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Former News Director Has An Incredible UFO Experience In Ontario Canada

(From Brian Vike’s UFO Files) Reposted by Mel.

Date:  July or August of 1969
Time:  Approx: 10:00 p.m.  

Vike Factor Note: I thought I would add a quick note here. The gentleman mentions in his letter to me that he was a former news director of CFBV/LD radio in Smithers. The radio station in Smithers is a 45 minute drive from me heading west, and Smithers is located in British Columbia, Canada. I also do short spots on the radio station the man is talking about, giving local updates on UFO sightings for out entire area.  

Message: Hi Brian, nice to meet you. First off, I'm a former news director of CFBV/LD radio in Smithers. Additionally, I worked at Endako mines for a few years in the '70's. As you can imagine, I'm quite familiar with Houston, having lived and 'played' in Fraser Lake, Endako, Burns Lake, Telkwa and Smithers for many years in the late 70's and early 80's. Heck, I met my first wife at an Ian Tamblyn concert in '81 at the Endako Community hall!

I live in Peterborough County, Ontario. Ironically, yesterday, I received a post card from an old buddy who's currently vacationing in Australia, he lives in Quick. Remember the Christmas flood of the community of Quick back in '83?

Here is my story. I was born and raised on a 100 acre farm 20 miles east of Peterborough, Ontario. The incident took place in July or August of 1969 when I was sixteen. I was alone in my family's farmhouse located 75 feet from a gravel township road. At that time we had a border collie mutt named Chief, who was an extremely good guard dog, vicious would be an appropriate description.

My father passed away the previous February and Chief had become even more nasty. Lots of people driving on the property would remain in their vehicle until one of us appeared in the driveway to rescue them from the snapping dog. It was approximately ten o'clock in the evening and I was sitting in the living room watching TV with the overhead light on. I noticed a light shining through the closed white drapes covering the south window. I thought, "that's odd. The light's on, if the light was off I could easily see the light's of a vehicle passing the farmhouse, but the light's on and I can't hear a car." 

I exited the living room and entered the kitchen. I looked out the aluminum screen door on the south side of the kitchen and saw a light on the other side of some poplar trees glowing about 150 yards from the house on the other side of the road. The light was white and about the size of your thumbnail. 

Now this is where it gets interesting. Chief was standing just outside of the screen door, with his butt against the aluminum.  He was making the most peculiar, extremely low, guttural growl and every piece of fur on his body was standing straight out, as though he'd been electrocuted. I'd never heard him make such an odd sound. He was scared witless. Normally he'd rush across the yard barking and growling at the human, the squirrel, the skunk, etc. Not this night. The light was moving west to east and the dog's nose followed the light precisely.

Whatever was moving in the sky was definitely the cause for Chief's abject terror. I couldn't open the door to investigate as the dog's rear end was 'bunched' against the door. I yelled at the dog to get out of the way. He wouldn't move. He was frozen.

Finally, after a few seconds of admonishing the dog, I forced the door open which pushed Chief out of the way. His nose never wavered from observing the moving light.
I walked across the yard towards the road and the light which was still slowly moving west/east. It would occasionally disappear behind a poplar and then reappear a second later. There was no sound. I guesstimated the object to be 150 to 200 yards away.

Chief, the nasty guard dog, never left the cement patio on the front of the house, but he continued to observe the thing and kept growling in that most peculiar manner. 

Then I realized something very odd. By this time I was standing on the road. Not only was the flying object making no sound, but there were no cricket, tree frog or katydid sounds as well. Brian, what in heaven's name has the ability to silence the amphibians and insects of the forest? I felt a very palpable and rising sense of terror.    

I lived in that farmhouse for 18 years. At no time did any of my family members nor I ever 'get the gun' because we were frightened of something. It never happened, well, just once. I ran across the yard, past the dog who was still frozen by the front door and into the woodshed. I grabbed the single shot 22 rifle and the shells. I was so frightened, even today, I can recall my right hand shaking as I fumbled to put a shell in the gun. I can clearly remember thinking, "this is the stupidest thing I've ever done! What good is this 'pop gun' going to do for me against that 'thing' out there across the road? I might as well throw a chunk of gravel against the object."  

