Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Old Steam Shovel/Moffat Bridge/CN Railway Bridge In Quesnel British Columbia (7 - Pictures)

Above Photo: Moffat Bridge. The first bridge across the Fraser River at Quesnel was built in 1928 and opened in the Spring of 1929. This bridge served the area until it was replaced by the present Moffat Bridge in 1970.

Also In The Above Photo: The replica of a Cornish water wheel was donated by W.H.Boyd of Cottonwood House. This replica of the Cariboo gold rush was dedicated by Governor Randolph Bruce in 1930.

As we drove through Quesnel I spotted an old steam shovel that is located in Ceal Tingley Park. I slowed the car down and got off of the main Highway and onto a side road and then into a parking lot in the park. It was just awesome, the shovel was used in the early 1900s at the Bullion Mine which was owned by the Cariboo Hydraulic Mining Company. From what I read, it was used to dig a trench from Spanish Lake to the Bullion Mine. The Bullion Mine. was later closed in 1912. 

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