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Missing Time At Over 30 Thousand Feet On An Airline Flight From Las Vegas To Dallas/Fort Worth (Pictures/Drawing)

(From Brian Vike’s UFO Files)

An ongoing additional experiences for this family. Photos have been supplied by the lady and a diagram which was drawn by her daughter.

Date: June 6, 2001

UFO Investigator Brian Vike’s Note: I found this case to be really fascinating and I am looking for answers and other people who may have been on the flight from Las Vegas, Nevada to Dallas/Fort Worth International on June 6, 2001.

As you will read in this story below, 45 minutes of time cannot be accounted for. No announcements were ever made by the pilot or in-flight crew on the aircraft to indicate the flight would be late on arrival at it's destination, but did at the last minute inform the passengers that the aircraft would be pulling into a different gate than expected.

Matter of fact the passengers weren't even aware that the flight was that late. It was family members and friends who met the plane who informed the passengers that they were 45 minutes behind. The watches the passengers were wearing indicated the plane was on time, but when they looked at the different clocks in vehicles or around the airport and at home, they displayed 45 minutes ahead of the passengers watches. What happened on the flight from Las Vegas, Nevada to Dallas/Fort Worth ?

Another fact to this case is that one of the ladies flying that day has had numerous experiences, scoop marks and other marks have been left behind from ongoing events, which has very much involved not only herself, but her young daughter and husband and the child's grandfather. Whatever is taking place, it is happening to the entire family.

Below you will read the accounts of some of the events. 

Brian Vike UFO investigator is again requesting people who were on this flight, National Airline from Las Vegas, Nevada to Dallas/Fort Worth on June 6, 2001 to please contact me.

Also if anyone reading this may have access to the passenger manifest, would you please contact me with the information. Lastly, if ground crew, flight tower employees and pilots who have knowledge of this event, again please contact me with any information, even if you think it may not be much.

All input is welcomed and very important to have while investigating this case. I should mention that your personal information remains private with me.  I never give out to anyone, someone’s private information. Again, email UFO Investigator Brian Vike at: 

I should also mention, the first part of this report was sent to me by the lady's father, and the lady herself who went through the experience writes afterwards, or after what her father wrote.

Part #1 – The lady's Father wrote to me in the beginning, below is what he related to me.

Brian Vike, thanks for your reply. Ok, there's sort of a preface to all of this. My daughter is 33, an above average intelligence, college grad, uses no drugs, has no mental illness and isn't given to fantasy. She has a healthy interest in things that aren't usually talked about on the six o'clock news, but, if anything, she is scrutinizing and doesn't accept anything simply on someone's "say so".

Further, I taught her while raising her that there are indeed unexplainable UFOs. For years odd things have happened to her. By that I mean she sometimes turns up with strange marks, bumps under the skin and, yes, sometimes scoop marks too.

After a point she has sometimes wondered if they were due to abductions (no, we didn't try the black light test, we only recently learned of that).

She's had a few vivid dreams, (well she called them "dreams" for lack of a better explanation and lack of hard evidence) that involve bright lights, strange noises, sensations of floating etc., but no alien-type beings. These don't happen with regularity though.

Also, her 10 year-old daughter also has scoop marks sometimes. She is a bright normal child in most categories, but was born with a condition called "absence of corpus callosum" which means that the connecting part between both brain halves is not present. Because of that she is speech disabled, with a limited vocabulary and talking mostly in grunts.

She is above average intelligence according to tests. She also clearly has a noticeable level of ESP (no formal testing involved), although most kids seem to if only their parents would acknowledge it. But ever since she was a toddler, she not only sees invisibles, she sometimes also has extended and interactive conversations with them in her own way.

As an aside let me add that due to her condition, and in the effort to improve it, she's been extensively tested every way possible by physicians, psychologists, and even a couple of neurologists, and given a clean bill except for her one condition.

About two years ago my granddaughter drew a picture and sort of shocked my daughter when my daughter asked what it was. Again, since my granddaughter can't speak much she has to sign (it's a crude and expedient form of signing taught by her grade school). Bottom line, my granddaughter communicated to my daughter that it was a picture of a UFO, that she'd been "beamed" aboard it, and that other humans were onboard too, some of whom were in distress.

