Thursday, February 28, 2013

Accepting Only Canadian UFO Sighting Reports

Important Notice From The Vike Factor

Due to the huge amount of sighting reports that do come in on a regular basis, I had to make a hard decision as to what I wanted to do.

I can’t keep up with the reports that come in, plus I certainly am not getting any younger, and I don’t want to spend every waking hour at the computer which I just can’t do anymore.

I took a little time to do some thinking, and I have decided to accept and investigate Canadian UFO sightings only. I live in Canada and figured this would be the best for myself.

This will slow things down greatly, which is needed and gives me more time for myself, family and to spend the proper amount of time looking into Canadian sightings I receive.

There are a lot of UFO reporting websites out there on the internet that folks from the United States and the rest of the world can file to. I really don’t want to do this, but this is the way I will have to go.

This where I have posted, and will post all Canadian UFO sighting reports from now on.

Brian Vike
The Vike Factor.

Houston, British Columbia


  1. probably impossible to track this one, its so old but I was a teen in the age of sputnik and six months or so before it was announced, I was looking at the moon from back porch in n.b. and saw a red object come from behind the moon, circle one quarter of it and move to the center of the moon and disappear.
    however, in 2012 while the pleides meteor showers were on, I viewed what I believe were two ufos. they were far too high to be aircraft. they were red and moving far to fast to be anything conventional that I knowof. we were watching in small town saskatchewan when from almost directly from magnetic south to north a light appeared and travelled very fast to the north and out of sight. perhaps ten minutes later, I detected another one, or same one returning, but this time it was from the north west, flying to the southeast.

  2. My family and I were recently discussing the amazing occurrence we were lucky enough to witness back in the summer of approx. 1980 or 1981. Me, dad and my sister were stargazing one Saturday night on a clear evening. We witnessed about 10 satellites, 10 shooting stars and something even more amazing...After about a half hr up on the rock I noticed a huge ball of fire about 100 metres to the left of us, which was about 100 metres over the top of the tree line. I started to scream and we were all in awe at what we were witnessing. It was a round fire ball about 40 feet wide with a tail of fire following it. It was travelling about 20 kms an hour and crossed Muldrew Lake within about a minute or so. As it reached the opposite side of the lake it disappeared behind the tree line and headed towards Loon/Turtle Lakes. We yelled at mom to come up and see it, but she had no idea what we were yelling about as she was watching tv downstairs...

    I was so intrigued to know what this was as it was obviously under control and I thought it might be a satellite of some sort that caught on fire as it entered the atmosphere, and then somehow headed in its bizarre trajectory. Mom and dad listened to the radio that night and had heard that it might be a Russian rocket, so we left it at that..

    I also recall vividly a week later that mom had called our friend who was on the next lake over to see if she had seen it as well..Sure enough she had. She was in the park in Gravenhurst with a bunch of people for a concert and she was the one to yell out "What is that?" She described the exact same thing we saw...A round ball of fire with a fire tail flowing from it...I would love to know if this was a satellite or not..How can I find out what it was?