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NSW Australia, Coffs Harbour Deep Orange Pulsating UFO

Date: December 31, 2004
Time: 9:20 p.m. - 9: 55 p.m.

Number of witnesses: 4
Number of objects: 8-10
Shape of objects: Glowing lights, Deep Orange Pulsating Lights.

Dear Brian, my family and I witnessed a strange light in the sky tonight. We were attending the annual new years eve fireworks display as we do every year and as per usual could not find a suitable vantage point to sit back and enjoy the display. After an hour of searching we eventually found a reasonably secluded road behind a large sporting field, parked and waited for the 9:30 show to begin.

After the fireworks began I noticed a bright, deep orange light to the right of car about 45 degrees in the sky. It was slightly larger than a normal star.

After a few minutes I noticed that it was rising very slowly, I could see this using telephone wires as a point of reference.

As it got higher in the sky it began pulsing on and off in time with each fireworks explosion. That's when we all got out of the car to watch it. Every time a firework lit up the sky the light would dim right out...then slowly brighten back up. All this time it was moving across the sky and getting closer to the fireworks area. That's when we could see a faint shape attached to the light. It was too far away to see but we could all make it out. The shape was about three times the size of the light.

It seemed to pass directly over the fireworks area and head out towards the sea. By this time the fireworks display sent up it's last few starburst rockets. As they went off we saw multiple orange lights maybe 8-10 all flash together. This was not part of the fireworks explosion as these lights went on and off multiple times in exactly the same position of the sky where the first object was headed.
My whole family can't stop talking about whatever it was, I think they enjoyed the UFO more than the Fireworks.

Additional Information:

Hi Brian.

First up I'll try to answer your questions.

Q. - How long you were able to observe the light for
A. - The whole event lasted 15 minutes.

Q. - Also can you tell me what the weather conditions were that evening?
A. - No wind, clear sky, no clouds.

Q. - In what part of the sky was the UFO located? North, South, East, West? On the horizon or straight overhead or somewhere in between? Which direction did it head off to ?

A. - The object first appeared stationary about 2 o'clock above the horizon in the West. It then moved upwards to about 12 o'clock and began moving East in a straight line out to sea.

Q. - Were you able to see any aircraft in the area when this was taking place ?
A. - No other aircraft were in the area. We phoned the airport/coast guard/paper to confirm this the next day.

Q. - Are you aware of anyone else seeing this ?
A. - No one else reported sighting the object other than the four of us.

Q. - Can you please tell me what shape you saw ?
A. - It was hard to make out but my daughter and I both thought it was triangular. (see pic)

Q. - If there is anything else that comes to mind, please write it in.
A. - Only that we are amazed at the amount of people that were there on the night that no-one else saw it. This could be due to the fact that we chose a different vantage point to watch the fireworks than anyone else. Where we were parked there were no other cars or people watching. I also got the feeling that these objects were observing the display. Especially at
the end when they all flashed in looked like they were putting in there own light show for us.

Seeing I have a background in animation I have re-created exactly what we witnessed on the night. The behavior of the object it exact. I have included some animation and some pictures.

Below: - "fig01" - Is an exact 3D recreation of the playing field area where we were parked.

Below - "fig02" - Object flight path and area detail.

Below - "fig03" - Reconstructed view from my window looking to the west where the object first appeared. This is EXACTLY what I first saw. Just under the power lines and it remained stationary for about 5 minutes.

Below - "fig04" - This is what the fuzzy shape looked like that appeared above the light. This was only visible as it approached the carnival area. Maybe it was lower in the sky at this stage and picking up some ambient lighting.

Took me all day to do it but I had to get the experience out of my head.

All Graphics © 2005 David Knight (Please respect this copyright)

Thank you very much to the witness for the report, graphics, and 3D animations.

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