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Red Lights And Acorn UFO With Multi Coloured Lights Rotating Around The Top And Bottom Over Bayfield Ontario

Date:  Summer of 2007 or 2008 ?
Time:  Evening.

I too have witnessed strange events over Bayfield, Ontario. I lived there for 2 years. About 7-8 years ago, and experienced some unidentifiable 'sightings'.

It was a clear summer night on my back deck of my rental house in Bayfield, where for about a week I had spent an hour or two each night during the week and 3-4 hours each night on the weekend.

I had a telescope and video camera out on the deck and was looking at the moon on a night when it was full. Really finding the detail the telescope provided fascinating.

One night as I was doing my usual personal 'research' I had looked through the telescope and attempted to record with my video camera the moon in all its alluring beauty.

I had taken a break and put the camera down and was sitting on a deck chair admiring the night sky looking north away from Bayfield and noticing how clear the sky was.

As I scanned the night sky, I noticed 3 small red lights behaving 'radically' moving very fast from east to west about mid-sky level. The lights were moving so fast, I had almost expected to hear a sonic boom, my father is an avid aviation enthusiast and I had heard him talk about the sonic boom that results from high speed planes surpassing the speed of sound.

When this didn't happen, I was even more amazed at what I was seeing. The spectacle went on a few more minutes and then stopped. All the while I was so fascinated by what I was seeing I didn't get the telescope or video camera. To this day for what happened a short time later I have always regretted not getting a closer look or recording the 'sighting'.

About 30-45 minutes later I witnessed something I will never understand or forget, when it happened I felt very calm and no fear. Although I didn't want to miss what I was seeing by scrambling to get the camera.

I had stayed out on the deck a little longer than usual looking to the night sky for the 'red lights', when just off to my left about 500-1000 feet above Bayfield an acorn shaped craft about 30-50 feet long with multi-coloured lights rotating around the top and bottom was moving slow and silent from right to left, then it rotated slowly away from me and instantly shoots of away from me in an incredibly fast pace leaving a multi-coloured streak behind and went up into the sky out of sight seemingly covering hundreds of miles in an instant with absolutely no noise at all.

I have never reported what I had saw. Although the next day at work at a local manufacturing factory where we all listened to the same radio station a lot of people called in to say they had saw the 'red lights' travelling at incredible speeds over Lake Huron and Bruce County.

Not one reported the close up sighting I had witnessed.

Thank you to the eyewitness for their report.

If anyone has had a Ontario Canada UFO sighting, please send an email with the details as to what you saw to or to Sue Demeter-St Clair at (Para Researchers Of Ontario) 

Please remember to include the date and time and location. (Town/City – State or Province) and as much detail as possible.

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