However, she didn't give a discernible description of anything that could be interpreted as aliens. I would add that this was quite a time before the airing of Spielberg's "Taken".

Diagram Left: This is a diagram drawn by the man's granddaughter. 

Before I continue, let me rewind about 44 years to a "dream" I had as a 13 year-old. This could nominate me for a loony, I suppose, but it might also be relevant. I had a vivid "dream" in which I'd just been deposited on the ground outside of my house by a "flying saucer" (that, of course, was what everyone called them back then).

The craft was odd shaped in that it was sort of "fat", and about 30 feet in diameter and silently hovered about that high off of the ground.

It had evenly spaced multi-colored lights about the size of cantaloupes around the middle, horizontally, midway between the top and bottom of the craft.

The only sound I heard was something that could be described as a really powerful camera flash going off. I had the sensation of being told, without words, to return to my bed and go back to sleep.

The next morning I noticed that the door from my room to the street was partially open, the bottom of my feet were dirty, and there were small pieces of gravel in my bed. I told no one and just wrote it off as a dream, but since then I've wondered why the craft I saw had no resemblance at all to any that were depicted in "Sci fi" movies of that era.

Actually, back then, I'd only seen a few "Sci fi" movies, including "The Day The Earth Stood Still", but none contained a craft similar to the one in my dream. Only a few years ago did I see one like it on some UFO website on the Internet. Perhaps all just a coincidence and I make no claims one way or the other, although I've also read it speculated that abductions tend to run in families.

I've had no similar events or dreams since then. And as far as I've noticed, I've never had a scoop mark (but I've never actually looked for them either), but sometimes I do notice strange silver-like scars that I don't remember a cause for like by being scratched, etc.

However, being a clumsy male, who knows, sometimes I've torn the hell out of myself working on my vehicle and doing house repairs, but never noticed until much later anyway.

Please note that prior to her experience of missing time, I hadn't told my daughter about the "dream" I had as a kid. I'd told no one and hadn't even thought about it in decades.

Ok, Brian, that's the "preface", now for an account of my daughter's missing time.

We were going to try getting hold of a passenger manifest, but that proved impossible due to the airline having gone out of business after my daughter's flight.

Please also note that her watch was a Seiko, accurately set, and showed a time that disagreed with all other time pieces (airport, home, car, etc.) by 45 minutes, and that after that it never showed any "lost" time.

Part #2 The below information is from the women who has been going through a lot of very unusual things, plus she is the one who had the missing time experience on the airline flight From Las Vegas To Dallas/Fort Worth International.

Her account: 

Hello, I don't normally do this sort of thing and I don't generally even believe in about 99.9% of the alien abduction stories I read/hear.

I recently visited Las Vegas from Dallas. On my way back from Vegas, the plane arrived approximately 45 minutes late. This was unknown to any of the passengers however, and the pilot mentioned nothing about it until the very last minute when he informed us that for some reason, the plane would be landing at a different gate than expected.

When I first got off the plane, I thought everyone was joking with me. It wasn't until I was in my car and then later at home that I started to realize that the plane was really that late. I never bothered calling back to find out more information about it, though my father kept urging me to do so. He made it sound as if it was the fault of the airport and not the fact that our plane was late.

As a matter of fact, no one even knew about it until we had landed and found out from the people that were waiting on us (family, etc.) that the plane was so late it had been moved to three different gates!

Here is the flight information: 

National Airline from Las Vegas, Nevada to Dallas/Fort Worth.

June 6, 2001

Ticket Number: 0071045514587

National Airline posted to credit card account on May 28th, 2001

I checked my watch and it appeared to me that we were landing on time. Everyone later made such a big deal over us being late saying "what happened to you guys?" I thought they were just joking or something since my watched showed me landing at the proper time. I didn't even really believe them until I got in my car and saw the clock was approximately 45 minutes faster than what my own watch was reading. I even checked the time when I got home and it corresponded to the clock in my car.

