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Alien Abduction/Missing Time in Kelowna, B.C. - One Ladies Story (Pictures)

By Brian Vike (The Vike Factor)

The story is real but one of the names in this report is fictitious for obvious reasons. Corina, the driver of the vehicle is her real name.

Monday - August 18, 2003 I received a telephone call from Corina who lives in Kelowna, British Columbia.

The lady was very upset and had a time speaking of the event that took place with her and a close female friend of hers.

She told me today that a friend had brought over a newspaper article which was run in the Kelowna Capital Newspaper. The headline read "Seeking Witnesses to UFO." which showed up on August 15, 2003

Here is her story.

She tells that her and her friend are having a very hard time dealing with what took place. Also another couple who lives in the area watched an aerial craft hovering close to the location where the two ladies had parked there car at the side of the highway and gave confirmation to the incident, or at least witnessed an object.

At approx: 12:05 a.m., July 31, 2003 the two ladies were playing around on the computer when Linda said, we haven't done any star gazing in a long time, so Corina, the lady who contacted me said, you're right, lets go out and do some star gazing.

They left home at 12:05 a.m. heading out to an area where they would get a look at the clear night sky without having lights to obscure their view. Corina drove to Glenmore, which is north from where she lives and is on the back road heading to Winfield from Kelowna, B.C.

They were driving along and Corina reported that there was quite a bit of traffic for that time of the night, but soon after they decided to stop just off to the side of the road to see what they might notice, the traffic stopped coming.

There was not a light from any vehicles, not anything other than a very dark stretch of road. Corina grabbed her flashlight and shone it into the sky as she has done this in the past. Her friend Linda had the binoculars on the other side of the car scanning the starry night sky.

They were there only a minute out of the car when her Linda said, this is really strange. There are three stars up in the sky and formed into a triangle shape. All three lights at this time were solid white.

Both ladies watched as the three white lights started moving, but moving together. The witness with the binoculars said stars don't do that, and Corina replies, of course not, as she thought it may have been a plane or something.

Linda replies, no this is not a plane as the lights were changing color to a neon green and the object had stopped and hovered just ahead of their car on the highway.

Corina turned the headlights off, and shone her flashlight down the road in front of her car. They were worrying about animals such as a bear, cougars, etc. being around in this isolated area. As she shone the light up the road both of the women spotted something which frightened them a lot.

Five sets of eyes staring at approx: 40 feet away from them. As frightened as they were, their first thoughts were of coyotes or some other wild animal, but she said once you really look your brain takes it in.

Corina describes the creatures as being roughly four feet tall, dark gray shoulders and coming towards the women. Corina said "I was so scared I could hardly talk, and could hardly breathe". She yelled to her friend Linda, "get in the car, get in the car".

Corina said they both scrambled to get back into the vehicle, but she said it was like moving through quicksand and it felt horrible. Being so terrified and trying to move as fast as they possibly could, it felt as if everything was slowing down around them.

Once they were both back in the car, Corina tried to turn the ignition on so she could get the power windows up. But all the electrics on the car was failing. The dome light, headlights were going off and on, on their own and as she said. "Everything was going nuts" !

Finally the car started and they turned around in the middle of the road and sped off towards home and as they traveled along they noticed a fair bit of traffic coming in their direction. (Corina commented to me, where was all the traffic when all this was happening?)

As they drove along the road, Corina said to Linda, "this is the weirdest thing. "She said I feel like electricity, my whole body is tingling, just like I was zapped by a charge from a battery". When Linda heard this, she said, "I didn't want to say anything to you as you might think I was nuts, but I am feeling the same. As if I was hit by an electrical charge."

As Linda was explaining how she felt, and facing Corina she glanced at the clock in car and said, "Jesus Corina, look at the time" ! Corina said what are you talking about ? Linda said we were only stopped and out of the car for a few minutes at the most, and the time of the car's clock reads an extra 25 minutes of time.

