Sunday, October 30, 2011

Police Boats Chase Red Lights Over The Ocean At Virginia Beach Virginia

Date:  July 3, 2000
Time:  Evening.
What I say was witnessed, my husband, whom doesn't or didn't believe in UFO's.  It was July 3rd 2000, we were on our Honey-Moon at VA. Beach. Our hotel room was ocean side with a balcony. So, on this day there was this huge firework show! 
The thing I fixated on was the activity on the ocean, it seemed to be police boats. I still didn't think to much of it until I noticed the fireworks was masking the real activity on the ocean. The average individual may not have noticed, but once the fireworks lighted up the sky, the red amber lights that fell downward toward the ocean surface had began to dissipate on the decent. 
But, a few red lights stopped short of the ocean surface, hovering and began running parallel to the ocean surface. Then, what seemed to be police boats would chase the red light for approximately one hundred feet to a quarter mile and the boats would end there chase once the red ball of light would descend into the ocean. 
This would leave about 7 to 12 boat just bobbing in the ocean, until the next set of red balls appeared through the camouflage fireworks which lasted about an hour and thirty minutes. Which a few times the red balls split becoming three red balls and they would seem to be spaced actually the same distance and would flirt with the would be police they would come from ever direction and once the boat got to the location of the red light the light would dip into the ocean. 
I watch this activity for a little over an hour. The next day my husband and I purchased binoculars and we were ready for the big July 4th firework show, but guess what there was not a boat in sight nor was there any strange red lights provoking little would be police boats.
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  1. This is my exact story that i tell folks... It is so exact as if I wrote the above story. My Husband was my witness to keep me feeling sane, but after reading this detailed story I'm so Great full there were other witnesses.