Friday, September 18, 2009

Bigfoot Sighting - Lake Iliamna, South-West Alaska

Brian: I spent the years 1960 through 1967 in Alaska and 3 of those were with a native woman named Sandra. One night when we were drinking Ole (Olympia Beer) and feeling mellow she told me the following story:

"When I was little girl, about five, back in Lake Iliamna my parents left me alone one summer day. They went visiting friends and they left the cabin door open. It was a bright day and I was playing with my Dolly on the floor in the sunlight. All of a sudden it got dark and there was a bad stench, worse than skunk. I looked up and saw something big and dark in the doorway, blocking out the sunlight. I could hear it breathing and I was scared. After awhile there was a whistling outside and it turned and ran off. Later my parents came back and told me the 'hairy men' had paid a visit to our village. They did this when they got hungry. They came down from the mountains and prowled through the garbage. They won't hurt us, if we don't hurt them. That's what my parents told me".

I then asked her, if the "hairy man" had been a Bigfoot.

Sandra then asked me: "What's a Bigfoot"?

Then I had to explain to her what a Bigfoot is and she said they communicate with each other by whistling. She had never heard the term "Bigfoot" before. There was never any doubt in my mind that she was telling me the truth. That was over 40 years ago and I remember her childlike naivety. She had actually experienced something that any of us would like to experience if we were certain we wouldn't be hurt, but you never can tell, can you? These creatures have been reported as being carnivorous.

71 year-old, retired carpenter living in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Thank you to the gentleman for the interesting story.

Brian Vike -

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