As they drove along and close to home they both discussed it and wondered if they had imagined it all. As they were just about home, they turned onto Baker Street which is covered in darkness next to a field. All of a sudden they saw this bright, glowing neon green ball low in the sky.

The object started moving to the right, "stop", left, "stop", right, "stop", left, "stop" and then it started to move away until the ladies car came to a halt, and so did the object. Before they knew it, the ball of green light started heading towards them at a high rate of speed and hovered high above their car.

At this point they just wanted to get to their home and be as far away from whatever it was as possible.

The driver sped off quickly again and they headed into an orchard which was very close by. They thought they would not be seen hiding amongst the trees, plus there was no lighting in this area to reveal their position.

Corina looked at her friend and said, "they will never find us here". Both women are sitting in the car trying to get themselves together as the driver said she was losing it at this point. Only after a very short time after arriving in the orchard Linda said, Corina you better look out the front windscreen and look up slightly.

We don't have just one green ball of light, there are now three, glowing green objects. The way the green lights were in the sky, it looked as if the they formed a triangle formation and all moving now together. After a short period of time each of the green lights moved away in different directions.

(Brian Vike asked if the witness could give some idea of how large the green lights were. The witness told me each of the lights were approx: half the size of a full moon). After seeing the lights flying off into different directions the ladies raced home as quickly as they possibly could.

Once safe at home, both ladies shaken, they tried to come up with some reasonable explanation for what just happened.

They tried to put it out of their minds but that was impossible ! Later on, both ladies turned in for the night and when they woke up in the morning, Corina discovered a large bruise on her left breast and another on the bottom of her foot. She did not know how they got there but she did know they were extremely painful.

As she sat drinking a cup of coffee, Linda finally got up and was walking down the hall towards the kitchen when she said, "god, good morning - do I feel rough this morning". After Linda finished saying that, Corina watched as blood came pouring from Linda's nose.

Corina jumped up, ran and grabbed a towel. Linda also commented that she was having a lot of pain in her lower back area. She asked Corina to have a look to see if there was anything that could be seen.

So she looked and gasped, there was a large circle burned into her skin and was located in the middle, lower back area (tail bone). Also bruises were found on Linda's body as well, some of them appeared to look like finger marks and there were three of them on each thigh. Both women at this point were shocked, upset and very frightened.

Linda, who was up visiting from the Abbotsford ended her holiday and headed back home. Two days after being home in Abbotsford, B.C. she went to consult her family doctor due to still experiencing the terrible pain which was originating from her lower back, plus it was not getting any better.

Her doctor examined her, and her injury to her back, the doctor said if I didn't know any better I would say you have a radiation burn. He was of course referring to the burn mark on Linda's back.

The doctor is still trying to heal this mark on her back, as something had burned right through the outer layer of this ladies skin.

I would also like to add, this Missing Time event took place around the same date over 200 witnessed watched one amazing event unfold in southeastern British Columbia. I also received a flood of sighting reports which also came from this area. July 27/28 to August 18, 2003.

Connection With Missing Time Experience In Kelowna, B.C.

This witness had no idea about the missing time event which involved Corina and her friend.

I had a telephone call from a lady who lives in Kelowna, British Columbia today, August 26, 2003. She explained that a friend had cut out an article which ran in the Kelowna Capital Newspaper about a UFO Investigator Seeking Witnesses To A UFO Sighting.

The lady told me she saw an unusual object in the night sky on July 31, 2003. She also told me she has a habit of glancing up into the sky as she has a beautiful view of the stars and it is very dark in her area.

On this night the woman had already turned in, but couldn't sleep due to how warm it was in her home. The lady got up out of bed and went outside for some weird reason and when outside the lady looked towards the south. As the witness sat out looking around she spotted something, her thoughts were there shouldn't be any airplanes out here at this time of night, but there was something very strange.

