Saturday, February 27, 2010

Three Lights Forming A Triangle Over Florida USA

Date: January or February 1986 (?)
Time: Evening.

Mr. Vike, Ok, so my husband and I got into a conversation last night about UFOs and what not. He has never had a sighting, I have. On three separate occasions, different sightings, throughout my life. I told him about the red lights and have been thinking about it all day today. So when I got home from work I decided to do a Google search, I queried: "three red lights in the sky", to my amusement Google auto completed it before I was finished typing. There are a lot of people who have similar stories, but you described what I saw exactly. I'd like to tell you about my story.

I saw them in 1986, the year of Haley's Comet and I was twelve years old and living in Florida. I had a kids' telescope at the time, it wasn't too bad either. You could see the craters on the moon very well, but not stars and planets and such. I spent a lot of time out in the yard with my telescope at night checking out the moon. One night, it was cold, so I'm guessing maybe January or February, I saw three, small, steady, unblinking lights in the shape of a right triangle. It was completely silent, the lights did not "twinkle" like stars because of the atmosphere, so I deduced they had to be pretty close (comparative to the stars) at least within earth's atmosphere. They moved steady and straight and fairly slow, never changing formation as though they were part of one thing.

They were not particularly bright, sort of subdued, but I wouldn't say they were dim exactly. I watched them for a while hoping they wouldn't zip off into space, and when I was confident they would still be there, I went inside and got my mom. Dad, just looked at me like "oh, my little strange one" and stayed inside. Mom came outside and sure enough, they were still up there. We watched them until, like the ones you saw this year, one at a time, the furthest one out first, they just faded out. It was as if they were at the same altitude, but very high up and they were heading into the northwest, just out and away. Mom was just as stumped as I was, though I was positive we had seen a UFO, mom was a little skeptical, but not totally convinced it wasn't a UFO either. She called the police to see if anyone else had seen it. The police, as well as my dad, probably thought she was a fruitcake, but I thought, and still think, she was pretty cool for at least calling. She still remembers that one. I have a few other stories of the "unknown", but I'm not going go into them here. It's pretty exiting for me to see that others have seen this particular sighting too, and so many years after I saw them! We are not alone. Your fellow UFO seer.

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