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2001 Vanderhoof, British Columbia Crop Circle Investigated By Brian Vike (The Vike Factor)

On the evening of September 6th, 2001. Brent Miskuski owner of Central Air Corp. was flying home from the Vanderhoof, airport where I had noticed a formation of crop circles. The site is located approx. 3 miles east from the threashold of runway 25 at the Vanderhoof airport.

Late afternoon on Friday, September 7, 2001 I had an email from Jennifer Crosby, reporter for Northern Television asking if I had heard of a new formation of Crop Cirlces in the Vanderhoof, British Columbia area. I told her no, I had not, but if she would give me a little while I would be happy to check into this story to see if there was any truth to it or not.

After a few phone calls, I placed another call to the Prince George Citizen who informed me that indeed there was a report from a Mr. Brent Miskuski owner of Central Air Corp., he had spotted the formation of 6 circles in a field approx: 5 Ks from the airport in a farmer field.

I looked up the number for the small airport in Vanderhoof and made the call, Mr. Brent Miskuski answered the phone and I asked him if he may be able to help me. He was kind enough to supply me with the location of the circles, and how many there was in this formation. He also sent me 3 pictures that he took from an aircraft while flying over the the Crop Cirlce formation.

These 3 photos below are courtesy of Brent Miskuski:

I made arrangements and prepared to leave first thing Saturday morning, September 8, 2001. I arrived early in Vaderhoof at 9:10 AM, on Saturday 8, 2001 and made my first stop at a local variety store to pick up a couple of items, I mentioned to the store clerk if she had heard about the Crop Circles. She said she did, and went on to tell me about a foul, smoky odor her and her family noticed late the same evening the Crop Cicles appeared. The smell was so bad that she got up and closed the bedroom window hoping to keep the unpleasant odor out where it belonged (outside). She also mentioned to me, she had no knowledge of any Crop Circles at the time of this foul smell.

(Investigator's Note) - This lady who complained about the foul odor lives in the same area the Crop Circle was discovered.

I continued on and stopped at another farm to ask for directions to the farmer who owns the land where the circles are located. I needed to get permission before enetering his land. At this stop I talked with an elderly lady who was out tending her garden, I introduced myself, and went on to explain about the Crop Circles, and I pointed up the road with a short description of the area I wanted to investigate, to find out who was the owner. This pleasent lady told me the same story I just heard from another woman in town, about a foul, smoky type smell in the air the night the Crop Circles appeared. She believes they took note of the foul scent in the air just after Midnight. She also went on to tell me that she was disscusing the bad odor with another friend who lives next door to her, this other lady claims she also smelled the same smoky foul smell.

This was from 3 separate witnesses who confirmed that there was a smoky type smell in the air on the early morning the Circles appeared. Now if this has anything to do with the circles, I don't know, but it is good to make a note of this.

After talking to the elderly lady I continued up to the home of the farmer who leased the field where the Crop Circles were found to get permission to investigate. I talked to the man's wife and explained why I was there and if it would be ok to do my field work, she said there would be no problem and gave me permission. I also was holding a copy of the Prince George Citizen which had just come out the morning of September 8, 2001 showing one picture and telling about the circles in their field. She was so surprized to hear this news, she asked me if she could have the newspaper to show her husband when he got home, which I was glad to give her.

Back down the road about 4 miles or so I went to where I came to the field where the Crop Circles were located. After running around trying to find the location, and getting permission it was 12:00 (midday) when I first entered the field. (the crop circles could not be seen from the road).I followed along the edge of the grain field as not to destroy any of their crop. (appox: 600 feet) then swung into the center of the field to look for any signs of the circles. From this point I was able to look over the field as I was up on a very small elevation in the field, and there was nothing to see other than grain blowing in the wind. I figured I had walked to far, so I cut, heading back toward the truck from where I was now, to where I came upon the first Circle.

For my records I have named this one Mickey Mouse (The Crop Circle) as you will note from the picture. There is the main body (circle) for the head, and two smaller circles almost touching the main body (the head) which reminded me of ears, and of course Mickey Mouse.

In all of the Crop Circles the Grain was not broken, it was like if it was pushed hard to the ground. The bend in each of the stalks were bent a couple inches up the stalk from the ground.