She watched an object traveling from east to west and described the object as being almond in shape and a luminas green in color. The witness also reports only seeing one green light.

The lady reports that from their location, which was not at all far away from the two ladies who experienced the missing time, something very strange took place. She brought out her camera to take some pictures, but as she tried to take her photos, the camera would not work.

It went dead! Also she reports that the evening was warm, and she could hear coyotes cutting up. But soon they became silent, and so did everything else around them including the crickets which were making some noise. She said it was if someone had clicked off a switch. The air went from a nice sweet smelling night to a musty cold in this dead silence.

Also this witness said that two nights ago a person telephoned the radio station (CKOV) on an open line call in program and reported seeing a streak of light, and at the front of this streak a round ball was noted and the caller reported "it" had landed somewhere in South East Kelowna in the exact area where the green object had been witnessed, also where the two ladies had their missing time event.

Brian Vike's Note: This sighting is very, very important due to the date of this sighting, the time it was witnessed, the color which was green and the shape, which is reported here to be almond in shape.

Also what has me all excited over it, is due to the location where the object was observed, which was where the two ladies watched the beings on the side of the highway and the green lights, then experienced the missing time.

There will be more coming on this case, also I have interviewed the second witness who had the missing time on July 31, 2003 and will be writing up the report really quick.

Before I forget, I will be contacting CKOV in hopes of getting some information, and if not maybe I may get lucky and have them request that this witness to the streak of light get a hold of me.

Other Evidence Corina Provided Over The Unusual Experience.

Below are three pictures I received from Corina, Corina went through this frightening missing time experience in Kelowna, British Columbia.

The lady who shows the burn mark in the photos below is Corina's friend. Her friend was with Corina that night on July 31, 2003. In the first photo, the wound had healed up somewhat, but it took a turn for the worse and the results are shown in picture number #1.

I was told that the doctor is stumped due to not knowing why the wound will not heal. Also the doctor reports that he still does not know what caused it.

In the second photo taken today, (September 8, 2003), early morning, it shows that the burned area is healing up.

The below 2 photos show the area where the incident took place.

Brian Vike received more pictures from Corina to show there have been other unusual events, not just happening to Corina, but to her entire family.

Corina says: When I was around 12 years old, I woke up one morning with what people call a "scoop mark".

It's only on my left leg and I have no idea how it got there. It is a perfect circle which dips down a bit, and is about the size of a large pea. I will add also that there is a lot to this story and we hope one day soon we will receive more details as to what has taken place over the years. (Photo Below)

About 11 months ago, my 18 year old son came to visit me for a few days from the lower mainland. A couple of days into the visit, he woke up in the morning and went to have his morning shower.

As he was walking into the bathroom (wearing only shorts), I noticed to my horror that he had a perfect 4"x4"x4" triangular mark on his back, and inside this triangle were all these perfectly round red marks about the size of a pencil eraser. He said that he felt no pain, but that it was kind of itchy-burning feeling.

We went to the walk in clinic to have a doctor look at it, but the doctor did not have any idea what this could be, or what may have caused it. She had never seen anything like it before. It disappeared about 4 days later.

Another strange circumstance that goes along with this story is the fact that the same morning of this event, the tree outside the bedroom window where my son had slept, (the leaves were yellow like they had been slightly burnt or something). Photos included.

This is also the same son at 9 years old who woke up with a hole in his spine that was a bit smaller than a dime. It took us about 3 months of antibiotics to get rid of the infection. This hole was so deep, that you could actually see the bone.

The doctor had no explanation for this injury. All my son remembers was being woken up by a loud, scary, "BEEP-BEEP" sounds (Photos of triangular marks and tree that was slightly burnt, or dried)

The 2 photos below show the area and scar that was left on Corina's son's back. There was a hole in this young man's back.

My many thanks to the ladies for providing these pictures to a very important event. I would also like to add that if others have been through this, or are going through a similar experience, I would like to hear from these folks and if pictures were taken, would you please provide them along with your detailed report.

