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UFO Event - Granisle/Houston/Telkwa And Hazelton British Columbia (Pictures/Map/Telephone Interviews)

(From Brian Vike’s UFO Files) Re-posted by Brian.

Report investigated and reported by Canadian UFO investigator Brian Vike.

A little History on Hazelton, B.C. - Hazelton is a small town located at the junction of the Bulkley and Skeena Rivers in northern British Columbia, Canada. It was founded in 1866 and has a population of approximately, 1,356. New Hazelton is also the northern most point of the Yellowhead Highway, a major interprovincial highway which runs from Prince Rupert, British Columbia to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Audio Clip: Brian Vike did a quick audio clip to give an idea of what took place on November 29, 2007. So click on the following link for the audio.

The Hazelton area is comprised of two municipalities (the Village of Hazelton and District of New Hazelton), three unincorporated settlements (South Hazelton, Two Mile and the Kispiox Valley), and four First Nations’ Villages (Gitanmaax, Hagwilget, Glen Vowell and Kispiox).

Image Left: Welcome sign to New Hazelton, British Columbia.

On November 29, 2007 at 4:30 a.m. to approximately 9:00 a.m. on a ranch in Hazelton, British Columbia a man woke up in the early hours of the morning, looked out one of the windows of his home to spot something very unusual in the morning sky.

He watched for a while then went and grabbed his spotting scope. What he saw through his scope took him by surprise. It was a huge ball of extremely bright white light, which turned out to be a "large" cigar shaped craft hovering in the sky over his ranch.

The craft did move from time to time to a different part of the sky, but never really leaving the ranch area. At one point it moved over top of, and sat stationary half way down a mountain on the ranch called Roche Debulle. (Pictures of the mountain and ranch are included in this report which were provided by the witness's sister).

Hazelton, British Columbia UFO Sighting

Before I wrote down the eyewitness account of what was seen, I should note that the sister of the witness wrote an email to me over the event. She lives down on the lower mainland outside of Vancouver, B.C. In her email she told me the date of the sighting, which was on November 29, 2007 and the time was from 4:30 a.m. to approximately 9:00 a.m., which would have been daylight hours just before 9:00 a.m.

His sister's email report to me was short, as she gave her telephone number to me in the email so I could call and talk to her personally about what her brother saw.

Below Photo: "This is the ridge that the gentleman first spotted the craft hanging just above the mountain. Looking North."

Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 7
Shape of objects: Cigar shape through spotting scope.

Sister's full description of event/sighting: Good morning Brian, I've never heard of you until my girlfriend found your site after I was telling her what happened the other night (which was up north here in Hazelton, British Columbia). I live in Ladner, B.C. My brother lives in Hazelton. 

My brother called me at 5:00 a.m. and I was on the phone with him until approximately 8:00 a.m. He watched as a craft hovered low on his ranch for about 4 hours. Other crafts, a total of seven zipped all around, what we are calling the command ship which remained on the ranch and in plain view the entire time.

Below Photo Right: "This is the ranch facing north to the ridge."

Her brothers phone number is (removed by Brian Vike) I tried calling the number on your 1 888 #, but it seems to be a fax.

I ( witnesses sister) can be reached at (phone number removed by Brian Vike). I will be available for a call all day today.

Brian Vike's Note: The lady's brother phoned and woke his sister up at 5:00 a.m. This shows how exciting and amazing the sighting was over the man's ranch, they both stayed on the telephone for 3 hours, finally hanging up and later just after 9:00 a.m. 

The brother called his sister back to say the objects had left the area. Fascinating !

I telephoned the fellow who had the sighting of multiple objects in Hazelton and I got his feedback on what was seen.

Below Photo: "This is the Ranch house. The window above is his bedroom where he first spotted them. (Them meaning the UFOs)."

The witness was at home on his ranch and had fallen asleep on his couch. At around 4:30 a.m. he woke up, but he told me he wasn't really asleep, more like just laying there hoping to catch a nap. The fellow decided to get up and head upstairs to his bedroom and flicked the TV on and immediately tuned it off and jumped into his bed. 

In his bedroom he has a large picture window which looks over his ranch. The man says it is beautiful land, as he can see his ranch, horses and Roche Debulle (mountain).

He said it was a clear night and he was looking up at the early morning sky when he saw 4 to 7 objects, which were up at a good altitude and had red and green lights on them. As he watched, and looking over towards a foothill on his ranch, he noticed an extremely bright light which also was very large in size. 

