Monday, January 11, 2010

Three Orange Vertical Lights Over Dundas Ontario Canada

Date: January 8, 2010
Time: Hamilton

Hi Brian, I saw a link to a report that was made for January 9th, in Hamilton, Waterdown and Stoney Creek for orange lines in the sky - on PSICAN's message board.

I witnessed 3 orange vertical lights, that seemed to originate from a source close to the ground, went up to a clouded area, faded out and then continued again up into the sky, on Friday January 8th, travelling through Waterdown to my hometown of Dundas. Do you think a possible explanation for these lights could be light pillars?

I found out about this atmospheric weather condition when I was trying to research a very odd sighting of my own in December 2006, when I attended a local astronomer's monthly meeting, with a description of my sighting. Light pillars were a strong possibility, with a few major exceptions as they are apparently not typically viewed from various viewpoints, and 2 of us saw these lights, from various locations. That, along with some very odd sensory things associated with my sighting, made it difficult to pinpoint an exact natural cause at this point.

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