I flew out there alone to meet up with two friends who had driven in from Los Angeles. So I didn't know anyone else on the flight back, and being that I was in denial about the plane being late until I got in my car and home, I didn't think to ask anyone else what their watch said, but based on the fact that the pilot never said anything about being late, I would guess everyone else thought we were on time too. Because 45 minutes is a long time to be late when the plane left on time. That is something you think he would explain on the speaker before landing. But he didn't.

I started thinking about the flight. I had fallen asleep. I think most of the people had fallen asleep for some reason, so maybe being late was announced while we were out (which I doubt because like I said, no one, not even the pilot, knew we were arriving late). But I am just trying to give the benefit of the doubt here.

The odd thing was, on my flight to Las Vegas, everyone was cheerful and upbeat. There was so much talking since it was a morning/afternoon flight. We departed Dallas and landed before the estimated arrival time in Las Vegas (by about 15 minutes or so).

But on the flight back from Las Vegas to Dallas, it was approximately the same time of day, only it was completely different. It started off with conversation going on between passengers, but it soon got very quiet, oddly quiet.

From what I remember, we all boarded the plane, got seated and situated. We departed Las Vegas on time. Not early, not late. Everyone was talking and carrying on once we got up into the air. They were serving breakfast on this flight. It was some sort of breakfast sandwich with ham and eggs on it, but it seems like it was during breakfast that people started to get really quiet. Yes, I realize they were eating and whatnot, but on other flights I've been on, the noise usually continued right through the food.

Anyway, we all finished, and they took up the trash. I remember watching out the window. The sky was clear blue and there were many very white fluffy clouds. I love watching out the window. Besides, I knew I was flying over Nevada and that is as close as I've ever been to Area 51. I was hoping to see a UFO! No way was I going to go to sleep! I figured if ever I would see one, it would be there. Of course, I saw nothing.

And I started getting so very drowsy. My eyes were watering and I couldn't stop yawning. Granted I had been staring at slot machines all weekend, but I just kept thinking how very weird it was that no one was talking anymore.

It was so quiet, I remembered thinking I was glad that I was no longer eating because even the sound of chewing might blast everyone awake. Which now, looking back on it, I guess this is kind of odd because I don't even think I remember hearing very much engine noise either.

I started to notice that some of the people in the plane were going to sleep (without pillows from the stewardess as if maybe they hadn't expected to go to sleep). And I kept fighting off the drowsiness. It was a heavy sort of feeling too, like I said, there was no way I was going to go to sleep and miss the chance to watch out the window.

Besides, I was excited about going home and telling everyone about the awesome time I had in Vegas. That was my first time to ever go. I don't remember ever actually falling asleep. Usually I can remember. I don't remember dreaming or anything like that either. I just remember being awoken to the pilot coming over the speaker saying that we would land in Dallas in about 15 minutes.

I noticed many of the people around me were just waking up too and that it was still quiet. Then when we were just about to land, the pilot came back on and said that the airport has switched landing gates, we would be arriving in a different gate than what had been scheduled, and thanked us for flying. Everyone stayed quiet even after that point. I just felt really groggy.

A few weird things have happened since this vacation which was a couple of summers ago, which led me to your web site.

So hopefully this is just some weird "normal" flight situation, but I thought I would ask you and see if you had ever heard of such a thing.

End of account. 

Below: Additional information is related to me from the Father.

As an aside, I didn't mention an event that occurred with my daughter's husband a few years back. Now, this is going to sound a little nuts. One afternoon, he simply disappeared from the house. Gone. For about a half hour or so he just wasn't there. He was last seen heading into the master bedroom bathroom with newspapers in hand (he likes to read when using the restroom). And that was it for a while, he just vanished.

After a while my daughter who saw him go in called out to him, thinking that he'd been in there too long. Then she got angry when he didn't reply and went into the bathroom to look for him but he wasn't there. Thinking he was pulling a prank on her she searched the entire house and got my granddaughter and grandson to help search too (it was a small 3-bedroom house, approximately 1,000 square feet).

