Friday, December 4, 2015

First Snowfall In 2015 At The Steelhead Park Houston British Columbia (7 - Pictures)

Above Photo: Sign for the District of Houston’s Steelhead Park.

People play hard in the summer time around Houston, British Columbia. The weather is nice so folks grab their fishing rod, boat and motor and head off to one of the many lakes to catch that really nice Trout. Some like to lay around sunbaking, maybe head off on a nice hike, or paddle around in a canoe or kayak, but no matter what people do, they love soaking up the heat. 

After a fun summer and fall sets in, people again are busy gathering fire wood and getting last minute repairs done for the long winter that soon will be upon us. Before we know it, temperatures start dropping and that cool rain shower turns to frozen soft flakes that falls gently to the ground. Now we know, winter has arrived in Houston, B.C.

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