

There is a fence in front of me about five feet high so I am standing about 20 feet on this side of the fence with the viewfinder looking over the fence just focusing on the moon.

As I said before there are trees directly in the line with the moon that are all still fully leafed. Even before it shapes into a triangle I guess you can see other smaller lights that match up with the other two lights as if they are coming off the main light.

Anyway it suddenly turns to four lights and other smaller lights seem to morph off the brighter ones if I would have been aware of all the tree branches out there I would of done a better job of keeping it focused on just the one area but being I did not notice that at the time I notice now that when I moved the camera even a little left or right the lights fade out due to the branches. At the time it just appeared to me as if they were going on and off by themselves.

There may have been times that they did do that but it is very hard to be definitive on that! Also to the right you will notice a bright light high with the moon! I have studied that many times and it looks to me as if the first time that light shows up it might be part of the phenomena,but later as the moon is rising and sliding further south the bright light to the right is a street lamp that is a half block over to the south on a hill!

A good example on how the phenomena like to play with your head. Now when it gets to four lights, closely resembling a square they seem to be right below the moon and you begin seeing other smaller lights morph off or just show up in line with them, and when I notice the fourth one light up I was pretty surprised and awed.

At this point I realized I was getting something very strange and bizarre. My excitement level defiantly takes on a new form as I am being awed. They seem to separate from each other or morph so to speak.

I have heard other people talk about morphing on UFO reports so I immediately associated this sighting with a possible UFO event and I was excited because I had come to the conclusion I would never be able to get a actual UFO on tape because for me the UFO's I saw always moved to fast for the camera to even get a chance to focus or I didn't have a camera with me.

Then as the four are sitting there the two on the top right seem to rejoin together as the one in the back comes back into the original one in the front and then it starts to reform in front of it and a little to the left of the original one.

At that point I realize for sure they are not street lights or yard lights and I am getting something very buzzer. At the same time with the two on the left, one suddenly appears in the middle of the two making the event even stranger.

Then the one in the middle suddenly disappears and shows up on top or behind the one on top, which pretty much blows me away at this time.

Also the one on the right bottom seems to be struggling or its morphing capabilities are just taking a little longer or maybe it is suppose to do something different, but can see other little balls sort of melting off of it.

Then as I zoom in a bit more, it turns out to be a string type of thing, the seems pretty long. Then suddenly the one on the left bottom turns out to be two of them, and the one on top left turns into three.

It was pretty hard to absorb as it was all happening fast. At this moment I wanted to have someone else witness this with me, so I turned the camera and moved towards the house to yell for my daughter, and I realized quite fast that she probably wouldn't hear me, either being on the phone, or listening to music, and the windows closed with the air conditioner running.

All of a sudden, they dim out, and I see one on the right that is up high and quite bright and at this moment I think it is part of a phenomena and maybe one of the main ones.

Then they start reappearing closer to the moon looking right behind it. But here it gets confusing because of the tree interference, and I perhaps played with the zoom too much.

They seem to jump around a bit here. Then they start to slip farther down from the moon and again in a different formation, but one cannot tell how many are being blocked out from the trees.

Now at this point you will see a street light as I pan to the right. Then in a different formation, laid out with three of them in an oblong gated V-form, there seems to be a flash above the one on the right, and at the same time there are suddenly two in the middle again and then the electrical impulses start between two of them on the right.

The Intensity magnifies as electrical impulses or lasers are sent in a revolving matter between the two on the right. The one on the bottom right starts to brighten and flare out almost forming two of them, while the one on the top right seems to have its energy drained out.

At this point I just make a sarcastic remark (Star Wars), as I started having fun with the absurd. All of a Sudden there is one the left that almost dims out. But then in the blink of an eye it turns very bright and intense, and with one below that, it seems to go up in smoke or something.

Just very strange indeed. I wanted to reset the camera to super night shot, but I didn't want to risk losing what I was seeing because it always takes time for night-shot to focus.

Then as I try to figure things out I realize the one on the far right that comes into view is a street light a half block over that sits up on top of a hill. Everything east of that is at a lower altitude.

When I moved and tried to find the place I was standing again I was getting a lot of tree interference so I thought I would try to get higher on the deck or roof of my house but was unable to.

About now I pretty much blew my opportunity to get anything and when I tried to find my spot they were just showing up sporadically here and there so I decided to go ahead and put in super-night-shot mode and with that you can see the trees and fence and street light to the right and if you look long enough you will see as I zoom out a little that there is a object or craft right above me.

Some people will say it is a lens flare or light reflection but take a good look at it and you will see how black it is and also the two glass like lit lights right in the front of the craft!

Even when I was filming I did not notice this. I would like to think that was there way of saying good-by to me.

I did pray I would not see UFO'S again and I didn't. The camera did though. As I said I never saw anything with my eyes and that mode was set for focusing in on distant objects. Apparently it did.

So maybe they were saying good-by with a good laugh at my expense. I did have those three cases of sleep paralysis though after I did my praying. That was absolutely terrifying.

All photos and footage is © 2005 DF

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