Saturday, August 9, 2014

Turquoise Green Light Skipping And Leaping In Front Of Witnesses At Upper Galil Tzfat Israel

Date:  August 9, 2014
Time:  Evening.

It was just after dark tonight when my husband and I were outside and saw streaks of turquoise green light skipping and leaping in front of us.

The light was making several passes up and down the hill, ranging maybe 1-2 miles.

No sound accompanied the light. We live in the Upper Galil in Tzfat, Israel.

Additional Information:

Brian, yes very odd. I checked the internet and what we saw apparently was not a meteor or bolide.

We thought someone was waving around a flash light, but the transit of light was very great, on the ground, leaping instantaneously, appearing distant and near and changing pattern from spot to rod to fire cracker like bursts. I'm curious!

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