Sunday, December 27, 2015

23 Beautiful Back Alley Mural Paintings Kamloops British Columbia (23 - Pictures)

Above Photo: Just one of the amazing Back Alley Mural Paintings that is found in 
Kamloops, British Columbia.

During our visit with family in Kamloops, British Columbia, my daughter drove me to a back alley in the downtown area. I did wonder where she was taking me, but it soon became very clear as I my face lit up. All of the buildings along this back alley had beautiful murals painted on them by some very clever people. 

The back alley murals are amazing and when visiting Kamloops, B.C. make sure you take time to visit this wonderful work of art.

Back Alley Art Gallery:

Location Map for the Back Alley Mural Paintings in Kamloops, B.C.:

Kamloops Visitor Centre:

Below I have listed some information about Kamloops I am sure you will enjoy reading.

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