Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Woodbridge, Ontario Light From UFO Seen Through The Clouds

Date: August 30, 2009
Time: Evening.

I'm a resident of Woodbridge Ontario and I just had my first UFO sighting of my life. I am 100% sure of what I saw tonight.

I was walking with two of my friends behind a dark shopping complex around midnight tonight (partly cloudy). In the corner of my eye I noticed a small flash coming from the sky. When I looked up I saw two white lights, not bright by any means, but I could see them quite well. I noticed them moving very fast and moving closer together and then further apart almost like it was turning on an angle. It then moved above the clouds (I could still see the lights through the cloud) and then disappeared.

As I was looking closer before it disappeared I noticed that the UFO was in the shape of a boomerang. I asked my friends to stop so we could sit on a bench because I was totally dumbfounded by what I had saw.

About 15 minutes later as we were sitting I look at a different part of the sky and notice the same two lights but a lot brighter this time and moving very fast, it swooped down from out of the sky and then flew upwards immediately up into the clouds again and disappeared.

Then walking home I noticed a random flash coming from a cloud above me, like someone taking a picture from the sky.

This whole experience is very surreal and I don't know what to think. Sitting here feeling pretty uneasy right now.

Thank you to the witness for their sighting report.

Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)


  1. Your not the only one. I was helping a friend move out from his basement apartment. The back yard of the home, basemnet walk out to yard, faced into a large ravine due east. We were taking a breath of freash air. My friend I was helping to move out, was reminising of his loss of the familiy through his divorce. I look up and a VERY low flying plane went over head. I noticed how low it was because I could make out the detail of the surface. Dark and maybe metalic or stone looking. But as it went over and cleared us, I noticed all at the same time, its speed was slowing down to a point of being static. We both saw it as being triangular and one bright whtie light, with red and blue lights wrapping around the mid section of this ship. But the most important reality as it flew DIRECTLY above us. This was the point I realized, something says this isnt of man kind, there was now jet or prop engine noices. If anything it was a very light humming sound. Not mechanical or anything elese other than low hum. Not electrical either. It travelled into the valley. I begged my friend to tell me, are we really F..king seeing this. Are you seeing what Im seeg. WE stood up out of the lawn chairs and walked toward the fence in the back of the yard facing into the valley. Then all of a suddent there were two prop planes flying low and in circles doeing exatly what we were doing. Trying to understand what we were seeing. AT this point I realized that that plane fly over our head and there was not one bit of engine noise a plane would produce and it was not parked and hovering half way into the valley. I yelled to my frind to get a camera, I yelled to make noice as some of the neighbours window were open. To come and see this!!! In the distance, a wall of helicopters formed, facing at us from the other side of this vally. The UFO slowly moved down into the valley. There is a CN rail line that exists in this valley and a train went by as it UFO was gaining altitude. To finish, my fiend couldnt find his camera and at this time e both didnt have cameras on your phones, figures! We were scared and excited at this point. I kept saying is this really happening. This UFO gained altitude, the prop plane followed from a distance and they both left our line of sight, heading North West. We walked to the front of the house to see it leave again our line of sight over the roofs of the house in front.
    What can I say. I called my father the next day to share with him this experience, as he told me a story of similar happenings when I was a child. I also went online to see if there was any reports like this one, there was nothing. Its been some time now and its Saturday morining. Figured I should look and see what ever happend to that night. Hear we are and Im telling my story!!!


  2. This incident occured in Oct of 2011.


    1. I live on this ravine, facing the train tracks, we just saw close to the same phenomenon tonight. Like you, we were so nervous that by the time we fumbled to get our iphone ready, the object (in our case, bright, burning orange and hovering) shot to the north at a speed not possible for anything conventional and we could not capture it on video. My wife and I are totally freaked out! We always used to think people who seen this kind of stuff must be lying or high on something. We'll report it here, but have agreed to keep it to ourselves.