Sunday, December 13, 2015

Winter Scene - Travel To Beautiful Houston British Columbia (11 - Pictures)

Above Photo: The Bulkley River filmed from the Bulkley Valley bridge.

Well another dawn arrived in Houston, B.C. with yet another heavy snowfall on the ground. Everything, I mean everything is white. So on December 13, 2015 I headed out harmed with camera, water and pop to one of my favorite places around Houston.

Knockholt for me holds a lot of good memories, my kids when younger would swim in the Bulkley River at Knockholt. Then my daughters kids did the same. They could build sandcastles with moat, ride inner tubes down the river or just splash around having a good old time. 

The scenery there never lets you down, and the beauty about this location is that you can drive right to it. From Houston heading east the distance is only a 8.6km drive along Highway 16 and make a right hand turn onto McKilligan Road, a few hundred yards down the road and you can park your vehicle and within a few steps you are sitting by the river. 

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