Tuesday, September 29, 2009

UFO - York County Pennsylvania Unusual Lights Turned In Unison To A Horizontal Position

Date: September 24, 2009
Time: Approx: 8:30 p.m.

Hi, I don't know what we saw tonight, but I am very much in shock! It was about 8:30 pm York PA. My daughter saw bright lights out the living room window and went to
the door. She called me saying "what is that?!" No sound at all.

When I went to the front door, there were two lights in a vertical position with space between them, but not a lot. Considering the distance in the sky, I would estimate maybe the length of a tractor trailer, but to the eye in looked much closer.

Then the lights turned in unison to a horizontal position, while in the same spot in the air. It was not moving, it was hovering.

I told my daughter to grab the video camera. By the time she got outside the lights were in the horizontal position and my son grabbed the phone for me to call my parents who live down the street. I told
them to go outside and look up. They went out and they both saw it too. The exact same thing we were seeing.

The lights began moving apart as if whatever was between them was getting bigger, growing. It was still hovering and turned so that one light was pointed south and the other was pointed north. They kept spreading out (or getting bigger) and very slowly moved south. Then one light was no longer visible and then the other was no longer

No sound the entire time it was there. We have the lights on video. All that is visible is the lights unless some sort of enhancement can be done to reveal more of what we could
not see. That is the entire event as it happened. I did call the news station and they said they would call if they were interested in seeing the video.

Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/

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