Saturday, November 5, 2011

Boomerang Shaped UFO Seen Looking West Over Salt Lake Toward Oquirre Mountains Utah

Date:  November, 1980
Time:  Dusk.

Number of witnesses: 1
Number of Objects: 1
Shape of Objects: Wing, chevron, boomerang.

Full Description of Event/Sighting: I was looking west over Salt Lake toward the Oquirre Mountains. The sky was cloudless, but then I saw a dark shape. I wondered if it was a cloud or a plane.

I thought it was a cloud, but it looked too regular in shape, so I figured it must be an airplane.

It moved in a straight line of travel at the same altitude, which must have been several thousand feet to clear the mountains.

It was a dark grey blue in color, about the same color as the sky, but a bit darker. The sun had just set about half an hour before I initially sighted it, so at first it stood out against the sky somewhat.

As the darkness grew it blended in with the sky until it almost disappeared. For this reason I was afraid to go find a camera or call friends.

Plus I still thought it might be an airplane as the closer it got the more it looked like it had wings.

However, it made absolutely no sound and there were no lights on it. When it was about halfway from the mountains to me it was so dark that I could only make it out by the fact that it was blotting out the stars.

It increased in size until it took up a huge portion of the visible sky.

When it was directly overhead I could clearly see the shape. It still looked about the same color as the sky, blue black or grey. However, I could see irregularities in the color of the surface like you can see plowed fields from an airplane.

It was made of rectangular and square pieces of almost the same color that were joined together by straight seams. It was chevron shaped, so it looked like a "fat" wing or a boomerang. It had curved corners, not sharp.

Imagine sergeant's stripes and take the outline and round the corners and you pretty much have it. It was a bit "fatter" in the middle than at the tips of the wing. It was a huge flying wing with no fuse, large and made no noise at all.

The underside appeared as if heat waves or some other atmospheric distortion affected my ability to see it, almost as if it were "cloaked" somehow.

It continued in a straight line until it disappeared from sight. It couldn't possibly have been an airplane because when it was directly overhead it blotted out most of the sky and extended almost from horizon to horizon.

So, if it were at a normal flight altitude for a passenger jet it would take a hundred or more of them wingtip to wingtip to make it appear that large.

I called out to my friends, but no one came out. No one believed me when I told them, and I pretty much quit talking about it until the Phoenix lights of 1997, when I realized that it was almost exactly what I had seen, but with lights on it, i.e. a huge "boomerang" shaped craft that made no noise and was about the same color as the sky.

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