Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bright Light/UFO Draws Power From The Hydro Lines 30 Miles South Of Saskatoon Saskatchewan

Date:  Approx: 14 – 15 Years Ago (Now 2014)
Time:  Evening.

Checking with my son who saw this one (along with a lot of other people including his daughter) approximately 14/15 years ago. Trying to get a better dateline, but he’s on holidays at the moment.

30 miles South of Saskatoon on the highway coming back from Regina, there was a huge bright light hovering over the power lines and substation and appeared to be drawing power from the lines.

It stayed in position for quite awhile - maybe 1/2 an hour-and traffic on the highway kept pulling over to watch. They had a pretty big bunch of people in the end.

When my son finally left, the object was still there, but it was winter and they had got pretty cold standing out there with all the other people.

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