The man watched it for a good period of time and eventually it moved over top his property and stopped and hovered. I asked the witness roughly how low the object was, he told me it was about half the height of Roche Debulle, which is a beautiful mountain at the back of his property. (What ever this craft was, it was really low in altitude)

Below Photo: "Out his East dining room window facing Roche Debulle is where it moved and hung again."

The witness said this low hovering main craft was just a big yellow colored light until he brought out his spotting scope and was able to really see some kind of shape to it. It turns out this object was like a giant cigar. All the other six objects which were green and red in color sat stationary much higher above and in a straight line across the night sky.

Due to the main crafts brightness. he only saw a ball shaped light. It was only when he used his spotting scope that he could actually see shape to the object.

He was afraid to take his eyes off the thing just in case he missed something, but did eventually move down stairs to make a cup of coffee and was still able to observe the object from his kitchen window and it still sat there for a long time afterwards. 

Finally dawn started to break and when night turned to day the craft rose up, straight upwards and eventually just disappeared. He told me he was able to watch the craft rising up until he wasn't able to view it anymore. As for the line of colored objects, they seemed to disappear due to the oncoming brightness from the daylight. That was it, an amazing UFO event !

Granisle, British Columbia - Major UFO Sighting.

A little History on Granisle, B.C. - The early inhabitants of the area were Carrier Indians, called "Babine" by the early explorers, referring to the distended ornamented lower lips of the native women.

The village of Granisle was founded in the late 1960's and early 1970's on the shores of Babine Lake as a home for the families of the miners working in the nearby copper mines. At the height of its population, Granisle boasted approximately 3,000 people.

After the last mine shut down in 1992, the community transformed into a retirement destination. Tourism in the area also began to grow and is now the area's main industry.

In 1971 workmen excavating in an open-pit copper mine at Babine Lake discovered the partly articulated skeleton of a Columbian Mammoth. The bones were taken from silty pond deposits overlain by very thick boulder-clay deposited by the last glacier that covered the area. Radiocarbon dates indicate that the animal sank in sticky pond deposits about 34,000 years ago. A replica of some of the Mammoth's Bones can be seen at the Granisle Museum.

Also Babine Lake is the largest “natural lake” in all of British Columbia.

A major UFO event took place on November 29, 2007 along the Granisle Hwy, close to the lookout. Three witnesses were driving home from the Topley, B.C. area which is located just south of Granisle. The highway driving wasn't the best with slippery sections of compact snow and some black ice. As the witnesses approached the Granisle lookout, just a short distance south from it, fog rolled in and a bright explosion (no sound) lit up the whole sky, their truck on the highway and surrounding area. It was like night was turned into day for a brief second or two.

When Brian Vike first read the report, or the first sentence in the emailed sighting report I thought the witnesses may have seen a fireball. But from talking to two of the eyewitnesses, it became clear to me that what they saw was rather unusual and not something easily explainable.

Right after the blue flash lit up the area a streak of white light shot out of the sky towards the ground on the witnesses right hand side of the vehicle. "It was very strange and surreal", the witness told me. The folks continued on driving and then came across a whole set of orange and red lights in front of them. (keep in mind the white streak of light shot out of the sky, downward and appeared to be in front of them). 

The colored lights looked like they were in front of them on the hill. Then just disappeared before they got to it seconds later. There was no other traffic on the highway at the time of the event. One of the people wanted to go back and see if they could find anything, but the other two passengers in their vehicle were too frightened so they continued on their way to home to Granisle.

Second Witness To Granisle, B.C. (A little earlier in the day and independent from everyone else).

I called back to another eyewitness, a fellow who resides in Granisle, B.C. What he saw was completely unusual. On November 29, 2007 at approximately 5:00 - 5:30 p.m. when the fellow witnessed a very strange cloud formation which seemed to have parked itself directly over top of the old Granisle mine. The cloud he described as being "dome" shaped and luminous. Up here in the north it would have been just around dusk at the time he saw the dome shaped cloud, which seemed to have structure to it. 

There was no type of wind shear off the cloud itself. It was a perfect dome shape and extremely large in size. As the witness said, you couldn't miss it, as it stood out clearly.

At approximately 6:00-6:30 p.m. the gentleman dropped his mother off at her home and he was heading back to his place which is alongside the lake shore when he then noticed a light in the sky, which was moving horizontally. 

The fellow told me the light appeared to be thin and really long in length. The long skinny light was blue/blackish in color, similar to a black light, and his best guess as to the length of it would have been 1/4 mile.

