Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gigantic Orange Burning UFO In The Ditch Seen 5 Miles East Of Saskatoon Saskatchewan

 Date:  January 1973
Time:  Evening.

We lived 5 miles east of the city. I had an older friend coming out from the city. She phoned just before she left to let us know she was on the way. It was a 10 minute run from her house. After an hour she came through the door absolutely freaked out. She was too scared to go back home in the dark.

She said about 3 miles east of the city there appeared in the ditch what she described a huge gigantic orange burning type light in the ditch. It lasted for quite awhile, but she was too scared to go past it or turn around and go back with it behind her.

We knew the area well and went back the next morning. No sign of anything in the ditch, no melted snow etc. Just a few square marks where something heavy had sat, but no scuffed snow around it.

This was beside a microwave type transmission tower.

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