Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Disc Shaped UFO With Red Lights Seen Over Three Nights Halifax Nova Scotia

Date:  February 21, 2012 and February 26, 2012
Time:  Evening and approx: 9:00 p.m.
Hey I was looking online specifically for UFO related information. On February 21, 2012 I was outside my home in Halifax Nova Scotia having a smoke. I happened to look up into the sky toward the north, and I saw a very very bright white light.
I asked my boyfriend "what the hell is that", I knew there was no way it could be an airplane with a light that bright. The I saw a what looked like a red light flashing off to the side of it.
All the sudden it looked like it was coming closer, very fast and then flew directly over our home, not as fast as an airplane though.
When it passed over, it was so close that I could see the shape of it. It made no noise at all! It had one bright white light and about 7 or 8 red lights on the bottom flashing all around it.
The bottom seemed flat and almost circular, disc shaped I guess you could say, and the top seemed a bit smaller in circumference, but still roundish.
It was dark, but a clear kind of dark, so I know my eyes weren’t fooling me. All I could say was "what the heck it that" over and over. I was later angry at myself that I didn't video tape it.
Then, again on Sunday evening (the 26 of February) at about 9:00 p.m. I happened to look out my living room window and saw it again. It was coming from the same direction.
It moved slightly at first from left, a little to the right and then hovered in one spot for about an hour.
Then it lowered itself, then I noticed an airplane flying over and when it did, the object quickly lowered itself even more. This object looked nothing like the airplane, and looked to be much larger. I actually caught the first part of the object being there on my digital camera.
Although the quality is not great, I was able to zoom enough to see how bright the light was, also to see red and blue lights flashing all over it, and zoomed out to get a comparison of the object against the moon.
When I first started taping it, it was through my living groom window.
There are a lot of trees out there and there is one branch in particular that is stationary, and you can see the object on one side of the branch at first and then very slowly move to the other side of the branch. Then after that it hovered and stayed in the same spot for about an hour.
Then again tonight, (28, February) my boyfriend came in from a smoke and said he thought it was back. I immediately went outside with my cam and started taping.
It hovered in one spot for about 15 minutes and then started slowly moving to the right, then faster and then all the sudden shot off back from the way it came.
Unfortunately the location of the object this time around filming was too covered by the trees to properly see. But I know what I saw, and there is no way in hell that a man made aircraft looks like that and moves that fast away from one location. Love to hear back from you.
If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

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  1. My sister and a group a friends seen this a night ago.
    Your description matches exactly to hers! :D
    I only wish i could have seen it for my self.
    My friend got a recording on his iPhone of being directly underneath it.