They called out for him, they looked in every room, in all closets, under beds, the garage, in the backyard where the dogs would've given away his presence if he was there, everywhere. His pickup was still in the driveway but he was nowhere to be found. (Note that the bathroom window was small and sealed shut).

Later on my daughter saw him come walking out of the master bedroom into the hallway, papers still in hand, and acting surprised that she was angry with him for hiding out so long. He claimed that he was in the bathroom for the usual amount of time, then came out, but never heard anyone calling out for him. When she told me I simply assumed that he'd played a prank on her as he sometimes does, long prank though that would've been, and therefore I didn't question it much. But a year later the topic came up again while I was visiting them.

At that time I took him aside and sort of guy-buddied up to him and said "Come on now, you can tell me, you were actually hiding out somewhere, right?" He adamantly claimed he wasn't. A year would be a long time to stick to a prank anyway, but he claimed that he was in the bathroom, heard no one call out for him, then came out. Period. Odd. He wasn't wearing a watch then, he seldom does.

Nothing unusual has happened regarding him since or before then either. The one thing about his pranks on my daughter, and hers on him, is that neither one can resist rubbing it in after a while. But he never rubbed it in. To this day he'll tell you that he simply used the bathroom, came back out, and that was it.


Below is additional information given to me from the lady who took the flight and strange things seemed to take place with her and the entire planes passengers.

About two weeks after I got back from Vegas, I had just made breakfast and my boyfriend got up from the table and went to the restroom. I had finished cleaning up everything and he still wasn't out! I was worried, it had been like 25 minutes, that plus he managed to skip out of helping me clean the dishes. I went to look for him.

Our house was small so there wasn't all that much space to have to look in. I couldn't find him anywhere though. I even walked into both bathrooms and he wasn't there. I even had my kids looking for him and we couldn't find him. We went outside around the house, and he (boyfriend) was no where. Both our trucks were in the driveway too so he couldn't have driven any place.

So finally the kids and I just sat down in wonderment. And out he comes from the hall. We asked him where he had been for so long? He told us he had been in the bathroom. We were shocked he would say that to us because we had known better, and he was shocked that we were making such a big deal over him being in the bathroom. He said he was only in there for 2 minutes max. He had no idea he had been missing for over 30 minutes! He thought we were joking with him and still doesn't believe us to this day.


Several weeks or months after that (I am unsure of the date now but it wasn't that long after the previous event), I was sleeping on the couch one night when all of the sudden I felt a bright penetrating type light shinning in my eyes.

I equate it to the light the eye doctor has on his head piece when you get an exam only I felt like it was smaller and more concentrated. I opened my eyes what felt like immediately, and there was nothing there and nothing that could have caused it.

Maybe a few days later, I ran my hand over my thigh and felt something weird like a group of scabs or something. It was on my left leg's upper thigh (nearly to the hip). I checked it in the mirror and it was a very distinct shape.

It looked like the impression of a circle (the skin was sort of shiny in this area) with a center dot and dots going around that. It was perfectly symmetrical and each "dot" was scabbed with blood as if large needles had been inserted where the dots were. It was so perfect that it made me gasp. I don't know of anything that could have done that or made that mark. It was obvious that something had stuck me hard because of the scabs, and surely I'd have remembered that pain,but nothing.

This mark lasted a few months, but it never dawned on me to take a picture of it. I guess I was in denial, I just don't know.


Several months later I was talking to my best friend and describing the mark. She told me she had one just like and that she had it since she was a child, only hers wasn't scabbed, it was just scarred. She said she got it right after a period of time where she used to dream that leprechauns had a parade outside of her window. I thought she was lying. I made her come over immediately and show me. The mark on her is on her chest right between her breasts.

I gasped for air when I saw it. It was identical to mine, only her's is an actual scar whereas mine disappeared. When you see something like that, it's kind of hard to ignore that something odd is indeed taking place. This time I took pictures, although you can't see the mark well in them. I can try to get better pictures now that I have a much better camera. But in person, the mark is very clear and of course, abnormally perfect and symmetrical. I can't emphasize enough to you that these marks did not happen by chance or nature.

