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Unknown Objects/UFOs Left Imprints In The Ground At Oliver British Columbia (Pictures)

Date:  First week of August 2014
Time:  Mid afternoon.

Hi and thanks for your quick response.

I live on Island road in Oliver, B.C. and it is common place here for all of the neighbors to witness sightings on a regular basis. We are located almost next to Tucelnuit Lake where there have been numerous sightings over the years and within miles of the Dominion Observatory here in Oliver on White Lake road.

I can explain more about that later.

With all of our sightings together and on our own we always witness these at night, the odd thing is that I got a call from one of my neighbors today and he said with great urgency, “What are you doing right now?

Never mind you are going to want to get over here now as you are not going to believe what John just found when he was reviewing his picture’s on his I-Phone.”  I went over immediately.

In the first week of August we had quite a thunder and lightening storm with a heavy amount of rain. When it stopped, the sun came out and there was this incredible double rainbow and there were a lot of picture’s taken of it that day and it was stunning. John saw a photo op and grabbed his phone and started taking pictures.

It wasn’t until later that day that he noticed something odd about the picture and decided to investigate it on his own.

Picture Left: Shows an imprint in the ground that the witness believes was left there by a UFO landing. Please keep in mind, there are no roads up to this area, just to rugged.

Here’s what I know, the photo was taken directly due east, it was in mid afternoon in the first week of August or there abouts.

There is no road leading up to where these ‘things’ came from, it is at least a 150 foot climb straight up according to John, no quads or motorized vehicles could ever get up this mountain, in fact the only thing that is up there are animals, coyotes/deer etc..

I asked him about the ‘tails’ on these 2 things and he pointed out that only the 2 that were the most visible and closest to the earth on ‘take off’ had the tails and that was the vapour from the water droplets still in the air.

The other 3 that are very visible, but above the rainbow had no ‘tails’ on them. A day or two after John saw this on his phone, he decided that he was going to climb up to where he saw these craft taking off from and he found numerous heart shaped indents in the ground and a few triangle shaped mounds around the heart shaped forms where the grass was pushed flat

He can better explain it to you, I can only explain as best I got the story. This man does not own a computer as far as I know and he is not the kind of person that would ever make a hoax picture even if he had the means.

Picture Right: Possible “Angel Hair” or could it be Cottonwood fluff or some other bloom from a plant ?

Tonight I went out and filmed on my little tiny camera just another ‘object’ that we see almost every night and of course the battery died so I am recharging and will review it in the morning to see if it even picked anything up.

Please find enclosed the rainbow picture and then the imprint pictures that John sent me from his I-phone this afternoon.

If I zoom in the photo on my zoombrowser I can distinctly see these odd shaped crafts. John has many more pictures, but he just gave me these. Sincerely.

If anyone has witnessed the objects, or objects like this, could you please send me an email with details of what you saw.

Please remember to include the date and time and location. (Town/City – State or Province) and as much detail as possible.

Brian Vike Note: Over the years I have received a number of reports where objects are along side rainbows. 

Here is some pictures that I received and posted back on October 3, 2013.

UFO Cluster Photographed Over Minnesota

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