Tuesday, August 12, 2014

UFOs Over Barbados And Morocco Africa/Southwest England/Prague Czech Republic

I have seen many lights moving silently across the night sky. They couldn't have been satellites because they sometimes would turn and scoot off in a different direction. The first ones I noticed with my wife left each other at right angles.

Satellites or any known flying objects wouldn't be able to do that. I saw some over the coast of Barbados and Morocco, Africa. Also over southwest England with my wife and son and over Prague Czech Republic.

A few times I've had very close encounters, twice with my wife alongside.

Not sure if this helped, but you can contact me on my e-mail for further info if you wish. All the best.

A Vike Factor Note: It is to bad I am not able to contact the gentleman, as using the “Comments” section of the blog a person is left as anonymous unless they put their email in with the message.

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