Monday, November 2, 2015

Mural Paintings In Burns Lake British Columbia (Pictures)

Above Photo: Bull Moose and Fisherman.

I am really glad I decided to film the mural paintings that I find in towns across British Columbia. In each of the paintings, they illustrate some of the history of a town, or what can be found in and around each area, such as the wildlife, in this case two Moose. 

In this same mural, you see a fisherman who has hooked into a good fighting fish. In and around Burns Lake there are approximately 20 lakes close to the town, and around 300 lakes in the district. All of the lakes have fish in them.

In the other mural it shows a First Nations person with a fire, but more than that, it shows that the First Nations People had settled throughout the area so long ago.

So I will certainly keep taking pictures to shed a little light on what communities have to offer.

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