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Alien Beings And Black Triangle UFO Sucks Up Water From Susquehanna River Harrisburg Pennsylvania

 From the Vike Factor archives (Brian Vike)

Dear Mr. Vike, It is difficult to decide where to begin this story, as I am not sure exactly where the beginning is. Because of this, I will simply share the totality of my knowledge and experience in an anecdotal way.

My mother's side of my family seems to be a beacon for weird things, and UFO/extraterrestrial phenomena fits squarely into that category. As far as I know, the story really begins with my uncle, who was known for something rather odd as a child.

He would often disappear from the home in the middle of the night and a member of the family would find him missing, and they would go looking for him. Often, he would be found on the other side of town, wandering in a dazed/confused state.

When he was asked about it, he would reply that he just went for a walk. He was not sleepwalking, per se, but would often be found wearing his bedclothes, and sometimes without shoes.

If this should simply seem like odd behavior, the story becomes even odder when added to a recollection of my mother's. She swears that she one day saw “things” walking up the hallway, toward the bedroom that was shared by my two uncles.

She describes waking up one night, in the early morning and hearing noises. Among these noises was talking of some sort. Not English, she says, but some kind of chattering-sounding language. Hearing this she looked out her doorway into the hallway.

When she did, she says she saw two small creatures, for lack of a better word, move back the hallway, talking lowly between them as the did so.

She describes their movement as flowing, almost as if they were not touching the ground and walking as we do, on two legs, but either floating or moving as a millipede does. She does not recall any direct contact with these creatures, but rather just cowering under her covers for a while.

The combination of this and the experiences of my uncle, lead me to believe that something more was occurring, here.

These are the only details that I know of from that part of my mother/aunt/uncle's life, and I can only jump many years ahead in my story.

Ever since I was very young (I am 22, now) I have had an interest in astronomy, and would always look up in the sky, day or night, looking for interesting things. This propensity has led me to personally witness a number of very odd things. The earliest that I can remember is when I was about 14 years old.

I was sleeping at a friend's home, and he was kind enough to let me sleep on the bed, while he used a sleeping bag on the floor at the side of the bed. Now, the head of my friends bed was arranged so that the person sleeping in it could see out of a window when he was lying on his left side, and it just so happens that I sleep on my side.

Well, in the middle of the night, I woke, as I often do, and looked out the window. There I saw a light. At first, I thought that it was just a star, or a planet, but then I noticed that it was pulsating slightly.

So, I watched it for about a minute, maybe less and I sat up to get a better look at whatever it was. The springs on the bed squealed and my friend woke up. He sat up and said something along the lines of “hey, what's going on.....what the heck is that.”
After that, we just sat there, dumbfounded, watching this thing act “weird” and finally, just....disappear. More accurately, it flew off very, very quickly. We decided to just let it slide, and talk about it later. We never really did.

A similar, though much more close up, experience happened not long after that. My mother, stepfather, stepbrother, and I were going up to a local look-out point at night to look at one of the small towns near our home.

The drive was totally normal, uneventful, but the final approach to the parking area was not. When we crested the hill to the flat parking area, there was a classic disc-looking craft, complete with lights, but no sound, sitting in the flattened area.

Needless to say, we hightailed it out of there and flew down the mountainside at speeds that can only be described as “unsafe.” We were all fairly well shaken up by the experience and we slept in the same room that night.

Finally, when I was 16 years old, I had a memorable, daylight sighting while walking to the bus stop in McClure, PA. We lived on a hill that I was walking down to catch the bus to school and it was one of those beautiful days where it was still early in the morning and the full moon was visible in the clear blue sky.

I was looking at the moon while walking when I saw a bright, metallic, sphere shaped object begin to move into my field of view from south to north as I was looking into the west. Noticing this, I stopped walking and watched the object.

It appeared to pass through the moon, but I suspect that this is just an optical illusion created by its very similar color to the lighter parts of the visible moon.

After this it continued on its straight course and I began to wonder if it was only an airplane and then it promptly changed direction, it seemed to make an ~60 degree turn instantly and then shot off out of view.

