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Son Of Military Man Witnesses UFO Over Clark AFB

From the Vike Factor archives (Brian Vike)

This may have no correlation to the USAF Airman's orange UFO account, however, my father was stationed at Clark Air Force base from 1986 to 1989 with the USAF Civil Engineering department and I was in high school at the time. Specifically in 1988, a friend from Wagner High (DOD overseas school) and I were sitting in front of her house around 2100 (9:00P.M.) and were observing an aircraft at what appeared to be high altitude executing loops and tight turning maneuvers.

At the time it only appeared as a single point of light like an aircrafts amber navigation light. We watched it for about five minutes and it finally made a flight path across a somewhat full moon and we saw that it was a circular object roughly about a quarter size of the moon,it had no wings or vertical stabilizer or protrusions.

This kind of shocked the both of us because we thought it was one of the F-4 Phantom aircraft they normally flew at Clark Air Force base. The craft slowly continued with the same maneuvers until we lost site of it over her roof. We reflected on it for several minutes and chalked it up to imagination and continued joking around until about 2300 (11:00 P.M.).

Before I started walking toward the street with my friend to head home, a streak of light like a falling star zipped over head at low altitude in a horizontal flight path and blinked out before it met the tree line in front of us I believe to be a hundred yards in front of us.

I do not believe this was a meteor or falling star due to the fact that I seemed so low altitude and didn't appear to be descending, but, rather, flying at a level altitude at a high rate of speed.

This really got us both in a panic and I called my father to come pick me up rather than walk 2 blocks to my house on the base. Now, to the best of my recollection, what i write is as accurate of an account as my memory permits considering that this occurred fifteen years ago, however, I never forgot that what we both witnessed together that night.

I am not saying that this account has any correlation with the Airman's account of an orange disk, but, stranger things have occurred in the Philippines than what you have been submitted. We never talked to anyone else about the flying sphere (as far as I know on her side), not out of fear or ridicule, but, we just chalked it up to another crazy night in the most superstitious Island in the south east orient. Just had to share this because of the story I read on the Rense site brought back some memories of that night.

Thank you for your speedy reply. I don't mind if you post my experience with my name. I have nothing to hide or be afraid of, the experience I shared with you is what we saw that night on Clark AFB.

The experience left me more open minded to just about anything, if someone told me they saw a ghost in there lifetime, rather than blow them off as being a loon, I am more attentive to listen to the details and walk away intrigued.

Now, there may be a worldly explanation as to what we saw that night, however, in my twelve years in the military (USN), I have yet to see current or special programs aircraft look or perform the way this craft performed that night in 1988.

I wish you luck in your voyage to learn the truth and please keep up the good work. Sometimes, even without hard to dispute evidence of (using the term loosely) extra-terrestrial craft, the smoking gun evidence is in the testimonial descriptions of peoples accounts of what they witnessed in our skies that doesn't seem to fit our everyday notion of what is acceptable, or for that matter, normal. Good luck.

I would like to extend my make thanks to Mr. R/Allen Cracknell USN. Mr. Cracknell gave his permission to post his story with his name attached.

Thank you to the gentleman for this interesting story.

From the Vike Factor archives (Brian Vike)

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