Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ice Jam On The Bulkley River Smithers British Columbia (Pictures)

Above Photo: Ice jam raise's the water in the Bulkley River at Smithers, British Columbia.

An ice jam has threaten to flood homes that are in low lying areas next to the Bulkley river in Smithers, British Columbia in the early part of January 2016. People were placed on high alert as the ice and water backed up onto peoples property.

As chunks of ice started building up on the river, this caused the water to back up, flooding some basements and property.

There were approximately 16 or so homeowners that were placed on evacuation notice if the river continued to rise. There was some flooding on some the roads.

In Spring runoff, many of these low lying areas do flood, and flooding has been seen in years past from ice jams on the Bulkley.

Also residents are being advised to stay away from the river as it is extremely dangerous.

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