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UFO Makes An Unusual Maneuver Caught On Film Over Vancouver British Columbia (Amazing Video Footage)

Date:  June 29, 2008
Time:  Just after midnight.
The Vike Factor Note: Over the years that I have been investigating UFO sightings, I have always received many reports of unknown objects that zig zag through the sky and making some wild maneuvers.
But I have never been able to see what the witnesses were able to observe, until today. This footage is really amazing to watch. When watching this video clip, please keep in mind that one of the white lights/object is a star.
The other “thing” that does some amazing moves, is unknown. Also, the person who sent the report and footage to me, I have known for sometime and has provided some other clips of objects that were really interesting as well.
Hello, last night I was watching the stars and enjoying a cigar on my 6th floor balcony in Vancouver, B.C. A helicopter got my attention as it had a search light on near English Bay beach, so I got my Hi 8 video camera out and shot a bit.
I kept the camera with me and whenever I saw a satellite fly overhead I would tape it. I also taped a bit of the planet Jupiter, low to the east.
At about a minute or two after midnight, June 29/08, I saw a slow moving satellite to the south. I rolled my camera on it. I had a clear shot of it, with a star centered still in the frame. It seemed to speed up and then
Today when I watched the footage, I was surprised to see, that what I thought was a satellite, did a sharp zig zag as it approached the position of the "still" centered star and then sped up a bit and seemed to fade off to
a higher orbit and disappeared.
I am now going to try to get, the video copied onto a file that I can e-mail and burn a DVD of. The sighting is about 10 seconds in length and quite clear. It now makes me wonder about some of the other "satellites" I have seen that seem to vanish or grow very dim. I used to just take it for granted, that it was the satellite losing sunlight to reflect.
To view this video clip: “UFO Makes An Unusual Maneuver Caught On Film Over Vancouver British Columbia”
If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

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