Sunday, October 4, 2009

Munitions OIC From Cannon AFB Reports Fighters From Another Base

January 1976

Brian, I too was at Cannon AFB during the UFO sightings in January 1976.

In fact I was the 3rd shift Munitions OIC.

Two of my Senior NCOs and I witnessed the unexplained lights in the sky from the EOR.

However, in your Special Report you state that F-111s from Cannon were scrambled to check out the lights.

That did not happen. If planes had been scrambled, I and my NCOs would have been aware of the launch. I do however believe that fighters from another nearby base were scrambled during the multi-night sightings.

We noticed fighter silhouettes flying over the base during these nights.Thanks.

Thank you to the eye witness for the really interesting report.

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