The next thing I remember I was seated on the couch in the living room with the loaded 22 across my lap. The light was still illuminated and the TV was on. I was calm, cool and collected. My heart rate was normal. The flying object was now located to the east of the house, out over the barnyard and for the next ten to fifteen minutes I kept looking over my shoulder through the south window at the light in the sky. I could barely make out a ring as though the light was the 'diamond' on the edge of the ring.

A couple of minutes into this session, the light changed from solid white to a blinking red light. It became smaller and smaller and blinked faster and faster. From my perspective, it appeared that the object shot out into space. At no time was I worried or concerned about the UFO in the barnyard. I had a lackadaisical attitude towards it and I thought, "big deal, it's just a UFO, why worry about it?"

As I watched TV and occasionally turned to look at it out the south living room window. I want to make something perfectly clear, Brian:  The next part of my story is a dream. This did not happen. For all of my adult life I can clearly remember the dream. In my dream, I was standing in the woodshed at my family's old farmhouse, in the night, with the woodshed overhead bulb on and I'm loading the 22. White light suddenly comes through the two windows located on the south and west sides of the woodshed. White light comes from under the woodshed doors from the outside.  That's the end of the dream.  

Here's the next peculiar part of the story and I have no idea whether it's connected to the UFO incident. I was not suicidal in the summer of '69, I have not been suicidal at any time in my adult life, nor am I suicidal today. I do not suffer from depression. I feel fine, thanks! A few days after seeing the object, I was home alone and cutting the backyard grass.

Suddenly, with no previous suicidal thoughts, I decided to shut off the mower, go to the woodshed, load the 22 and kill myself. I exited the woodshed, with the loaded gun, walked through the house, sat in precisely the same spot on the couch as that night of the UFO visit, with the loaded 22 across my lap. My intention was to shoot myself.

Fortunately, after about 30 seconds of contemplation I came to my senses. I thought, "what the heck am I doing? I'm not suicidal! Get that damn shell out of the gun! Put the gun away! This is ridiculous!" I unloaded the rifle and returned it to the woodshed.

Brian, I have some questions, as you might well imagine.

1) What was that thing flying through the sky, with no sound, in the summer of '69?  

2)  What has the ability to silence the critters of the forest?  

3)  Why was my vicious guard dog reduced to a quivering mass of terror?  

4)  We have all been terrified. There are certain physiological responses to fear. Increased heart rate, adrenalin pumping through your veins, shaking hands, cold sweats etc. etc. How did I retreat from all of those normal responses and return to 'calm, cool and collected' without a calming down period?(by the way, I had no sense of time loss during or after the incident)  

5)  Is my dream of loading the gun and seeing white light a dream? Or did it actually happen?  

6)  What was the reason for my suicidal thoughts and actions which occurred out of nowhere a few days after the incident? (I repeat:  I'm not suicidal, nor was I when I was sixteen.)  
7)  During the absurd suicide event, why did I walk to the exact same spot as I ended up after I saw the UFO with the loaded gun across my lap? I guess I'll never have the answers to those questions. By the way Brian, I cannot be hypnotized. Just to satisfy my curiosity, I wish I could be hypnotized, to possibly further explore the events of that night so long ago, but I'm one of those people who are not open to hypnotic suggestion.   

Thanks for your time and keep up the good work documenting the observations of peculiar events of people from around the world. No, I'm not a hoaxer! Go ahead, use my name if you wish. I truly don't care what other people think. The above mentioned events really did occur.    Art.

Thank you to Art for the extremely interesting report. I will be contacting Art over this experience, also I would like to add Art gave me the OK to use his name.

Brian Vike (Retired)
Houston, British Columbia, Canada.

The Vike Factor (Brian Vike)

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