Monday, September 28, 2009

One Famlies Ghost Encounters

Hi Brian, We have a couple of ghost stories amongst my family members and my husband and I.

1. When my Mother was a child, her my Grandmother used to chastize her for throwing a ball up and down the stairs leading to the second floor of the house. My Mother wouldn't stop it, and she stood at the top of the stairs and let the ball drop so it would bounce down the steps. My Grandmother appeared at the foot of the stairs before the ball arrived and all of a sudden it bounced back up the stairs to my Mother. My Mother was a mere child, I wasn't even thought of then, but it freaked her out so much that she told my Sister and I this story when we were youngsters.

2. Another story that my Mother told my Sister and I, took place when our Mother was but a child. She was with her Grandmother and Grandfather, my Great Grandparents and all of a sudden they all heard the wolves outside. my Great Grandmother opened the door and threw out some salted pork. . . the howling eventually stopped, this was in winter. . . it was later in the night when suddenly there was a knock at the door and it was a man who was begging for a drink of water. My Mother has often wondered if that man was somehow responsible for the howling that had taken place earlier in the evening.

3. My Mother-in-Law died and she has been talking to us via our coffee makers ever since her ashes arrived in our home. We have gone through many coffee makers and have found no other excuse other than they are being used for some unknown soul to communicate with us. I know it sounds weird, but every coffee maker would make buzz noises long after the brewing was done and we'd say, "hi mom!" and the buzzing would continue for awhile. Some coffee makers were not even plugged in and would turn themselves on. My husband and I witnessed that...spookey eh?

4. In one of the houses we lived in, I was in the basement where the laundry machines were and I was reaching for an ashtray when all of a sudden it slide across the counter and to my hand. There was no condensation...wetness under the ashtray, nor was the counter on a slope. Lightbulbs were always bursting in that house too.

5. We have moved from the above mentioned house and I'm un aware of any ghost visits, our new coffee maker will at times flood the counter with coffee when there's no known excuse for it not to fill the caraffe instead...between my husband and I, we can't figure out what we have done to cause the flood, it's really irritating, also this new coffee maker doesn't buzz at all, it just makes messes. hehehe.


Thank you to the person for their ghost stories.

Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

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