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1975 Loring AFB UFO Incident - A Son Relating His Fathers Story

Brian Vike, The Vike Factor Note: Below is an excellent letter from a son who's father served at the Loring AFB back in 1975 when all heck broke loose when many military men observed an unknown object over the base. The military personal who witnessed the event were questioned by people from the Air Force as "someone" wanted to get the facts, then pretty much wanted the entire event to go away, not to be talked or discussed again.

This really is another case where an unknown object has penetrated base security and the base going on full alert and not being able to deal with what was happening in the sky above them. They certainly tried from the letters I have received from eyewitnesses from the base, but everyone on the AFB was pretty much helpless to do much of anything.

There are more military people who have not come forward to give their accounts of what took place that night. Maybe if more folks would finally care to write and share the details on the UFO sighting, it would be most welcomed and very helpful in trying to find answers. Please note, when writing to Brian Vike's - The Vike Factor your personal information will never be given out to anyone. It stays here with me. So please don't worry about any of your private contact information leaving The Vike Factor.

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Date: 1975

Message: I was reading your page on the 1975 Loring AFB UFO incident and got a little chuckle. My father was a security policeman with the 17th Security Police Sq, and was on duty the nights in question. For several years after I learned of the incident, my father as well refused to discuss it. About a year ago, maybe longer, he relented and told me what went on the first night.

Below Photo: Loring AFB.

The object in question, he refuses to call it an UFO, was silent. It had suddenly appeared over the weapon storage area and the alert aircraft from nowhere. He was a NCO and was getting calls about the UFO and headed over towards the WSA and the weapon assembly building. He climbed up a bunker and stood there, slack jawed, and did nothing. After a few minutes the wing commander was roused and came over to the same bunker and along with his staff officers, tried to figure out what was going on.

He asked my father what the hell was going on and why he hadn't called this into the tower. My fathers response was that he had called the tower and they told him he was full of sh**, and they wouldn't wake the wing commander because as they saw it, there was nothing there. He was surprised because as he put it, the light was blindingly bright. There was no way they couldn't have seen it. He also told them that he was getting calls from all the posts, roving patrols and even from the gate about it. The wing commander called up the tower and asked them to verify the light. They immediately denied it. The commander then told the NCO in the tower, 'If the eagle on my shoulder see's that light, then those stripes on your damned sleeve better see it to." They immediately, albeit a little dumbfounded, said that that they saw it as well. The whole incident this night lasted some time more and then was over. My dad went back and filled out the log with the entire incident and started a report on it as well.

He was actually off the next couple of days but was aware that the incident was being looked into as drug smuggling. He says that is total bull. The object was dead quiet, had appeared and disappeared with little or no warning, came and went as it chose, and stopped or slowed no where else but the airbase and it's weapons storage area. They even chased this thing with some fighters sent up to Loring. I think he said they were Air National Guard F-106's. They never caught up to it. The helicopters there were not just Canadian but many from the Air Force. He heard from his friends on duty that the base big wigs were getting alot of pressure to resolve the matter.

He came back on duty a few nights later and nothing happened that night. That morning a couple of men from the Air Force came up and started questioning everyone who had seen the incident first hand. They were not told to be quiet by these men as they went through the investigation. When they finished, my father said that they came to his duty station to inspect the blotter and related paperwork. They then removed the pages from the blotter and the related paperwork and replaced them with new pages that did not mention the incident. My dad said he knew enough to keep his mouth shut and not ask why they were taking these pages. After that, the matter was closed for all intents and purposes. He later said, that while not told directly by any superiors, talking about the matter wasn't kosher. He then said that it became kind of like a joke.

This is my recollection of the matter and may be incomplete. But he doesn't talk much about this or any other of the things he saw in the Air Force. I'm not sure why, it has been over thirty years and I can't see any of it still being classified. None of the bases he served at exist anymore as operational bases. I hope this story is helpful.

Thank you to the person for relating an excellent account from his Father.

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