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Brian Vike’s Adventures Under Hypnosis And Fun Short Stories

(From Brian Vike's UFO Files)

By Brian Vike

Introduction And Beginnings

One day back in 1979 my friend George asked me if I was interested in being hypnotized. I told him I would think about it and let him know later on.

He did explain a few things to me about what we would be doing but thought it best I waited till later in the day to let him know my answer. After much deliberation I made my decision. I met with George the following week to be hypnotized.

It did sound interesting and I thought I would give it a go. George lived quite a few miles away from me so we arranged meetings in alternate homes to save on travel.

The very first time George tried to place me under a deep sleep we failed but we thought it would take a few sessions and some practice to get where we wanted.

As the weeks went on I eventually fell into the state of sleep that George was endeavoring to achieve, which was to enable me to project myself to where ever he intended me to be.

When at home under hypnosis, he would ask me to be at a certain place in any time period and as fast as he said this to me, I was there.

I was viewing everything that was around me. It was my first venture under hypnosis and I began gradually by "floating" outside of my home. I was above the roof and could look through the walls to see what surrounding people were doing.

Right through the bricks, the plaster, and the furniture. As our sessions improved and I became confident with myself we would see many more things. One day he asked me to search for mineral deposits.

I did and I could see through the gravel and soil to discover the exact location of the rich mans treasure. After one such occasion George and I sat down at the kitchen table discussing what I had seen.

We took out a mineral map of British Columbia and by using psychonometry we were able to pinpoint the mineral hotspots on the map. We were to discover later on that these deposits had in fact been claimed and some were working mines.

To this day we have not checked all our data and no doubt some are unclaimed. Even though I was fascinated by these goings-on I was also slightly frightened of it.

One other evening before I left my home on my way to George's, I noticed a bulletin on television that a plane had gone down somewhere in the northern part of British Columbia. There were no specific details available about the pilot, plane or exact position of the supposed crash.

Just that a plane had gone missing. However, strange things were to happen when I underwent hypnosis. My sleep was deep. I went back in time to where I met the plane in flight. I saw the pilot. He was fine.

The plane was in excellent mechanical condition however the weather had spelt disaster for the impending flight. The thunderstorms were explosive, visibility was low and torrents of rain hampered the pilots voyage. He decided to land the float plane on a nearby lake.

The lake was called Watson Lake in Northern British Columbia which I had located using sycanometry by way of a map. I knew were he had landed, I knew the condition of the plane and the health of the pilot. I was there as it happened.

I saw it from my chair in my living room with George standing beside me. Days passed after the incident and neither George nor I heard any more details from any media source. We were curious and concerned.

I picked up the phone and called a television station in Victoria, British Columbia. My call was transferred to the news desk and I asked the person on the other end what had happened to the downed flight they reported on a week previous. I listened intently as the male voice told me where the plane had landed.

He told me the condition of the pilot and also the reason why he had had to descend. He mentioned Watson Lake in B.C. and described the weather conditions that caused the pilots action. Both sets of details were mirror-images.

Healing Powers

Our sessions continued and the subjects became tantalizing. George once again was visiting my home to do our session. My son was very sick and George explained to me that it was possible to send "healing powers" through hypnosis once a person was in a deep sleep. I asked more about it and could we give it a go.

I wanted to see if I could help my son to feel better. I sat in the chair and concentrated on what George was saying to me and fell into a deep sleep. I was feeling connected to my son by way of an umbilical cord and my thoughts and feelings and power to heal were carried from me to him.

I felt as if we were joined. I could feel the energy leaving me and directing itself into my son. George went home and I went to bed. It was a cold Canadian night. When the sun rose in the morning my son was up and about and certainly feeling much better than he had the day before.

I was happy and amused, excited and contented. It was all very new and strange for me and I was enjoying the sensations and enthusiasm that was emanating from my body and mind.

We had also sent healing powers to other people. One in particular was a friend of George's. He lived in Alberta and had been diagnosed with cancer. His days would sometimes be good and sometimes be bad.

George kept in contact with him on a regular basis and the outlook wasn't a happy one. We wanted to help but there was little we could do except try and pass on our healing powers to him in the hope that they may connect and be able to help him, if only in a small way.

Every night when we got together we would send him our powers and on every occasion I could feel this energy leaving my body.

I became weak and drained, exhausted and tired. George arrived and we started our usual session. We wanted to direct some energy to his friend, so we worked together to achieve this. However, nothing happened.

