Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lonely Sunflower Awaits The Oncoming Storm Houston British Columbia (Photo/Video)

Above Photo: Sunflower stands ready for battle with a 
shrinking blue sky and storm clouds rolling in.

With a storm moving in fast, my wife spotted a lonely Sunflower standing in the
field behind our home.

It looked awesome, but with major storm clouds building fast, and the wind starting to howl, the  Sunflower looked really fragile and I wondered if it would make it.

With thunder starting to roll across the sky, I decided I had to have a picture, so I ran back into our home, change my shoes, grabbed my cell and iPad mini and charged back outside and into the field.

With the wind blowing like crazy, it was hard to capture the Sunflower, but I did and I am glad I decided to take the lonely Sunflower’s picture.

I took a short video of the Sunflower, you can view it on YouTube at.

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