Sunday, November 29, 2015

Plan Your Next Holiday To Clinton British Columbia (Old Brick School House 9 - Pictures)

Above Photo: Clinton, British Columbia Museum.

There is a small town, actually it is called a village with a population of approximately 650 people. This would be Clinton in British Columbia. Clinton is located between Prince George and Vancouver in the Cariboo region.

Know matter from which direction you enter Clinton, it always looks the same, beautiful with a country charm. When traveling through the community on Highway 97, which was the historic trail from the famous gold rush days, actually Clinton was founded in the 1860's because of the gold rush.

Clinton attracts tourists from around the world to see wild and splendid scenery. Some of the sights that travelers take in are Hart Ridge, Marble Range, Limestone Mountains and Cougar Point. You can hike, or ride the many trails until the cows come home. Also Clinton offers up some excellent fishing on Beaverdam Lake, Leighwood Lake, Kelly Lake just to mention the few. Wildlife can be seen all throughout the area, from Bear, Moose and Deer, and all the smaller animals.

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