Friday, January 22, 2010

Bluish/Green Object Falling Out Of The Sky Over San Diego California

Date: January 18, 2010
Time: Approx: 9:00 p.m.

Hi, I am from San Diego California and I saw a familiar light in the sky falling. It was bluish/green and the time was about 9:00pm, it was weird. I wonder what it was? A buddy and I were driving north bound and we noticed this light falling extremely fast? Please let me know if you find more details.

Additional Information:

Hi Brian, thanks for taking an interest. It was January 18, 2010 at approximately 9:00pm. The falling object fell for about 1.5 seconds. I did not notice any trail behind it. Now that I remember the passenger said he had seen it in the sky and that he thought it was a helicopter.

But, that it just suddenly dropped, and that's when I noticed (the driver). I was driving so I didn't see it until it was a bright light and that's why it caught my attention. We couldn't hear anything because we were inside a car driving and listening to music. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask!

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  1. I just seen a green light fall from the sky in Medicine Hat, AB. so did a radio personality, kim johnston. He had nearly 35 comments abiut it. The time was 9 pm too.