The Grain in Mickey's Head - Circle Number # 1 Was bent clock wise right to the ground until it reached the center where the grain became over lapping. (swirled on top of each other)

The Grain in Mickey's Right Ear - Circle Number # 2 Was bent counter clock wise to the ground until it reached the center where the grain became over lapping. (swirled on top of each other)

The Grain in Mickey's Left Ear - Circle Number # 3 Was bent clock wise right to the ground until it reached the center where the grain became over lapping. (swirled on top of each other)

The Grain In Circle Number # 4 - Was bent counter clock wise to the ground until it reached the center where the grain became over lapping (swirled on top of each other)

The Grain In Circle Number # 5 - Was bent counter clock wise to the ground until it reached the center where the grain became over lapping. (swirled on top of each other)

The Grain In Circle Number # 6 - Was bent clock wise to the ground until it reached the center where the grain became over lapping. (swirled on top of each other)

Note to Make By Investigator:

As seen from the aerial photo, there looked as if there may have been one person who walked into the circles prior to my arrival. There was a small path which lead to Circle Number # 1 but no other traces of anyone walking through the grain to Circle Number # 4. But I did not there was some braking in the stalks of the grain from Circle Number # 4 to Circle Number # 5. There was no other disturbance in any of the circles, and no more paths leading into or out of this area where the circles are located.

I also took notice of chunks of solid ground which looked as if it had been moved. There certainly wasn't much of this, but if you looked closely you could see where chunks of harder soil had been moved when the Crop Circles were created.

Grain Samples from each of the Crop Circles were taken, and bagged, also soil samples were taken as well from each of the circles. Other sample of each were taken from around the surrounding area for comparison. (Thanks to a buddy picking these up for me)

I also have taken pictures of the whole area, each of the circles and will have these developed Monday, September 10, 2001 and as soon as I pick them up I will scan these in and place them to my website, on this page.

Investigator's Note: This may, or may not be of importance, but I think it is worth mentioning with this report. Two weeks prior to this set of Crop Circles an article ran in the Vanderhoof Express Newspaper. The story was about people profiting on these sightings of Crop Circles, which turned out to be a hoax to collect a few dollars.

Above Photo: This is a sample of the soil from Circle Number # 4. I removed samples of soil from each of the circles and surrounding area.

Below Photo:

1. - The first picture below shows the ceneter of a circle, and how the grain fell and overlapped over itself.

2. - The second picture below also shows how the grain was affected in the center of the circle.

3 - The third picture below also shows how the grain was affected in the center of another circle.

4. - The fourth picure below is the right ear of what I call the Mickey Crop Circle.

5. - The fifth picure below is the left ear Of what I call the Mickey Crop Circle.

I have more pictures but I think everyone will get the idea of what these Crop Circles looked like from what I have placed here in the way of photos.

Crop Circles Return Three Years Later

by Gordon Hoekstra Citizen Staff, September, 2001

They'rrrrre baaaack !

Crop Circles have been discovered again in Vanderhoof, almost three years to the day they were firs found in a ripe oat field just off the airport runway. This time the circles -- an unexplained worldwide phenomena variously said to be the work of trickers, magnetic waves and aliens -- were discovered in a field about 5 kilometers from the Vanderhoof airport, or about 100 kilometers west of Prince George.

Brent Miskuski, an owner and pilot of Central Air, spotted the six latest circles Thursday evening on a flight between Prince George and Vanderhoof. Miskuski was one of those who discovered the first crop-circle formation three years ago. No paths or tracks were visible into the circles, said Miskuski, who made several low passes and took pictures from the air on Friday.

"It just appeared. It's like they were stamped out just like last time," he said. "It's pretty bizarre."

Miskuski has already been in contact with a Crop Circle researcher, Chad Deetken, who came to Vanderhoof in 1998 to take samples and investigate the information. The researcher said tests performed on the oat samples in a U.S. lab later confirmed the Crop Circles were genuine: that is to say there were cellular changes in the oats not found in known hoaxes.

Crop Circles have created quite a bit of controversy. There is mention of crop-circle formations back to the 17th century, and thousands have been recorded in modern times, with the majority found in southern England.Some have found to be hoaxes, where the grass is broken, trampled, bruised or crushed. In the unexplained formations, the stems are bent but not broken.