I should also mention that this particular friend, has always been like a sister to me. When we first met as children, we hugged each other, saying we missed each other (as if we had know each other before somehow). And we've stayed close over the years.

She now has two daughters. Both of them have experienced strange things too. They claim they have seen small UFOs, one like a ball and the other pyramid shaped dancing near the phone pole wires when they were out playing. Children have vivid imaginations but they seem pretty steadfast to their story.

Also, when she was pregnant with the second child, she used to tell me that she was having abduction dreams. After a doctor visit, she was told that her child was going to have down syndrome, confirmed by a test.

They wanted to recheck her again next month. She dreamed that the "aliens" had done something to her stomach during one of the abduction dreams. She said she woke and had what looked like needle holes in her stomach.

The next time she went to the doctor to get tested, they said the baby was perfectly healthy, and no sign of Down Syndrome.

This friend and I have an odd close bond. If something happens to one of us, something very similar happens to the other, especially if it is an injury or near death experience. I can think about her and she will call me, and vice versa.


One day, my father had sent me a link to a web site that showed an amateur video of an alleged "UFO." Now I am not saying it is one or isn't, but what I did find interesting about it is that my son, daughter, one of his friends, and myself, saw this exact same object. Judging by the date that the video was made, we saw it four days after. Here is the link if you want to check it out. (Daylight Saucer Captured On Video In BC - This is one of your cases Brian.

The object we saw was during the mid to late afternoon, I am guessing around 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. CST, on August 15th, 2003. The reason I remember this is because it was the last free week day before my kids were to start school again and I really really wanted to take them to my mother's house to go swimming. I should probably also mention that my mother's house seems to be directly beneath one of the paths that the airplanes coming from Dallas/Fort Worth airport seem to fly through on their way out of Texas.

I had got out of the pool to dry off and try and get some sun on my legs. I was sitting in a patio chair when a light reflection from the sky caught my attention. I looked up and saw this silvery object hovering quite high in the sky, and it was reflecting brilliant light from the sun every once in a while. It appeared to be as high as an airplane would be, which was quite high.

I called the kids to look at it and we all sort of just agreed that based on the fact that it was floating and moving at a really really slow pace, and how it would occasionally reflect the bright light, not to mention that it had that sort of outline around the edges, that it must have been one of those silver balloons (Mylar I think is the name of them).

It never did move fast, it just kept floating. And we only saw the circle shape (meaning it never turned sideways for us like it did in that video, because if it had, we would have realized it was too thin from a side view to have been a balloon). Anyway, we sort of lost interest in watching it after a while and continued swimming, thinking nothing of it until 8/23/03 when my dad sent me that link.

Anyway, like I said, I don't claim it was a UFO. It didn't do any of the weird turns and high speeds that UFOs are reported to do, and it floated much like a balloon. However, my dad did point out one good fact and that was, if a balloon was to be as high as we saw it, the pressure would have caused it to pop or drop. I guess it would be interesting to find out what altitude a silver balloon would make it to before anything happened to it.

Also, I should point out that a little nasal septum scab appeared after that. Not that its related but seems like every year around the summer time I get that same thing in my septum. It's right at the tip of the septum in my right nostril. It starts to feel like maybe there is a cut there, you know, irritated somehow, then later after that, there is usually a scab that last longer than normal. The whole thing start to finish usually lasts a month or maybe two.

I have it right now also. It just started about a week ago after I had an odd feeling that something involving abductions and UFOs was about to surface again.


A short while after the above incident, my daughter turns up with that drawing that you received a picture of. About my daughter, my daughter is nonverbal. She can say some words and some phrases but then sometimes they are lost forever and never come back.

She was born with agenesis of the corpus collosum, which means the fibers that connect the left and right halves of her brain are not there. Basically, she's split brained. In both my pregnancies, I bled early on and was told with them both that I was miscarrying, I don't know if this is significant or not.

