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Large Transparent V Shape Craft/UFOs Or Top Secret Aircraft Flying Low Over Tsudanuma Japan

 Brian Vike’s Note: The dates and times for the sighting events are included into the report. 

The witness will remain anonymous for now, and if he decides to step forward with his personal information, he will do so at a later time.

Dear Brian Vike, as an American corporate executive working for a large multinational Japanese firm in Tokyo, I would like to come forward with a series of sightings that I saw in the same area of a major Tokyo suburb known as Tsudanuma, located about halfway between Tokyo Central Station and Narita International Airport.

For your purposes, I will share my name (Brian Vike removed witnesses name), but I hope you will keep my identity confidential until my retirement at age 65, five years hence.

The multiple sightings I observed mainly involve large transparent V-shape objects that move silently and slowly. However, I witnessed one that traveled very rapidly and in an erratic pattern.

I would like to briefly describe all five of these experiences because I think it is highly likely they are connected and may possibly give us a clue on a landing area, or "base" very close to the sightings. I will conclude this email with some information in this regard, but first, a description of my sightings.

In 1994 in the evening around 8:00 p.m., my wife asked me to take out the trash. As I carried two big plastic bags a short distance down a lane to the drop point, I noticed something moving out of the corner of my left eye.

I turned and saw two semi-transparent hemispheres, the rounded portions facing downward, one behind the other moving horizontally in complete silence and in a north-north-west direction.

Immediately, I dropped both trash bags and ran out to the main street. There, I saw the underside of a V- shaped object with five round spheres, also on the underside.

The object was almost completely transparent and looked something like the invisibility cloaking in the James Bond movie where his sports car is see-through, but the shape is somehow still visible.

The V-shape silently flew just above a 6-story building across the railroad tracks until it was no longer visible. There were people walking home from the Japan Railways Tsudanuma Station about three minutes away, but no one had noticed the object at all. I knew I'd seen something and that there was no way I'd ever forget it.

Then, in late 1996, my wife and I decided to purchase a small penthouse condominium about a block and a half from where I had the first sighting. The condo is great because it has a due west view from a large terrace.

Starting in the Spring of 1997 when it was warmer, my wife and had dinner outdoors on the terrace. I made it a habit to be outside every night, just to enjoy the sunsets and evening air.

One summer night, when the setting sun was about two or three fingers above the horizon, I spotted an almost completely transparent amoeba-like blob moving from the north to the south. It was totally silent. I realized that if it continued to move in the same direction, it would pass right in front of the setting sun.

I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen. When the amoeba shape passed in front of the orange sun, the brightness of the sun noticeably dimmed. It was only then that I thought that perhaps this had something to do with with the V-shape I had seen in 1994. From then on, I was out on the terrace every night.

A couple of weeks later, still in 1997, after the sun had already gone down but the sky was still a light rose color, I happened to look directly up and saw an enormous transparent V-shape object that seemed to be several miles high. I thought this might have been a formation of birds, but it couldn't have been.  At that altitude, the birds would not have been visible at all. Moreover, the width of the object would have had to have been miles long.

The fourth sighting was also made out on the terrace one evening at 10:00 p.m. It was bizarre to say the least. Perhaps twenty-five to thirty feet above me was a V-shape object flying silently, but rapidly in a motion that was sort of zigzag-like. Actually, it was more like the squiggly movement a tadpole makes when it swims through the water.

Indeed, the shape of the "wings" on the V were squiggly and the object conformed to the contour of the clouds above as though they were projected there.

But this was not as strange as the fifth and last observation I made. Again, I was on the terrace, standing at the balcony and just about ready to turn in for the night since my wife had just stuck her head out the sliding door saying I had to get up early the next morning.

Then, at exactly 12:00 midnight (the trains shut down and you can hear the electric system shut off) a V-shape object, only about eighty feet away from my direct line of sight "de-cloaked." It didn't happen instantly, it just came into view in about one second's time like a "fade in" we see on TV or in the movies.

It was a V-shape object, but this time not transparent. It had distinct hemispheres on the bottom sides of its wings, and moved slowly and silently. It was the color of a greyish-white cloud. The tips of the wings were upturned and gave off a wavy, mirage-like appearance like that
seen on a hot asphalt road in the summertime.

Now, I just stood there and gawked at this sight as it moved slowly out towards Tokyo Bay. After about a minute and a half it had moved a sufficient distance that it began to resemble a cloud slowly drifting by in the night sky.

