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Dogs Senses The Presence Of A Ghost (Ghost Stories)

Posted: September 21, 2009

Hi Brian, You asked for ghost stories so here come some more! Actually, this is about three different dogs and three different ghosts.

We all know that animals sense things that we humans aren't consciously aware of. That is why when a dog sees a ghost you really know something strange is there!

The first story is about my German Shepherd/wolf cross. In Victoria where I live there are many locations known to have resident ghosts. A popular location for ghost hunting is the Oak Bay Golf Course, isolated, quiet and looking out over the ocean. One night my mother and I decided on a whim to leave the house about 11 P.M. and go look for the ghost. We took my dog with us. After an hour of sitting in the car and staring out over the golf course we had seen nothing at all resembling a ghost.

We decided to give it another 10 minutes, then go home. I then noticed a white haze forming across the greens and near some bushes on the edge of the ocean. So did my mom. We both acknowledged that what we were looking at could be normal fog or even our active imaginations. Then suddenly from the back seat my dog began a low growl. I turned and looked at him. He was on his feet (he'd been asleep up until then) hackles up and staring at exactly the spot we'd been looking at. The white haze was getting thicker and the dog was getting more agitated. Mom and I looked at each other, looked at the dog and then looked at the white fog slowly becoming more solid. We left!

The second dog story took place in Yaletown in Vancouver. My daughter lived in a seventh floor condo with her Border Collie. She had a corner condo and her windows looked down four floors to a storage locker building roof across the alley and along the alley below. Late one night she awoke to the sound of her dog barking non- stop in the living room. This was very unusual. Her dog seldom barked and had never barked indoors. The alley below was often very busy as it was a convenient shortcut.

She had heard parties, fights and gunshots but it had never bothered the dog. Concerned she got up and found her dog staring at the window overlooking the alley. She would not stop barking until my daughter got quite firm with her. She then continued to quietly whine. Of course, my daughter looked out the window to what was disturbing her dog. She opened the window so she could see the full length of the alley.

Right away, she heard two women talking. She also very clearly heard their footsteps. The only problem was there was no one there. For security purposes that alley was very brightly lit and there were no alcoves or doorways that a person could stand in. As she listened and watched she heard them walking towards her from the far end of the alley, pass right under her window and then continue to the end of the alley and around the corner. Although she could hear them very clearly talking and laughing and their foot steps, which sounded like they were walking on wet pavement (it was dry), there was no one in sight. The moment they "appeared" to walk around the corner the sounds stopped and the dog stopped fussing and curled up and went to sleep. The dog never again barked in the condo and my daughter never again heard the sounds of invisible people.

My last dog story took place near a large city in mid Canada. I am purposely vague about locations since the man who told me this story is reluctant to talk about it and I don't want to say anything that might identify him. I know him very well and have absolutely no reason to doubt his story. It happened several years ago. For reasons that aren't important to the story he, his wife and three dogs were staying in a very large but empty campground for a couple of months. Their tent was quite far from the others and on the edge of a large field. One evening the dogs were restless and not interested in eating or playing. When my friends went to bed the dogs, who were tied right outside the tent, had a hard time settling. Shortly after midnight the dogs started to whine and growl and the man got up to see what was going on.

He noticed the dogs were looking out across the empty field so he looked that way as well. The sky was clear and there was a bright moon shining. At the far edge of the field he saw a woman slowly walking towards them. She was easy to see in her long white dress. She was walking slowly but definitely in their direction and the dogs were jumping and spinning in their agitation. The man's first thought and concern was that it was another camper who was sleep walking. As she was obviously heading directly towards their tent he wanted to intercept her before she got tangled with the dogs. He walked a little way towards her then noticed something very strange. The field was not flat. It had bumps and hollows but she was floating across all the hollows. She was just above the ground. By now the dogs had given up barking and were huddled together whimpering. The man just stared, then realized the woman would be passing in front of the car. He waited until she was directly in front then reached in the open window and turned the headlights on.

She instantly disappeared, the dogs sighed and went to sleep. He looked around, went back to bed but stayed awake. His wife slept through the whole event was quite annoyed the next morning to find out what she had missed. The lady in white never returned and the dogs never had another bad night.

Hope you enjoyed the stories!

My thanks to the writer for all the wonderful ghost stories.

Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

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