After this, things tapered for a while, and nothing but the occasional weird light in the sky occurred. Then the black triangles started.

When I was 17 years old, a friend and I were making our way to Harrisburg, PA for a weekend-long event. When we finally got to the city, we were driving along a well-known road in Harrisburg named Front Street and I was in the passenger seat resting my head against the window and support column when I saw what may have been the strangest thing I had ever seen up until that point in my life.

There, in plain view, was a large, black triangle hovering over the center of the Susquehanna river right in the middle of Harrisburg. However, this was not the strangest part of the whole thing. The craft was, or at least appeared to be, siphoning up some of the water in the river.

Whether a physical carrying tube was being used, or the water was simply making its way up some kind of vortex, I can't be sure. If the event had ended there, I might be able to chalk it up to an over-active imagination, or the fact that I was partially asleep at the time, but just then something happened that told me that what I had seen was real. Just as I was about to ask my friend if he saw anything over the river he started to speak.

"(name removed)?" Since there were three (name removed) in my class, most people had taken to calling us by our last names.


"Are you looking at, what I'm looking at?"

"You mean the giant black triangle hanging over the river and sucking water up into it?"


"Sure am."

"Good, I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't going crazy."

As incredulous as that conversation may seem it is, as far as I can recall, quite accurate. The exchange was just like that, matter of fact. But the conversation still wasn't over, as while my friend and I were staring at this thing a call comes over the two-way radio that we had to communicate with the vehicle ahead of us.

"Guys, do you see that thing over the river."

"Yeah, we were just talking about it ourselves."

"Okay, just keep an eye on it and we'll talk about it when we get to the hotel."

"Good idea."

As for the triangle itself, the most striking thing about it was its size. The thing was huge, at least a couple of hundred yards long from one point back to the flat of the opposing line. The second thing about it was that it appeared to be perfectly equilateral, each side exactly the same as the other two.

It was jet black, with some recessions on the underside, and it definitely had a textured, industrial look to it. The whole surface of it looked like a cross between an F-117/A and one of those bulbous control tower-looking structures that you see on the bigger navy ships. Also, it was totally silent, or at least so quiet that we could not hear whatever noise it was making from that distance.

So, this was my first sighting of the now-famous black triangles. Mostly I am happy that this was a shared sighting, or I might not believe that it ever happened.

Though, really I think the strangest thing about it is that it happened in plain sight, over the river in the middle of the state capitol. In fact, it was within easy sight of the Capitol building itself, at least from the side that faces the river.

After this particular sighting, things quieted down save for a series of passing events; all of which included the black triangles. Because I have been a student for as long as I can remember, all of my jobs placed me on the road between 11:00pm and 1:00am.

This has given me great opportunity to see odd things in the sky and on 3 occasions since the Harrisburg incident odd things were indeed seen. Two of the three times, the sighting occurred on small, municipal road called Quarry Road, in Beavertown, PA. Once, I passed almost directly under the triangle.

Dropping my head down and looking up through the angled portion of the windshield, so that I was able to see past the roof of the car, I could see the underside of a triangle. Again, it was very large, and visible due to its being darker than the moon-lit sky.

Some small lights were visible and, as usual, there was no sound whatsoever. For a sense of distance, I would say that if I were to have held up an apple at arms length, it would have almost totally covered the object.

The other sighting on this road was of a triangle which was just passing through, for lack of a better means of description. From the crest of a hill, over a farming field, I was able to watch a triangle move slowly away from me, eventually disappearing over the horizon, which is made up of a wooded mountain not so terribly far away so that the triangle remained of substantial apparent size throughout the sighting, which probably lasted about 45 seconds.

The other sighting was less memorable, and just consisted of my catching a glimpse of the same old shape as it traveled over our property in Beavertown.

Beyond these sightings of crafts, I have also experienced a number of odd things. All of these things are, on their own, vague and not all that indicative of anything, but taken as a body, I believe that it is evidence of...something.

On one occasion, I awoke in the middle of the night with the distinct feeling that something was amiss, and I turned my head so as to look away from the wall that my bed abutted. I can't be sure, but I would swear to this day that I saw an humanoid figure standing at the foot corner of my bed.