Anyway, when she showed me the picture, I was floored because up until that point she really hadn't been able to draw that well as she is also somewhat developmentally delayed in some areas, that being one. I know it looked like a UFO to me, but I asked her what it was and she told me "balloon." I kept thinking that was weird that she told me that it was a balloon and I couldn't put two and two together. I asked her if she had ever seen a "balloon" like that before and she told me, "yes."

I asked her where she had seen it and she told me "grandmas" and then did her arms like someone swimming, which of course, is her sign for when we go swimming. Then it started to click.

I remembered the "Mylar balloon" incident. I began to worry a little so I questioned her some more. I should also mention that this event with her drawing the picture took place after the swimming pool Mylar balloon incident but before my dad sent me a link to that web site with the same UFO.

I went on to ask her "have you ever been in this balloon?" She answered, "yes."

I asked her, "when?" Her answer was to say "grandma" again and do her arms like we were swimming. I looked at the picture again trying to imagine it as a Mylar balloon, but it really bugged me that she drew little porthole looking windows on the so-called "balloon."

I asked her if she was alone on it and she told me no. I asked her who else was there and she started naming myself, my son, and my son's friend. She said all who were at the pool that day where there.

I double checked by asking, "we were all inside or out" and she said we were inside. I asked if others were there and she said yes. I asked if she knew who the others were and she said yes. I asked her who and he didn't know how to respond so she went in her room and dug through some flash cards she had got from Sonic (a local restaurant) in a kid's meal and found a picture of a gray or pink hippopotamus that had big eyes and was standing on two feet (a cartoon one) and pointed to it and shook her head a little like it was close to that picture but not exactly. I asked her if she could be more precise.

She went and got her Dancing Dora doll and pointed at her big eyes and shrugged her shoulders a little. She was trying to tell me whatever they were had big eyes and didn't look human (is what I am gathering or she would have found a flash card of something more human).

I asked her if there were more people there that looked like us and she said yes. She said she didn't know who they were. I asked what they were doing. She started waving her arms in the air as if she were fighting something off and yelled, "Help! Help!"

As you can imagine, this worried me.


A few days later, I am combing my daughter's hair when I notice the scoop mark along her jaw bone on the bottom of her left cheek. There is nothing that would have happened to her to cause this. And trust me, I know every inch of my daughter's face as I have spent so much time adoring her.

It was at this point, that I realized that there was a good chance and a very real possibility that someone was doing something to my own child that was beyond my control. I become angry and I am still angry.


About a week after my daughter's scoop mark was found, I found one on my own left cheek. It is much higher and smaller than hers but something that was definitely not there before and that came up over night basically.


Somewhere along the line I found them on my son, only for some reason I didn't associate his with ours, but his is on his lower left back and there are seven of them. They are very pronounced to look at. I wasn't able to get a camera to catch them well enough to emphasize how pronounced they truly are.


I know I wrote a lot but I think I've touched on the major recent things and I sincerely hope that someone will come forth who has perhaps rationalized their own missing time as being a "normal event." I nearly did the same. It is so easy to dismiss as coincidental and normal that which should be given attention and scrutiny.

Brian, there is one more thing I forgot to mention about the picture my daughter drew. I feel like she was calling it a "balloon" because that day at the pool when we saw that object in the sky, we kept referring to it as a balloon.

I think this may also be why she put the string coming down from it, as she knows that balloons are supposed to have strings. I could just never figure out why she thought "balloons" were supposed to have windows.

Before this time, I do not recall my daughter ever seeing anything about UFOs on TV or anywhere else, nor did we refer to the object in the sky that day as one either. It looked just like a Mylar balloon, and we had no reason to think otherwise, until my dad randomly sent me that video link.

I kept meaning to write to about the fact that we also saw that same object four days after the video was shot, but I just never got around to doing it.

Take Care.

I would like to extend my many thanks to the lady and her father for writing to me and providing this information about these experiences. Once again, if anyone has any information about the flight that ended up having 45 minutes go missing, please contact me.

If anyone has had this type of experience, please send me an email with details of what you saw. Please remember to include the date and time and location. (Town/City – State or Province) and as much detail as possible.

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