As this object moved down the lake he was able to see how the lights were situated on the craft. At either end, they were somewhat brighter. As he looked along the entire length of the craft, he saw a bright patch, then dimmer, then bright again. This continued in the same pattern straight down the length of the object. Bright, dim, bright, dim. (I have added a "rough" graphic below of how this may have appeared.)

Below graphic of object: What the blue craft/object appeared to look like (rough idea).

The object moved toward the dome shaped cloud, seemed to be above it, then that was the last sight of it before it disappeared. He said he was able to observe the blue colored object for about 10 to 15 minutes. 

What is interesting about this, is that the fellow told me the unusual cloud was parked over the mine all day. Also it was a lot darker than the surrounding clouds which were moving on by, as he mentioned, maybe more of an inky color. There was no sound whatsoever coming from the cloud, or the long blue craft.

The Vike Factor had a wonderful chat on the phone with two of the witnesses who gave a great description of what was seen that night.

Brian Vike started making enquiries straight away and I called the local RCMP detachment here in Houston, British Columbia, I told the RCMP dispatcher who I was and I asked if there were any emergency vehicles called out on the evening of November 29, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. to the Granisle area and including the stretch of highway running from Topley to Granisle. 

I wanted to see if the lights being reported to me from the eyewitnesses may have been emergency vehicles. I was told that I would have to check with one of the RCMP members who was stationed in Granisle. (The reason why I called the Houston detachment was that they fill in for the RCMP member at times and I thought they may have some information).

Below is a map showing the areas where all the sightings took place on November 29, 2007.

Audio Clip RCMP Dispatcher: I spoke to a wonderful lady who would have been a dispatcher in the office.”Audio clip of my call to the Granisle, B.C. RCMP, I spoke to a wonderful lady in the office.”

Audio Clip: RCMP Officer Called Back From The Granisle Detachment: RCMP officer called back from the Granisle RCMP Detachment.

As it stands, there were no calls out to attend to any emergencies that night on the Granisle Highway. This eliminates the RCMP. I also called LDM (Lakes District Maintenance) and talked with one of the LDM workers at their headquarters here in Houston, B.C. as LDM looks after the maintenance for the Granisle Highway. 

I asked if there were any sanding trucks, road graders or snow plows on the Granisle Highway at the time of the UFO incident. I also told the man who I was, and why I was checking to see if they had any equipment working on the highway. I also stated that I was trying to eliminate the explainable before moving onto the weirdness.

The LDM worker said I may as well start looking into the weirdness as there was only one truck out and "may" have been on the highway that night, but not at that particular time. 

He certainly stressed that they had no equipment that would have been as bright as what had been reported. Not meaning the blue flash, but speaking more of the orange lights that all the witnesses had seen. The orange lights spread out for a great distance horizontally. None of the lights were reported to be flashing at all !

Audio Clip: LDM (Lakes District Maintenance) “Call to Lakes District Maintenance to see if any snow plows or road graders were on the highway that night.”

I also called The Peak Radio station in Smithers, B.C. to see if they may have received any calls from folks who witnessed the unusual event, and no reports were called in to the newsroom.

Also I spoke to a lady at CJFW which is located in Terrace, British Columbia as well. I talked with the receptionist and she mentioned that they took a call from a lady who lives in the Hazelton, B.C. area and who reported lights in the sky there. 

I was then put through to the newsroom and spoke to another lady about what had taken place and she also confirmed that a report did come into the CJFW radio station.

Audio Clip: “Call to CJFW looking to see if they took any calls over the November 29, 2007 sightings.”

Now after speaking to two of the witnesses, it seemed we had an extremely bright flash of blue light, followed immediately by a white object streaking downwards toward the ground. We are not talking about a white object at a high altitude, but rather something very low and from what the people told me who saw this, the object could have landed, or impacted on the ground. (however there was no physical evidence of that happening). 

Then there are the unusual lights, large non flashing and sitting pretty much directly in-front of the travelers. The driver of the truck said the lights were there and then either blinked out or just disappeared. Brian Vike did ask if it was at all possible that they might have missed the lights as they passed the area in their truck and the driver and daughter said no "it was as if they had just completely disappeared". They had been right in front of their vehicle just yards down the road.

I also talked to the daughter who was in the truck that evening and witnessed the bright blue flash of light, but did not see the streaking white light. She did observe the orange colored lights, not blinking/flashing and she told me they must have been a great size because the area the lights took up was huge. The daughter also said that she was able to watch the strange lights move through the wooded area, behind trees, etc. until they either tuned off and just disappeared.

