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Small Silver Saucer Shaped UFO Levitates Recliner At Echo Bay Ontario

Date:  Christmas Eve in either 1981 - 1982
Time:  4:00 a.m.
Hi Brian, I will relate a sighting I had on Christmas eve in either 1981-82. My first wife and I were visiting friends in Echo Bay, Ontario near Sault Ste Marie for a few days. We were planning on returning to Sudbury the following morning, a 2.5 hour drive.
I was reading a book all night sitting on the living room lazy-boy chair in the mid-recline position. Everyone in the household were sound asleep, except me. The time was 4:00 a.m. Suddenly, a powerful spotlight type beam of light shone from outside inward through the bay window curtains located on my right side, the beam hitting the opposing living room wall, tracking from right to left as though searching for something.
Then, the chair I was sitting on began to levitate 3 or 4 inches and shaking, the hair on my neck and arms stood erect, but not out of fear. The air smelled like burnt electricity and there was no sound heard. The Christmas tree at the far left corner of the living room whose branches began to move up and down like the flapping wings of a bird, so to speak, seemed to react to some unknown force.
Being somewhat spooked by the experience which lasted approximately 15 seconds, I decided to jump off the chair while still in its reclined and levitated position, and walked toward the entrance of the living room where the tree was also situated at the left side.
Passing next to the tree, its trunk bent toward me with several branches extended like arms to grab me, so it seemed, as though alive, but I attribute that phenomenon to perhaps magnetism, because as I backed away a few feet, the tree reverted to its normal position, and the closer I returned, it bent toward me.
Therefore, I quickly exited the living room and proceeded toward the back of the house into the only ground floor bedroom where my wife and friend were asleep in separate beds.
Looking out the window, I observed a small silver/grey saucer shaped craft with a glass type dome on top with a vapour trail behind it, the craft floating approximately 3 feet above the snowy ground at a distance of 20 feet from the window, heading toward a distant ravine 1/4 mile away where I lost sight as it dipped to lower elevation.
The craft was no larger than a Volkswagen vehicle, and completely silent. It must have been traveling approximately 30 mph. on it’s way to the ravine.
My emotions were mixed at that point, feeling in danger and yet amazed.
I related my observation to our friends that same morning at breakfast table, and they were not sure what to make of my story.
My wife and I hopped into the car after breakfast, but it would not start, even though the battery was strong and after some distributor adjustments, it started roughly and then normalized somewhat.
Halfway en-route to Sudbury, the car engine seized, being red hot in color like a tomato, although all the fluids were at their normal levels.
We abandoned the vehicle at the nearest gas station, and waited for the next Greyhound bus a few hours later.
I ended up selling the vehicle as junk to that same gas station owner, even though the vehicle was in decent shape otherwise.
I kind of attribute that mishap with the UFO passing so close to my vehicle the night before, not knowing what effects it may have done to it.
Another sighting I had in the mid 1970's north of Sudbury was of a large fiery yellow/orange globe the size of the sun travelling below the cloud ceiling from east to west at speeds in excess of 300 mph. It was tracked by NORAD in Falconbridge and at other stations further west until intercepted by Michigan air force jets near Manitoba, when its trajectory changed from horizontal to vertical flight in a 90 degree turn toward outer space as it evaded the fighter planes' approach, shooting straight out of radar sight at speeds in excess of 15000 mph.
Thousands of Sudburians had seen that same globe in broad daylight as reported by the Sudbury Star newspaper.
If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential. website:

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