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Ontario Canada Brothers Have UFO ET Close Encounter

(From The Vike UFO Files)

Date: Approx: August 29, 1966
Time: Evening.

I received a telephone call from a man by the name of Walter. He and his brother ended up having an unforgettable experience in Ontario.

It was late August of 1966 and Walter said this is one of those haunting things that comes up from ones memory from the distant past.

Walter said over the years he and his brother have had some discussion over certain aspects of the event. He also noted that the brothers never talked about the experience to anyone for about two or three years after the event took place.

They were quite reticent from openly speaking about it. When the men finally did start talking about it their story came in a fragmented way.

 Walter mentions that the differences in the brothers story were not actually the event itself, but rather the time sequence. After the two fellows really dove into what took place, Walter's brother was convinced that they were coming to their summer residence and Walter was convinced they were leaving to go home.

Another important note to this is that they wondered if the date of the sighting was correct, but after Walter started checking around finally was able to make contact with the owner of the newspaper for that time period and he was able to recall the event because there were others who were witness to some unusual sightings on that same day.

Two reports were made and no explanation was found for what these witnesses reported. Also folks had reported seeing strange sights in the sky north of a small settlement along Highway 71 going from Corona to Fort Francis, Ontario.

The government dismissed the apparent phenomena as a large release of incandescent swamp gas, the owner of the newspaper told Walter.

Walter of course thought this was pretty amazing swamp gas as it retained an ellipsoidal shape and paced the two brothers vehicle for a long distance as they traveled down the highway, plus it could ascend vertically at a tremendous rate of speed. As Walter said, he had a hard time with the swamp gas explanation!

Walter describes what exactly was witnessed:

There is a tourist camp at Caliper Lake which is located approximately seven to eight kilometers south from Nester Falls in northwestern Ontario.

Their vehicle had just passed south of Caliper Lake. In the back seat of their car were the family pets they were taking back home.

The men had a large tabby cat by the name of Tiger, and a male bulldog by the name of Eric and last but not least a Nile monitor which was kept in a box as the cat and the monitor didn't get along all that well.

It is roughly 11:00 p.m. at night, the men heading south and they were passing Larson's Camp and noticed the lights still on at the camp. There was no other traffic on the highway at this time.

Walter is in the passenger's seat and his brother is driving. Walter dozed off briefly and was awakened by his brother jabbing him telling him how bright it had become around the car.

The witness said there was an intense bright light which lit up the entire area. Walter said it was so bright that they were able to see way off the road and into the forest.

Also he turned around to look out the back window of the vehicle and it was lit up as well. As Walter is looking out the back, he can see the cat is sitting up close to the window very agitated, the dog is on the floor of the car moaning and the Nile monitor has it's head out of the box with it's tongue working rapidly.

The cat not bothering with it as it was hissing at something else.

Walter turned to his brother and said something had to be over top of the car. The speed at which they were traveling was about 60 miles an hour at that time.

Also they had been listening to the radio when it started to get alot of static. As the fellow told me, at that time of night one would be able to pick up a number of radio stations as the reception is much better than during the daytime hours.

They instantly tried other radio channels and all they heard from the different channels was static. Both men looking at one another in amazement, with a bright light sitting over top of them, the animals acting up in the car and now losing reception on the radio, they wondered what was going on!

Still traveling along the highway with an intense light above them, they were coming to a second hill, when in front of their vehicle, only about 200 to 400 meters away traveling over top the highway was a huge ellipse of white light. This object in front of them was pacing them and not far off the highway's surface.

The men guessed the second object was about 10 to 15 meters off the ground. It seemed that one object was above them and one object was in front of them.

Walter told me they were more curious than anything and sped up to see if they were able to catch up to the object in front of them, but as they did, the ellipse of white light stayed pretty much at the same distance away from their car. No matter how fast they drove, there was an equal distance between the object and vehicle.

Brian Vike's Note: The distance the event took place in was approximately 25 kilometers. The time everything started was at 11:00 p.m.

The men came to an intersection/small community called Finland. They came off the high ground, curved around on the highway and dropped down onto a straight stretch in a low lying area which was about a kilometer in distance.

While on the straight stretch the light in front of them ascended vertically at an incredible rate of speed.

Walter said if he was to count to four the object had completely vanished from their sight. It went that fast. As the object in front of them disappeared so did the light above the car. Walter said it just winked out.

There may have been a split second between the two objects disappearing. The static on the radio cleared and they were able to pick up the radio stations once again.

Another peculiar thing they found was that they were traveling through Finland at about midnight when they realized that it had just taken them about an hour to travel the 25 kilometers.

Like Walter said, they didn't travel less than 80 to 90 kilometers an hour. He said there was a hiatus, something happened in that period of time.

What Walter and his brother find puzzling is the time, (an hour to drive the 25 kilometers) that they have no explanation for.

Where was the missing time?

Walter saw a friend and told her about what had gone on, and how nothing seemed to make sense. She offered to try a regression session with him to see if he was able to recall anything that took place that evening.

He agreed to give this a try as he wanted answers if possible as he said his brother and he have been arguing for years about the absent piece of time and the actual going and coming issue they can't seem to agree on.

One brother thought they were on their way home, and the other believes they were traveling in the other direction away from home.

Apparently, through the regression and during this event the brother driving did stop the car. The brothers could not recall this taking place as they always felt they continued traveling the highway and did not stop at any time.

Both men after stopping the vehicle got out and walked off to the right side of the road. They stood looking upwards and observed the light that had been above their car move off and hover above the trees close by.

Walter recalled seeing what appeared to be portholes along the side of the craft. They apparently stood there for a few minutes watching it. Walter also has been trying to encourage his brother to go through regression in hopes of getting some more parts to the puzzle.

So far his brother has been reluctant to go through this procedure. Walter also doesn't recall been taken aboard the craft and it was not brought out in the regression session that this did take place. So another mystery, were the men taken or not ?

The regression took place in 92/93 and Brian Vike has telephoned the lady who preformed the regression and she told me that indeed the session did take place.

Also Walter and the lady told me an audio tape of the session was recorded and we are trying to find this at this time.

I would also like to add that this gentleman who related this story to me, is a very credible man.

My deepest thanks to Walter for coming forward and telling his story. The audio clip of his story can be heard on the Jeff Rense radio program ( in hour one - Brian Vike - B.C. UFO Phenomena with special guest Walter on February 18, 2005 in the show's archives. The way the gentleman goes step by step through the experience is one you do not want to miss.

If anyone has witnessed the UFO, please send me an email with details of what you saw. Please remember to include the date and time and location. (Town/City – State or Province) and as much detail as possible.

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