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Two Elongated Box Shaped H UFOs Near Musquodoboit Harbour Nova Scotia (Diagram And Maps)

(From Brian  Vike's UFO Files)

Date: October 24, 1997
Time: 315:00 hrs Atlantic Daylight Savings Time.

Location of Sighting: near Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1 ?
Shape of objects: Two elongated box shaped objects with something that was connecting them looking like the letter H.

Full Description of event/sighting: It was on a mild afternoon of Friday, October 24, 1997 at about 15:00 hours. Atlantic Daylight Savings Time (19:00 hours G.M.T.) when suddenly something caught my eye, right over the right to center of paved highway on Route #357, just over the tree line gliding silently, making no audible noise.

It was "not" an airplane, and Halifax International Airport is not a long way away, estimated to be about 30 kilometers away, as the crow flies, from where I was on this afternoon.

Prior to the sighting, the afternoon started out as any other normal day. I decided to take my son who had just turned four, only a month prior to this, and he wanted me to take him to the little park near the arena in Musquodoboit Harbour, where there are swings, teeter totters, monkey bars and slides.

We spent about a half hour at the park, where he had a great time on the swings and slides.

After we left the park, at about 2:30 p.m., we set out to drive North on Route #357 to get some water at a fresh spring that percolates from the underground fed spring, and has a generous amount of fresh water supply that is located about 12 kilometers north of Musquodoboit Harbour.

On our way there, we stopped next to a large Stillwater along the Musquodoboit River, and I showed my son how to skip flat rocks over water.

He attempted to try, but because of his age, he did not do too well that day, but gave it a great effort in trying. He was having fun, and as long as he was having fun, so was I.

I remember this day clearly, as this day is the same day as my mother's birthday, but we were going to go down and see her the next day, as this was on a Friday.

After leaving the Stillwater where the Musquodoboit River runs right along side the paved road, we continued driving north where the community sort of stops and the houses built thin out, and there is the odd cottage that was built along this highway.

There are many side roads to wood lots and lakes, and this area has many fresh water lakes peppered all along the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia.

Here is a Google satellite image close up of the area Musquodoboit Harbour and surrounding area.

Please note all the bodies of fresh water; just left to the center, you can see a little blue arrow.
Approximately, 8 12 kilometers from where Route #357 starts north from the intersection of Highway 7 in Musquodoboit Harbour, something caught my eye moving very slowly across the tree line ahead.

I quickly pulled over to the shoulder of the road, and got out to get a better look. What I seen did not make sense! Here is a map where I saw this:
This was no airplane.

I never saw anything quite like it. It was box shaped, long and tapered on the front and there was another one, right beside it. Between the two box shaped crafts, there was a tunnel like thing joining the two long fuselages; and from my vantage point, it looked like the letter "H".

I would say that the altitude of this thing was no more than two hundred feet high, and only about 300 feet north of where I stood, slowly moving in an easterly direction.

The mid section of this fuselage had these ribbons like things hanging down from it.

I had my 4 year old son with me and I started getting a bit nervous, as I was not sure what I was seeing and I feared for his safety.

I told him to stay seated and after watching this thing for about 40 seconds to perhaps a minute at the longest, it disappeared out of site blocked out by the tree line.

Here is a graphic to show what it sort of looked like that I drew on Photoimpact. It is not exactly what I witnessed, but gives a overall approximation.

To this day, I don't know what it is that I seen. It was large, based on the surroundings, and width of highway, and with my working background in Land Surveying and often using triangulation to determine approximate distances, I would estimate the length of this craft to be about 180 to 200 feet long and between 40 to 50 feet between the two fuselages.

There were no wings that I could see, and the sky had scattered clouds and sunshine. I seem to recall what appeared to be a greenish mist around this thing before it disappeared from the tree line.

It made no noise, and glided slowly, guesstimate at about 5 knots more or less. I recall getting back in the truck and driving up the road a bit further where there was a turn in the road to see if I could get another glimpse of this thing, but I could not find it any longer.

I recall looking to the Northwest and seeing what appeared to be a Dash 8 plane going in a NW direction toward Halifax International Airport which was not too far away.

I know that my mind could certainly make out the planes that I am familiar with that fly in and out of Halifax Airport.

What I seen a few minutes previously, was not an airplane. It was not a helicopter, and had no wings or propeller blades that I could see, and it was silent, so what was propelling it.

When I got home, I told my wife about it and told some of my friends, but I did not call any authorities and did not tell too many people about it, outside of my immediate family and friends.

When telling my sister in-law about it a few days later after I saw this thing, she mentioned that a number of people reported seeing strange lights in the sky further down the Eastern Shore during the night time hours that same week, and apparently it went on for a few days.

There were I believe some military (navy) exercises for NATO forces doing beach landings that same year, but do not remember if it was during the same time I had my sighting or not.

It was years later when I went into the Casebooks form, another member there urged me to post my sighting and tell others about it.

I guess that I waited for almost 8 years before telling others about it, as I feared ridicule and did not want the media to come hounding me, as the only thing that I have, is the sighting etched in my memory and can not show any other supportive evidence to collaborate my story.

It basically amounts to my word and if others want to choose to believe or disbelieve it. But I know what I saw, and no one can ever change my mind; it was something flying in the air that I have never seen before or since.

In doing some online investigations on looking for others who have seen similar craft, there are possibly sightings in Ireland and another in Quebec, Canada.

One thing that I would not be able to answer, was it an earth based craft, or something from outer space.

I don't think that I could ever answer that question, but I do know, it was not a standard type aircraft that normally flies in our skies, and I have never seen anything like it before that day, or since that day.

Here is a Google satellite image of Nova Scotia and a little blue arrow to where my sighting took place.

 Thank you to the witness for the excellent written report and graphics.

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