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Huge Cigar Shaped UFO Darkened The Sky With It’s Size At Saskatoon Saskatchewan

Date:  July or August 1950
Time:  Approx: Mid day.

July or August 1950. I was too young to know the date or pay attention to the date at the time. My brother, myself, and my mother saw this in person. Believe me, it left a mark on my poor little self. Didn’t realize what I had seen until much later.

In the 1950’s the city closed up solid on Wednesday afternoons (not a soul to be seen after 12:00 noon). I know it was summer because on Wednesdays dad stayed home until noon then dropped us off at my mom’s job at 12:00 p.m. and he’d go to work and we’d walk back home with my mother.

That day she had to stay later to finish up some work. It was around 1:00 p.m. when we started home. The downtown was totally deserted. We were walking north up 2nd Avenue on the east side of the street. We were just 2 buildings from 23rd street when suddenly my mother grabbed my brother and myself and in a voice that I never heard before or after said, no matter what happens, do not move, look, or make a noise”.  

She shoved us into this doorway alcove area and stood directly in front of us shaking. The sky that had been a clear bright blue started to turn darker and darker. Mom never said a word, just kept us pressed behind her tight into the alcove and she was frozen watching up above us.

Well being the obedient child I was of course I pulled her skirt aside and peeked out and up. Then I remember grabbing my brother and making him look too. My mom never moved. She didn’t even notice us looking.

When I saw what was up there, I remember shoving my brother back into the corner and nearly standing on top of him to get further back too. There was a huge, huge thing hovering over 2nd Ave., that had completely blocked out all the sunlight.

There was no noise and it covered the whole block lengthwise (like a giant cigar). Suddenly it was gone, but it was up there a long time. Even then I can remember my mom made us wait a long time before she moved. Then she made a hiding game on the way home to see how out of sight we could stay.

I remember that by the time we got home she was hysterical and sent us to our room with orders not to come out. Then she phoned dad at work and made him come home immediately. I had my ear to the door as she told him what had happened.

He came home and started phoning around. He called the police to see if there had been any strange reports, then the airport and finally the air force base located here then. They all said nothing happened.

Then he told my mother to never tell another soul as they would figure he was married to a nut case, his exact words. It was never mentioned again and everyone acted like nothing ever happened.

In 1981 my mother had some health issues and I figured that I’d mention what I saw for verification. I said-mom, do you remember, and then I told her what I saw. She looked at me horrified and said, “you saw that, why didn’t you ever say anything “ ?.

All I could say in return was ‘ you told us not to look or move “ . You have to remember in those days you did what you were told-mostly. Besides which after the carry-on with my dad I knew better than to admit I looked.

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