Continuing Alien Abduction Related Problems For British Columbia Family.

From Brian Vike's Archives.

November 8th and 9th, 2003

Since July 31, 2003, after a UFO encounter, missing time and disturbing episodes which followed, one of the women has continued to have some medical problems.

Corina continues to have a constant feeling of pressure on her head and is becoming worse as the days and weeks go by. This feeling of pressure has now moved into her neck. On November 8, 2003 Corina, while at her home, became cold as her body temperature dropped to 35.2 C.

She immediately called the hospital and talked to a nurse who informed her that it sounded like hypothermia was setting in. The color of Corina's skin started to change, to become almost whitish/grey.

She was freezing to the point where she felt paralyzed and had major problems moving or walking. Also her heart was beating really irregularly and she reports it was down to 44 bpm. Corina's daughter is also experiencing an irregular heart rate as well.

Brian Vike’s Note: The average normal temperature is 98.6 F (37 C). Cynthia's temperature dropped a little over 2 degrees and no explanation has been given as to what has caused this to happen.

If your recorded rectal or ear temperature is less than 97 F (36.11 C), you have an abnormally low body temperature (hypothermia). If your rectal or ear temperature is 95 F (35 C) or lower, call a health professional immediately.

Information on taking your heartbeat measurement. 

Your pulse is caused by your heart beating. As your heart beats and forces blood through your body, you can feel a throbbing sensation (the pulse) by putting your fingers over one of your arteries at any point where the artery comes close to the surface of your skin, such as your wrist, neck, or upper arm.
Counting your pulse rate is a simple way to estimate how fast your heart is beating. Pulse rate measurements are often done by a health professional as part of a physical examination or in an emergency, but you can easily learn to measure your own pulse rate as well.

A pulse is usually described in terms of its rate, which is the number of beats per minute (bpm).

However, the rhythm and strength of the heartbeat can also be noted, as well as whether the blood vessel feels hard or soft. An irregular rhythm, a weak pulse, or a hard blood vessel may indicate a medical condition that needs further evaluation.

The pulse rate is measured by counting the beats in a set period of time (at least 15 to 20 seconds) and multiplying that number to get the number of beats per minute.

When you exercise, have a fever, or are under stress, your heart rate usually speeds up to meet your body's increased need for oxygen and nutrients carried in the blood.

As a result, your pulse rate normally varies from minute to minute. Unless your pulse rate is being measured to check your fitness level or in an emergency situation, it is usually measured after you have rested for 10 minutes or more. This measurement is called a resting pulse rate. It is an accurate and simple assessment of the health of the heart and circulatory system.

I always recommend to people if they feel there are medical problems that they seek out a health professional.

On Saturday night Corina's daughter went to bed, after a short period of time she started having an unusual and vivid dream about being in some type of vehicle with two beings. She felt that they were there to take her somewhere. The young girl felt that where ever they were going wasn't the place to be.

So in her "dream" she jumped from the vehicle and landed on the ground hitting her right leg and rolled along the ground for a short distance. Corina's daughter, who also has been a victim of these unwanted visits by beings from elsewhere, woke up Sunday morning, November 9, 2003 with extreme pain in her knee.

Actually as she climbed out of her bed her leg folded up right underneath her. She was fine the night before, hadn't been involved in anything which may have caused the injury that I have reported below.

Corina's daughter's cartilage in her right knee is ripped/torn and she has to be on crutches for a while until it heals up. The doctor asked the girl if she had took part in any sporting activities, or goofing around with friends, "she replied no"!

After they left the doctors office and some time later the pain moved up into her thigh and is getting worse. Corina is taking her daughter back to the doctor, or the hospital to have her checked out again.

Corina told me blood tests will be done in hopes of determining what caused the drop in Corina's body temperature, also checking to see if there are any problems developing with her daughter. She also mentioned that both her and her daughter are craving salted products and are extremely thirsty.