These observations are something I would think about from time to time. In 2002 after finding out about Google Earth, I found our condo and identified all five places where I'd had the sightings. The odd thing was, in each case, the V-shapes had either moved away or towards the same direction. So, I decided to "pull upwards" on the Google map and see where those "flights paths" might lead. I didn't have to look long and I was astounded.

All the sightings I had made seemed to originate from or head towards one of two possible locations: The Shimofusa Air Force Base or the Narashino Defense Base where the U.S. military stations its missile defense system in the Tokyo area. The air strips on both bases line-up precisely with the out-going and in-coming V-shape sightings I had.

It is possible to propose that the transparent V- shaped objects are man-made craft that are nearly transparent with electro chromatic skin.

Indeed, this technology was invented in Japan by a Japanese university professor who used to be a government researcher.

Thanks for spending your precious time to read this lengthy report.

Below: Brian Vike replied to the witness who sent along additional information about the sightings.

Dear Brian, again, I would like to thank you for providing me with feedback concerning the report I sent to you last night. Allow me to spend a few minutes responding to your questions. I am at my office in Tokyo now, so I will try to send this email directly from here, or, forward it to my iPhone and forward it again to you.

1.  Other observers of the V-shaped craft.

Personally, I have not spoken to anyone who has seen these craft, but two incidents happened that indicate that someone or perhaps a group of people had seen something.

a. The first event was just shortly after my wife and I moved into our condo with the outdoor terrace where I saw four of the five sightings.

It was late 1996 and we noticed a powerful spotlight coming from one of the other buildings in our neighborhood. The spotlight cast a fairly powerful shaft of light into the night sky and lit up a low cloud cover in a bright oval shape.

Whoever was operating the spotlight would point in one direction, then another, then another as though they were looking for something.

I gave a passing thought to my 1994 sighting and wondered if they had seen something too and were trying to locate it.

The business with the spotlight went on for about 15 or 20 minutes looking here, there and several other spots. I watched the whole event, but nothing was detected and they gave up. I went back indoors. Although I obviously can't say for sure that someone had seen a V-shaped craft, they were looking for something. It could have possibly been a V-shape craft they were trying to locate, however. I have formed an opinion that this is what was happening, in fact.

b. The second event happened a few weeks after my fourth and most interesting sighting. As I was arriving home from work in the late afternoon,

I heard the loud whopping sound of a large helicopter just as I was pulling into the condo parking lot. When I got to the lobby in of our building, I ran into a lady who lives in the same building and she asked me if I knew what all the commotion was about and also complained about the thunderously loud sound of the helicopter as it was very close by and low.

Immediately, I went to the office of the condo manager and saw him standing outside in the building corridor observing the noisy scene. The helicopter was so noisy, I had to almost yell for him to hear me and I asked what was going on. He said he didn't know although he had called the police to inquire about the situation. He said the police were "unauthorized to comment."

After that, I went up to my condo and straight out to the terrace. In approximately the same place where I saw the V-shape craft "decloak" a few weeks earlier, there was  a military class helicopter hovering. It would move upwards and side to side in almost every direction as though it was looking for something. It was extremely loud and echoed off the walls of nearby buildings.

After five to six minutes of this, the helicopter rose to about 250 feet, turned around and flew back in the direction of the Shimofusa Air Force Base (a Japanese Self Defense Force base which the U.S. military has access under the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty).

I called the local police station (Tsudanuma is a big town of about 300,000 people so the station is a major one). I spoke to a young female officer who sounded about 35 years of age. She rebuked me right on the phone saying in Japanese that I shouldn't complain or inquire into military business.

At this point, I was pretty sure that the whole episode was without a doubt somehow related to the V-shape phenomenon, but here again, it was just a supposition on my part because I had no proof of this.

Well, just when I got off the phone, my oldest son (currently in his late 30s) shows up at our place and tells us that in a building on the other side of the helicopter a group of ladies had seen an "invisible yet detectable" flying object hovering silently and motionless right outside the living room window about seven stories up.

They had called the police, but a military helicopter showed up instead. He'd heard this rumor from someone standing on the street who lived in the same building as the ladies and had come outside to watch the helicopter.

By the way, the Japanese Self Defense helicopters are painted red and white. The one I saw was solid dark olive drab with antennas sticking out.  There were no markings. My son went on to say that as he and a crowd of people gathered to watch the helicopter from the street, several vans pulled up and guys in some type of uniforms told them to disperse "for safety reasons."

If anyone has witnessed the V Craft/Objects, please send me an email with details of what you saw. Please remember to include the date and time and location. (Town/City – State or Province) and as much detail as possible.

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