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UFO Was Like A Giant Triangle Seen Over McHenry County Harvard Illinois

Date:  October 2009
Time:  8:45 p.m.
On Thursday, October 9, 2009 at 8:45 p.m. my brother and I watched a UFO in the sky over our house in Harvard, Illinois, McHenry County. I saw the object first as it came from the southeast. The sky itself was cloudy, but the object was under the clouds and in clear view.
I at first thought it was a plane coming from O'Hare airport as they pass over our house quite often both coming and going. As I watched, this object didn't seem to be moving like a plane, it wasn't moving as fast and seemed more to float through the sky.
There were also six lights showing on the object. A plane generally shows four, one on the end of each wing, one near the nose, and one near the tail. A plane also generally has one blue light on one wing, and a red light on the other.
The lights on this were red and white only, I believe four red and two white. The lights formed a row and appeared to be on two sides. I went into the house and told my brother to come outside and look at this thing.
My brother and I went back outside. The time then was 8:45 p.m. The object had now moved closer, but as we watched, it began to float more to the west. We watched as it moved across the sky. It floated along the creek that flows about 100 yards to the south of our house.
It was in plain view, no obstructions. As we watched, it began to veer to the northwest, but it didn't bank, and turn like a plane would. It just gradually "floated" in that direction. We watched as it drew nearer to our street, finally passing overhead just on the west side of our house.
The object was maybe a couple of thousand feet up, but it still appeared to be large, like a 747 would. It made no noise that we could hear. We watched as it floated to the northwest and could now see that there was a third side to the object with two more red lights and one white one.
The object was like a giant triangle, with three sides and three lights on each side. We have no idea what it was, and because of the black background of the dark, cloudy sky, we don't know if it was solid in the center, or not.
We watched it for a total of probably nine, or ten minutes until it floated out of sight in the northwest. We know that it wasn't a hot-air balloon because there was no sound of the hot air burner. We have seen plenty of hot-air balloons go over. To this day, we still do not know what it was.
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