Both mother and daughter are totally exhausted, as if the two of them hadn't slept for days. Corina said, how can a person who is sleeping soundly in their bed wake up in the morning with a torn cartilage in her right knee. I have to agree with her. Very strange indeed.

Brian Vike’s Note: I telephoned Corina Monday night to see how both her and her daughter were feeling. Corina sounded extremely tired, like she had no energy even to carry on a conversation.

I must say I find this to be very upsetting for me to hear what has...... and is ....taking place with this family. I also am going to try to get down to see them if the weather holds. There is also more which has taken place, but due to this information being of a personal nature, "I will not" be adding this to any of my reports.

Corina mentioned that a couple of nights before November 8, 2003 her daughter woke up at 3:00 a.m. to a loud and very strange and unusual sound coming from the orchard behind their home. And the dogs in the area were making such a noise.

She was so frightened from hearing such a loud and weird sound that she pulled the covers up over her head. She couldn't even give me an example of what the noise sounded like as it was so strange.

The very next night after Corina's daughter heard this crazy noise, she said she got woken up at 4:05 a.m. to the same sound, or at least something she could not make any sense of. Corina said the dogs were going crazy, the cows in the area were acting up, so she got out of bed and moved onto the balcony and looked toward the orchard. It was dark and she could see nothing but could still hear the sound.

She told me she started clapping her hands, making noises herself and the strange sound eventually stopped. Although the dogs still were acting up in the area but since the sound had stopped, Corina decided to go back to bed.

However, no sooner did she get back under the covers than the noise returned. She rolled over and tried to block out the sound until she ended up going to sleep.

Brian Vike’s Note: I tried to find out if abductees have even experienced hypothermia after an encounter. After searching and reading all kinds of matter I came up with nothing.

So I contacted Mr. Derrel Sims and Mr. Whitley Stieber to ask if they had encountered anyone reporting hypothermia right after an event. They both were so helpful. Also I contacted other abductees, but they also said they had never experienced hypothermia after an abduction.

Of course this raises some questions which people were interested in. From what I was told a lot of discussion has not taken place on the idea of hypothermia after an abduction, mainly because no one has reported this phenomena as taking place. Some abductees report feeling very cold leading up to the actual abduction, also feeling very cold just after it took place. Many report a coldness when inside a craft to the point they were shaking. Some of this I am sure is due to the fear one must go through when being taken.

So why is this woman reporting hypothermia ? Is it due from being in a very cold environment (on a craft), plus the fright of the whole situation. Did this occur because she was dropped off outside in a cold environment, which it was at the time of this incident.

Or was the hypothermia condition caused by a medical problem no one is aware of right now. There always seems to be more questions than answers. Maybe the blood tests, etc.. will show something. We will have to wait and see and pray for some answers.

I will leave this off here for now. I would like to say this is the end of this story, but I have my doubts. The good thing is I keep in contact with Corina on a daily basis and have told her if she just wants to chat, then call me anytime.

More news that I just received: 

I just had an email from a lady who resides in Vernon, British Columbia. She has informed me that a couple of business owners were in Kelowna, British Columbia on November 8, 2003 and watched green lights in the south west sky's over Kelowna, B.C.

This event took place the very same night problems started again for the Kelowna family. I hope to have a full report on the sighting of the green lights.

Also I want everyone to know, no information had been given out to anyone about what took place on November 8, 2003 with Corina and her daughter. So again we have green lights showing up and strange events taking place with a close friend.

I can honestly say, in my opinion, there creatures that take folks from the comfort of their homes are not here to give humanity a gift, as some may suggest. They are here to experiment, degrade and frighten everyone who comes in contact with them. No one will ever convince me other wise.

Take good care out there, and please if anyone who has been involved in an abduction and has ever experienced hypothermia after the incident, I would really appreciate hearing from you.

Thank you.

Also below are a couple of links to other pages of mine on this case.

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