Brian Vike asked if there were any roads in the area where the lights were, and I was told no. No roads at all. It seems to me that something, or a white colored object of some kind came from out of the brilliant blue flash and headed down towards the ground, and what the witnesses were watching was the object moving itself through the forested area ahead of their truck just off to the side of the highway.

Did an unidentified craft land ? That is the big question, but it sure appears that something of an unknown nature did come down. No reports have been filed to the authorities at least at this time.

I talked to a lady in the Houston mall who told me that there were other witnesses besides these people who already reported the sighting, who also saw blue flashing lights and unknown lights that were stationary in the sky. More weirdness, more witnesses !

Telkwa, B.C. email from a witness reporting what he and his son saw the night sky light up green, also his email to Environment Canada and their response below.

Telkwa, British Columbia (Green Flash Lights Up The Entire Night Sky)

Date: November 29, 2007

Time: Between 7:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Near the Field and Stream Trailer Court.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 0 (no objects witnessed, just bright green flash)
Shape of objects: The whole sky lit up.

Full Description of event/sighting: My son and I were driving back to Telkwa when we saw the clear night sky flash dimly green. We didn't see any objects, but after talking with (friends name removed), he told me what he read on your site. So I thought that I would check it out. 

I have written to environment Canada, with the hope that they could explain it as a natural thing. Anyway, I just thought that I would add what I saw. When I was a kid I saw this once before, but at that time it was snowing and everything lit up green. I didn't hear thunder when I saw it that time so I knew that it wasn't an electrical storm.

Anyways, I hope that Environment Canada will have some answers. Bye for now.

The witness who observed the flash of green light did receive a short reply from Environment Canada which is given below.

Subject: RE: Environment Canada (Inquiry, other, green flash in the sky, BC) Ser: J1130ZOXWF

Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2007 06:46:53 -0500


To: (The Vike Factor has removed the witnesses email address here)


Hello (name removed),

Thank you for sending your request to Environment Canada. Meteorologically, there is nothing that can explain the green flash you saw last night. The only thing I can think of would be a fireball (meteorite) passing over your area (or even exploding as it passed over the region).

Yours truly,
Bernard Duguay.

Meteorological Inquiry Specialist.

MSC National Inquiry Response Team.

Environment Canada.

I also found out while looking into this case that a disk shaped craft was observed by two witnesses from their job site. Also reports of UFO's coming in and out of Babine Lake. Not to mention a possible missing time case I have now heard about as well. This all happening in and around Granisle, British Columbia.

Other witnesses observed a bright UFO hovering over a person's home in the Houston, B.C. area, this witnessed by a number of neighbors.

Over the years Brian Vike has received some pretty amazing sighting reports from this general area. Is it the mineral from the mines that may be an attraction, or the huge body of water - Babine Lake. I guess one could speculate, but I am sure no answers would be easily found.

Houston, British Columbia UFO Hovering Over Tree Tops

Date: October 23 or 24th, 2007

Time: Just before daybreak (7:00-ish a.m.)

Since Brian Vike was on the trail over the November 29, 2007 sightings and I started asking people I know around town if they knew anyone who had witnessed anything on the date of the major sightings. I ran into a couple of friends who did see something very unusual, but this goes back to October 23 or 24 of 2007.

A husband and wife were out on the old Equity Mine road which is just south east of the town of Houston. They parked their truck on a pull out alongside the road waiting for the sun to come up before starting to hunt. As they sat in the vehicle talking, they noticed one large ball of light, it was green and red and strobing. The object was pretty much stationary when they first saw it. 

This object was just a little bit lower than the tree tops with one of the mountains in the background. This of course threw out the idea of the object being a star of any kind. The lady told me the object was hovering between two tall evergreen trees, at times the object would move to the north and then back to the south in short hops, then back again between the two tall trees.

They watched this happen for about 10 minutes and then all of a sudden the UFO started to move directly upward, straight up until they completely lost view of it. The couple said it was wild seeing such a weird sight.

I listed a couple of the older, but interesting UFO sightings below from Granisle, British Columbia.

1. - Granisle, British Columbia A Large Glowing Orange Gold Saucer

Date: October 22, 2002 Time: 10:25 p.m.

Brian Vike's, The Vike Factor Note: Granisle is a small town 45 minutes northeast from where I live in Houston, British Columbia, Canada. Granisle has a population of 400 residents and the main industries are tourism and logging. Once the site of a copper mine. (Granisle Copper & Bell Copper) who had two large open pit mines).

