Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Matte Black UFO Performing Maneuvers In And Out Of The Clouds At West Kelowna British Columbia

Date:  January 22, 2012
Time:  Morning/daytime.
Hi Brian, I found you online right after this occurred. Sunday morning I took my dog out to do her business in the field beside our condo in West Kelowna. On the way back these two older fellows in their  70's, I would imagine called me across the street and said "young fella come over here" (keep in mind I am 43 years old).
Anyways, they pointed up at the sky which was overcast and grey and asked me to see what I could make of an object there. It was very far away and high and at first glance looked like a helicopter, all matte black performing maneuvers, but there way no sound and some of it’s movements we're unnatural to a helicopter.
The one guy said he was in the service and that was no helicopter, and after 15 minutes he said he was going to go get his binoculars. The object looked like two black balloons tethered together by a cable, one larger than the other. The movement was strange, but also fluid and it disappeared at times into the clouds.
This object was very high up and though you suppose it could have been weather balloons of some kind, it was not kids balloons. You could see how fast the clouds were moving and it was at their altitude, but stationary in respect to them. Suppose it could have also been a remote controlled object, but again it was pretty high up for that.
As in a km at least. Well that's all I have and I am one skeptical guy until I have proof. I just cannot explain what I saw.
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