Mystery Crop Circles Found At Vanderhoof

Courtesy of The Prince George Citizen - Tuesday, Sept 1, 1998 Mystery crop circles found at Vanderhoof by GORDON HOEKSTRA, Citizen staff

An unexplained phenomena -- dubbed crop circles around the world -- has been discovered in the forestry and farming community of Vanderhoof, 100 kilometres west of here. Vanderhoof airport owner Brent Miskuski and pilot Larry Frey discovered 10 precise circles of varying sizes between 10 to 100 feet wide (three to 30 metres) in a ripe oat field just beyond the approach to the runway this weekend.

"This is bizarre, I'll tell you," said Miskuski. "It's one out of the twilight zone."

One of the local farmers said his dogs were barking out of control unexplainably Friday night, said Miskuski, adding there was no wind that night either.

Miskuski -- who took pictures from the air -- describes the oats as being bent over symmetrically and lying down very flat. There are no signs of trampling or disturbance, and there were no paths to the circles or between them, he said.

Vanderhoof resident Jay Bangs also viewed the circles from the air when he was flying with his father Sunday morning. He came back after the flight to get a closer look.

He thought there were maybe a half dozen "perfectly round" circles of varying sizes up to 50 feet (15 metres) wide.

Bangs described the oats as being all neatly bent over, with the oats intact on the stalks. "It was very precise."

It's creating quite a bit of talk in the community, said Bangs, who also took pictures of the circles.
Crop circles first appeared in modern times in England in 1972, according to The Crop Circular Internet site.

Since then, there have been about 9,000 reported and documented circles -- about 90% in England but also in B.C.

About 40% of the documented circles have been determined to be hoaxes, says Internet author Freddy Silva, where the grass is broken, trampled, bruised or crushed.

In the authentic, unexplained formations the stems are bent, normally about an inch off the ground, says Silva.


Crop Circles Make A Further Appearance In BC Field

[Original headline: Mysterious circles crop up again in B.C. field]

VANDERHOOF, B.C. -- Crop circles, a worldwide phenomena variously said to be the work of tricksters, magnetic waves or aliens, have been discovered again in a northern B.C. field, almost three years to the day they were first spotted in the area.

This time the circles were seen in a field about five kilometres from the Vanderhoof airport, about 720 kilometres north of Vancouver.

Brent Miskuski, an owner and pilot of Central Air, spotted the six latest circles Thursday evening on a flight from Prince George to Vanderhoof.

Mr. Miskuski was one of those who discovered the first crop-circle formation three years ago.

No paths or tracks were visible to the circles, said Mr. Miskuski, who made several low passes and took pictures from the air on Friday.

"It just appeared," he said. "It's like they were stamped out just like last time. It's pretty bizarre."

Story originally published by: The Ottawa Citizen / ON - Sept 09.01

They're baa-aach... Following closely on the heels of crop circles that appeared in the Vanderhoof area in 1998, these six circles were spotted in a field of grain about five kilometers down Sturgeon Ponit Road.


Crop Circles Return To Vanderhoof

Omineca Express Newspaper Serving Vanderhoof - Fort Fraser - Fraser Lake Wednesday, September 12, 2001

For the second time, pilot Brent Miskuski has seen something strange as he flew over Vanderhoof. On his way home to Prince George at about 7:30 last Thursday evening, Miskuski took off from the Vanderhoof airport over Sturgeon Point Road. Pressed into the grain crop were six circles - known as 'crop circles'.

"I didn't have my camera, so I went back out (Friday) morning and took some pictures," he said. "I don't know if anyone knows they're there. I didn't see any tracks of footprints going in there." As a pilot for Vanderhoof Flying Service, Miskuski has seen this before. The last time this area witnessed this phenomenon was in late August in 1998, when 11 circles appeared in a field leased by Halltray Farms.

"Last time, Eric (Spier) and I were the first to see those, too," said Miskuski. "There are fewer now and they're smaller." Spier, the pilot who spotted them first in 1998 agreed. "I don't think these ones are as nice as the first ones," he said. "They look rougher." Rough or not, the circles are already grabbing attention. Crop circle specialists from Vancouver, UFO enthusiasts and documentary makers are already on their way to the small town.

Brian Vike, an Unidentified Flying Object researcher from Houston, British Columbia was out Saturday morning, collecting soil and grain samples from the new circles. "This is my first time looking at circles like this," he said. "It's really exciting." Vike who describes himself as an open-minded person, usually gathers reports of UFO sightings in the area. He spent Saturday collecting as much data about the six circles as he could.