This experience was repeated several times throughout my college years, always with the position of the entity slightly shifted, but always only one and I believe it to be the same entity throughout the series of experiences.

The most disturbing of these experiences, though is one that I remember in great detail and which only occurred about one and a half years ago. I had a dream, or at least I think it was a dream.

In this dream, the house in which I was living at the time was shrouded in what I can only describe as a supernatural darkness. I can't see anything and am making my way through the house only by memory of the layout and through the sense of touch.
I am not blind, the house is simply stripped of any light, including that from the usual, artificial sources such as the indicator lights on the cable modem in the room.

Anyway, I make my way down the stairs and am yelling for my mother, I'm terrified, you see because I fear blindness because the next bit had not yet occurred. As I hit the bottom of the stairs, I can see light, very intense in comparison to the rest of the situation but mostly like that of a large fire, leaking in from around the edges of the blind in one of the windows.

My mother is not answering but there is indication that my dog is about. Because of this I conclude that she must be out of the house, perhaps staying at one of her friend's homes where she would frequently spend the night.

So, I make my way to the window and peel it back a little bit to peak out to see what is causing all the commotion. At this point I wake up and all is normal, so I presume that it was just an odd dream.

The next night, another "dream" hits. In this one, I am upstairs in the late evening, and decide to come down stairs to get a drink. I enter the kitchen and the lights are off, so I can see out the windows. I believe that I see something moving through the trees.

I think it is some kind of wildlife, so I move closer to get a better look. What I see is disturbing. My mother is home, so I call her into the kitchen to look. What we see is unbelievable. Moving through the trees are several creatures. They are long and lank, and of very, very pale color.

They are humanoid and if I had to put it into a human perspective, I would say that they moved like ballet dancers, with leaping, precise motions. They were making their way through the trees, toward the house and I distinctly remember feeling very threatened at this point. Ever the American, my instant plan was to go and get my shotgun. I told my mother to call someone while moving toward the stairs.

She asked me who she should call, and I told her that it could be anybody, just let someone know what was happening. I got up stairs and grabbed the gun, and made my way to the drawer where the shells were kept and I distinctly remember planning out how I would load the weapon. Slug, shot, shot, slug, shot, slug. I opened the boxes and took out the appropriate shells and that is when I woke up.

Well, after two weird dream nights in a row, I decide to share the story with my mother in the "I've been having such bizarre dreams these last couple of nights" way. "Really? So have I. You go first." As I begin to tell her the story she stops me and starts to continue the story of both nights in the same way as my stories went, but from her perspective.

Needless to say, we are both pretty frightened by this. I decided to check the window, first and sure enough, the blind is disturbed as if somebody had tried to pull it back and look out of it. It was in a storage room, and it would not be unusual for the window to remain undisturbed for days at a time. worried by this, I decide to go and look on the table of the chest of drawers where I keep the shotguns shells and again, there is the evidence, a pile of shells which correlated to my plan in the "dream."

Unfortunately, with no children in the house and shooting be a common pastime for me, having ammunition in the open is not unusual, so of this I can't be sure of the significance.

Since this incident, the only odd thing I can think if is what I can only call an air of the extraterrestrial that has been following me around. I have had several friends who are not usually parcel to the supernatural tell me that they have gotten odd feelings about me and my life that they can't help but to think are somehow connected with aliens.

One friend who is a martial arts practitioner actually met me at his door one night when I went to visit holding his katana and asking me if anything was wrong because he got the feeling that I was being followed, and that something not good was afoot.

I think that ends the short version of my current story. I am now married to a lovely girl, and I only hope that I have not dragged her into a world for which she is not prepared, but I hope that anything that happens from here on out will have a likely second source for information.

Thank you for taking your time to read this, if you wish to contact me for any other information regarding any of this, please feel free, my contact information is as follows.

Thank you to the witness for a wonderful report. Also the person said they would be willing to do a taped telephone interview which I will provide later on. Also since there won't be any time constraints this will I am sure be a very long and detailed interview.

To listen to the 2 hour and 30 minute interview, please visit the following link for the clips.

Brian Vike
The Vike Factor

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