The energy inside me remained ··it went nowhere. As hard as we tried we could not get the powers to connect to his friend. So we moved on in other directions. Later that night we talked of what had happened. I found it very strange that no energy had left me. It had done so before on every occasion··..why was this one any different.

George looked at me with a sadness in his eyes and heart and told me that he had been informed early that day of the passing of his good friend. He had died peacefully and I had not known. I guess George wanted to have me understand that what we were doing was indeed a true happening.

The Strange And Scary

We were in one of our sessions when we decided to look for gold deposits at the end of the Pitt Lake area. There were two incidences that were both very, very frightening to me. I wanted to leave the area.

George had always told me that I would always have a guide to protect me and to lead me in any incidences of impending danger. He also advised me that I would always have a protective aura around me to keep me safe from something that may have a scary effect.

He told me I wouldn't be harmed. There were two incidences that I will mention here and now··..which took place in the same area. Both were in the summer time, both would come under the headings of "mineral searches".

The first of these encounters was the one that I tend to remember foremost in my mind and will never forget. While searching for these minerals I was instantly drawn or pulled towards an area off to the side of where we were focused.

To my amazement and fright, in a small clearing off to the side, I could see a creature squatting. Its appearance was that of a reported "bigfoot". It was hard to tell the size of the creature because of its position. It was definitely not human yet in human form.

It had tattered hair, large hands which brought something up to its mouth. I didn't know what it was eating or doing. I watched and even with my protective "aura" I did not feel safe at all. I wanted to leave this area.

George reassured me that I was very safe and that nothing would hurt me but just as I seemed to feel settled the creature stopped what it was doing and slowly started to turn its head towards me. It looked straight at me but could not see me.

I'm sure it could feel my presence. An eerie feeling overtook me and suddenly I knew I was not welcome in the area. I had felt it reach out towards me - its thoughts and mind mingled with mine for an instant maybe and I knew what I must do. Leave.

As I am explaining to George what I am feeling from this encounter, he instructed me to let my guide help me and direct me to where this creature was from. I was instantly drawn to a cloud shrouded planet.

I was not allowed to penetrate the cloud cover and feelings from the planet directed me to stay where I was. I could sense many feelings from beings or creatures or whatever there was ·· through this cloud cover. That is as close as I've come to an eerie encounter. At that time my guide told me it was best we leave. We did. He may or may not be out there - judge for yourself.

Times With Billy And Boon

It was time to try different things in my life so I moved to the north western part of British Columbia. A beautiful small town called Houston. My brother in law and his brother lived here and we always had a really good time together.

If it was doing nothing but yakking, fishing or out looking for some minerals, the times we shared were filled with fun and many laughs. We thought we would take a trip back to the Barkerville area where there is a place still that holds good color and great fishing so we got things ready and headed off.

There was my son Jamie, Billy and his son Billy Jnr, Boon and myself. We hooked the tent trailer to the truck, said our goodbyes and headed for the gold country. What we were to find most was mosquitoes and every kind of blood sucking bug that drained you darn near dry. Ice on the puddles when you woke up in the morning after freezing all night long.

Underbrush that was so thick you would need a chain saw and six months to go one hundred feet. But still the country was really wonderful to see. We pulled into the Provincial campground at Barkerville the first night.

Lots of good sites to stay in, set up the tent trailer and the boys pup tent. Got things sorted out and were ready for an early start the next day.

That evening we sat around the camp fire having a few drinks telling stories and talking about what George and I had done. As the time was getting late the two boys hit the hay and Billy and I climbed into the tent trailer.

Boon was still outside finishing his drink and we were making ourselves comfortable inside the trailer. But alas..... we had forgotten to secure the metal back legs to the ground. Suddenly amid much chaotic squeals and moans, down we went, falling to one end.

Bedding, drinks, food, and us. We looked amusingly like a see-saw gone wrong. All the weight at one end of the trailer, a few drinks under our belts and our smiles and laughter all made it a difficult task to "upright" ourselves. The more we tried the worse it got.

Boon in the meantime couldn't control himself. He was in fits of laughter. Our stupidity and "helplessness" made it all the more funny. Asking him to help us was like trying to get the cow to jump over the moon.

He wanted to help but couldn't. His brain and his body had malfunctioned at the sight of us all. Knowing that we were not going to get any assistance from old Boonie, we tried to sort ourselves out.