One formation of circles - now being referred to as "Mickey Mouse's head" - consists of three separate circles. The largest one is 30 feet across and is flattened in a clockwise spiral. The smaller two are 16 and 17 feet across the smaller one flattened in a counter-clockwise spiral and the other clockwise. About 30 feet away lies another 17-foot circle in a counter-clockwise pattern. Forty feet from that is a formation of two circles - one is 27' 9" across in a clockwise spiral and the other 19' 10" in a counterclockwise spiral.

"Nobody had touched it before I got out there," said Vike. "There is one set of tracks out to one of the circles, but absolutely none leading from circle to circle and no other disturbances to the grain at all." The stalks of grain in the circles are all intact, simply bent over, said Vike. Nothing broken, just flattened," he said. "The spirals go in tighter and tighter as you approach the center of the circle - and then they start to overlap a bit in the middle." Nike also interviewed several people in the area who reported a "smoky" smell on the night the circles were first seen. "One lady said the smell was so disgusting they had to get up and close the window, "he said.

Vike's UFO research has kept him hopping lately. He said sightings are up almost 55 per cent this year alone. (for Canada) He's never encountered crop circles before, however. I hate to say it, but I suppose it would be fairly easy to fake them. That's why we take all these samples for analysis," he said. The samples will be tested for "just about everything", including magnetic traces, chemicals, and molecular structure.

"Man made or not," said Vike, "they're still cool."


Crop Circles Appear In B.C. Field For Second Time In Three Years

Ian Bailey National Post VANCOUVER - Residents of a small northern British Columbia community are thinking close encounters and magnetic forces as they try to explain a series of crop circles left in a barley field.

It's the second time in three years that mysterious circles have been found in a field in Vanderhoof, a farming and forestry community about 900 kilometres northwest of Vancouver in the geographical centre of B.C.

In 1998, 10 mysterious circles were found in farmer Philip Long's field of ripe oats near the airport runway, some up to 30 metres in diameter.

The latest circles -- six that are about seven metres in diameter, were found in Mr. Long's barley field, also near the airport.

Len Fox, Mayor of the community of about 4,000 people, says the new circles are the talk of the district.

"There are all kinds of explanations," Mr. Fox said yesterday. "You name it. Everyone has their own theory."

The new circles were first detected last Thursday by Brent Miskiski, owner of a local six-plane airline, Central Air.

"By fluke, I looked down and noticed the formation: six circles perfectly formed in a field," Mr. Miskiski said yesterday.

The next day, he took his camera up in his single-engine aircraft and took a series of photos of the circles.

"When you look at them, they're not stamped into the field. It's like they're combed into the field."

The circles look as if someone pressed a giant glass or coaster into the crops, crushing them flat, observers say.

Mr. Miskiski also discovered the 1998 series of the mysterious circles, a phenomena that has been linked to everything from aliens to unknown natural energies to "Mother Earth" to nature spirits to psychic manipulation.


Circles Mysterious Return

Crop Watch 2001

They're baack. Three years after a set of mysterious, circular patterns appeared in an oat field next to the Vanderhoof airport runway, observers have spotted six more "crop circles" formed in the flattened grain. Crop circle experts promptly descended upon the town, located about 100 km east of Prince George, soon after the new patterns were discovered September 6, 2001

Canadian Crop Circle Research network field research assistant Brian Vike quickly headed out to collect soil and grain samples. The CCCRN had already expanded its research project into the mysterious shapes that are found more frequently I August and September than any other time of the year in Canada. The new circles aren't as intricate as the ones discovered in 1998

Vike noted Vanderhoof's six new circles weren't as intricate as those discovered back on September 1, 1998 by a local pilot, Brent Miskuski. Those circles ranged in size from 10 to 100 feet (30 meters). The CCCRN says a half dozen crop circle reports had come out of B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba so far this year. The network adds that nine other countries in the world have reported crop circle formations this year. It's not known what causes the curious formations. Some of them appear to be manmade; however others continue to baffle scientists because lab results of soil and plant samples show anomalies that can't be explained. The circles usually appear overnight and in all kinds of weather.

Courtesy The Terrace Standard Newspaper.
Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

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