I was contacted by a gentleman (RCMP Officer) recently who gave me quite a story. The witness was with another fellow driving north just a couple of kilometers south of Granisle, B.C. (their exact location when they viewed the craft was at Topley Landing). The two large forest companies here in Houston have a barge which runs back and forth across Babine Lake carrying logging trucks. The old Bell Copper mine is directly across the lake from the witnesses position. An approximate guess would be a 3/4 to 1 mile between the craft and the witnesses.

The officers observed a large glowing orange/gold almost saucer shaped (oval?) object hovering right over top the old Bell Copper mine. They said it was very low to the ground. At this point they pulled over to have a look and to try to figure out what they were seeing. As they watched the object hover, it would rise up very slowly and come to a complete stop, move sideways then stop and drop down roughly the same height from the ground when the witnesses first saw it. Brian Vike Note: I asked if they witnessed any type of light coming from the object, meaning a downwards beam of light.

They both told me no, no lights were seen coming from the object. They did say that it almost looked as if every time the object moved to another position and dropped back down, it seemed to them the light intensity grew from the object while it stayed stationary. At "one" point the object moved out over the lake and stopped for a few seconds, then went back over top the mine once again.

They mentioned they heard no sound at all, but keeping in mind that the two fellows were some distance away from the object when viewing it. (Brian Vike's, The Vike Factor Note: I asked them if they could give me an approximate size of this UFO). Their rough estimate was about the size of the Moon (maybe a hair smaller). They also said there were a few other cars and trucks that passed by them at the time, but no one stopped.

But they did say that everyone traveling the highway had to have seen it, you couldn't miss it. They said the area around the object, (ground area) was lit up for some distance. Also due to the brightness of the craft it cast it's reflection on the lake. The men watched this event for approximately 7 minutes before it rose up and left slowly heading north, still at a low altitude and out of their sight.

Image Below: Canadian UFO Investigator Brian Vike.

Brian Vike's, The Vike Factor Note: I found this a very interesting case to work on. Three things came to mind. Why was this craft sitting over the old Granisle/ Bell Copper mine? Why did it move and stop over top of the lake? Why did the intensity seem to grow when it moved to a new position and hover? Actually I have a million questions I could think of to ask, but who? I am not sure if I can gain access to the mine, but I am going to check into it, as I would love to take a drive out to have a look around. Also something to keep in mind, Granisle Copper & Bell Copper mine's sit on an island on Babine Lake. Since the mines have been closed for sometime it may be hard to get onto the property.

Also rumors have been floating around that one of the companies were thinking of going back in and high grading the remaining ore. One other note to this story which may be of interest. On the mine site there have been a good number of fossils found, one which has brought a lot of attention has been the Mammoth. Bones have been found, and also were buried by the mine some time ago when it was in operation. From a newspaper article in the Smithers Interior newspaper a while back the company thought it best to not have their mining operation stopped, or slowed down by having folks digging for these fossils.

2. - Did The Same Golden UFO Return To Granisle?

Date: December 27, 2002 Time: approx: 2:10 a.m.

I had a telephone call from a nice fellow who reported that he, and three other co-workers were doing some last minute work around the logging camp which is located across Babine Lake, just across the lake from Granisle, British Columbia. One of the workers gave out a loud cry telling the other workers to look into the direction he was pointing to. Approximately a half kilometer away from their location, which would have been to the north. The men all witnessed a bright, white/yellowish light coming from behind the trees in the distance. At this point all that was visible was a brightness shining above the trees.

(Brian Vike's, The Vike Factor Note:) I know the area well as I have spent a lot of time fishing the lakes in the area, and there is nothing out there other than forest, lakes and streams. Of course cut blocks which are being logged. I asked the fellow if there may have been logging equipment working in the area where the light was seen coming from, using their bright lights to log and harvest the timber. He said no ! The loggers were making ready the area/camp for logging to start up again after the holiday season, so no loggers were operating.

After dropping everything the men were doing, watching and wondering what this glowing light was, to their shock a large glowing golden/orange-ish disk shaped object with a large halo of white around the craft rose up in the distance and stopped and hovered. I was told they observed the object for approximately 10 seconds at the most, which the fellow said seemed like a life time. As the object moved away from their location, heading roughly to the north they did lose sight of the craft quickly, but after losing sight of the object they still could see the bright light, which they figured was the light which was given off from the craft for some time. (approx: 5 minutes after seeing the object). The light grew faint and disappeared.

Audio Interviews © 2009 Brian Vike

Brian Vike (Retired)
Box 1091
Houston, British Columbia, Canada.

The Vike Factor (Brian Vike)

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