We climbed, we laughed, we slid backwards. It seemed like for every step we went forward we then went five steps in the other direction. After what seemed like hours Billy made his way to the door to freedom and was able to help me escape the chaos inside.

We finished the night with lots of laughter and said our prayers that we had not been captured on the "funniest home video show".

After a hearty breakfast when the sun come up we all headed out on our adventure. The boys hadn't been aware of our late night predicament but asked us what all the laugher was that they had heard. Billy, Boon and I all looked at each other with smiles on our faces and timidly told our "sons" how brave we were in the face of complete disaster.

We were out searching for that bed of gold when Billy spotted a small but inviting lake. He wanted to wet his line. We made our way to the water's edge to surprisingly find a floating island of thick mossy grasses in the middle.

We tossed our lines in the hope of catching our lunch and sure enough lunch appeared on the end. The fishing was excellent. They were so plentiful we decided to catch and release apart from the ones we had kept for our supper.

While fishing to our hearts' content we all had an overwhelming urge to find out what was really on the little piece of floating land which so prominently took our attention. We had to have a look. Out came the boat, we carried it to the waters edge, launched her and our invasion commenced. Some invasion.

We retreated pretty quick smart. The first foot to land disappeared about six inches beneath the moss. The following foot followed the first foot. Up and down we all went with fishing rods in hand, looking like a bunch of ants on a bowl of jelly.

Finding that the fishing was no better on "our" island we retreated to the safety of solid ground. We fished for the remaining few hours of that afternoon and decided to camp where we were.

It would be a fresh start in the morning heading to a pre-arranged site which had been selected from one of George's and my sessions. It was all marked down on the map. We had a regular map, we had aerial photographs and we had pinpointed exactly where we had to go.

What we didn't realize at the time was that our trek was going to take us on a long hike through the toughest and most dense territory we had ever been into. Our hiking path lead us passed objects that I had seen whilst under hypnosis and projecting to this area.

All the signs were right but the landscape was too tough for what time we had available to spend on this short trip. We decided it would be best to forget about this spot at this time and return at a later date.

On our way home we stopped off at some rivers and small streams and tried our hand at panning. We came up with some really good color. This spot is still there and will be investigated further as I believe that what is there will be more than we all may realize. We had a fun trip, filled with laughs, good times and lots of fond memories. We will return...

Times With George And Rich

From the scary to the strange, there was allot of fun to be had with all of this. George and I planned a trip to go prospecting up into the Quesnel area and into the back country of Barkerville. The owner of the saw mill, Rich, decided to accompany us on the trip. It was fascinating to discover that the sights I had seen from a chair in Vancouver, were actually out there. They were turning into real life.

We drove to the area where we wanted to search for the riches that made dreams come true. Camp was set up and Rich started supper for us all. We ate good that night, burnt potatoes and veggies and a steak that wasn't fit for any kind of human consumption. But we didn't go to bed that night with an empty tummy.

The junk food was great. -:))) The next morning we got up, had breakfast and started on our way. We stopped and brought out our maps and placed them on the ground. I walked my fingers over the paper to feel for hot spots which we discovered later were in fact small working claims.

At this time George thought it would be helpful to place me into a deep sleep while I was lying on the ground on the side of the mountain. Rich thought this was very amusing and I'm sure his laughter could be heard for many miles around.

Laughter ignored, George continued to put me to sleep. It worked really well, the results were good. Whilst hypnotized I saw dry creek beds where once water flowed and found gravels bearing gold, from the very fine or flour gold to small nuggets.

I could see to the top of the mountains and for miles through the valleys and from the present to the past.

This was the excitement from projecting yourself to anywhere you wanted to go or be. Now it was time to put my sightings to practical use and of course we began with the easily accessible areas. I have to say at this time Rich was somewhat skeptical of the whole thing but he came to believe very quickly. He would watch me being hypnotized and see the sleep I was encountering and would listen to the conversation between George and I.

We could see Rich's face drop with total amazement when we later descended upon the areas I had envisaged and they were exactly as I had described. We did strike it rich.

Not rich enough to become wealthy men but we did discover some small finds - some were gold, but mostly we discovered good friendship, good times and the ability to make dreams seem a little bit closer.

When our trip was over and we were back at work, Rich would always say to me that there was something very real about what George and I had achieved. He added that if he hadn't witnessed the deeds and heard the words he wouldn't have ever believed it to be true. After our trip Rich was certainly a true believer.

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